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  1. I am for this idea but I sadly don't see it happening. I'm guessing you played EQ landmark as well cause this is the exact same model and as much as much as I would love to have a plot of land to go all build crazy again in I don't the devs have it in their plan to let a bunch of players mess around in the creation engine.
  2. Gonna guess the godwars campaign is being brought out for us to test the siege mechanics with.
  3. Im more of a dark electronic person myself so I'll kick on some of that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6NsZNp6Hhw
  4. Loving the lore so far, from all the archtypes, the history and now the pantheon, awesome!
  5. If a POI is destroyed down to the last voxel will it cease to be or are there going to be parts of POI's that cannot be damaged?
  6. Perhaps if you fail to steal you get knocked out of stealth and if you steal multiple times from the same target you get a reduced chance of success?
  7. I like the idea of a library it would help us keep track of what happened and when, we can show events off to our friends and remember old times long past. Campfire I cant imagine them not putting them into the game, even if they do nothing, preparing for a siege, up on the battlements, you look down and you see a ton players, siege engines and scattered campfire everywhere it would make for an awesome scene.
  8. Finally made ruby. I feel dirty. Lol

  9. The problem I find with this is that it would only be viable in larger more chaotic guilds, many people use third party comm's like TS and Mumble. so if you see someone you dont recognize and they dont have your info to log on, the first thing you would do is corner them and question them, if they cant answer, kill them. Only if you can disguise yourself as an object or NPC would be more beneficial IMO.
  10. so its DnD Dayz? This is gonna be awesome! Im friendly dude!!!
  11. nothing major, just the amber picture showing what people get is used twice, once for the amber package and again for the sapphire pack, the ruby pack has the sapphire image and theres no ruby image at all. cheers.
  12. question, with voxels in place can a siege mean that a building or castle be destroyed right to its foundation? and what kind of impact will that have on the siege itself?
  13. One thing I'd like to see in these Tournaments is mercenary groups (4-5 players) that the contenders either have to convince to join them, pay them, or something along those lines, instead of just 1v1, 2v2 and so forth, I think it would be a interesting twist to a tournament, it would allow for aliances, betrayal, subterfuge and such during a tournament. These groups may have been wandering around a bit may know the lay of the land, where the enemies are camped. where the quarrys are etc. It'll also give players the oppurtunity to take part in battles they would otherwise end up spectating. Of coarse there would have to be rules to govern but I think it would be interesting.
  14. I have to admit Im really excited to see the results of the this testing, dont forget testers the forums want all the gray shaded details!
  15. Having an Occulus myself I'll say this much, Its not good in MMO's you lose, so much field of vision, where people can see around then, behind themselves, around objects etc in third person, first person would put you at a distinct disadvantage particularly in a PVP game. it might be worth while in a campaign where everyone is set to first-person view automatically. which would be interesting to say the least.
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