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  1. I agree with APE and Pope Urban on the current short-comings, issues, and over-all lack of content. My only question is, are the issues mentioned already being addressed by what we have not yet tested. For example, the "Glory, Wealth, and Power' mechanics and any resulting or potential increases in pvp scenarios and/or fun encounters? And, beyond that, will the game start with much more of a player-base, that hopefully fills the multiple various campaigns & rule-sets (like both 'The Infected' faction wars, the EK's or God's Reach, and 'The Dregs' guild wars for example)? IF so, might this eventuality alone address many of the current or old issues you've mentioned? And finally the most important question... Will the various campaign options, current development plans, and potential increased populations result in market-places and a player-driven economy that is strong and dynamic enough to naturally incentivize most players, both new & old? If it is, then would this not fix many of the various old and current issues that you've outlined? Perhaps only then, this catch-up mechanic may be considered more than just a "band-aid"... and actually just a realistic mechanic that incentivizes players (that are behind on the curve) to get out into the world and play/take risks/participate, in order to catch up on the current time-gated passive skill trees? I suppose that I am very hopeful that such possibilities not only exist, but that they will naturally come to fruition based upon the current game development progression & goals. Yea, pretty optimistic of me, I know. Certainly we are all hopeful for more content and much better content ... obviously sooner rather than later.
  2. Just to clarify, I believe sargent (sergeant) = (mob) captain in the current build. The overall concept would certainly help. Or they could just make it more random & unpredictable ... but a more structured approach such as mentioned with benefits to basically slaughtering more of the tribe as a whole than just a chief/king (and moving on) is intriguing.
  3. Dissentient in Crowfall looks damn good. Had fun on those fort fights with you guys 👀 Your skills & motivation translate well already
  4. The Crowfall VooDoo Priestess created your prized pig-goat hybrid 😏
  5. KGV still recruiting, as well as preparing for milestone patch 5.110
  6. Agreed ... In fact I agree with all the points being made in response (although no idea what was meant by "its not about the squirrelstory here"?) ...and I hope that no one gets too defensive or fails to see the points being made. For the most part I believe that there should be more of this sort of thing, if done well (honest/fun intentions), and by that I mean not victimizing new players over and over or something to that extreme. Unfortunately as 'Chaos' we only had one 5-man group on at that Keep (+perhaps some spies wearing 'chaos' as well) when this all began (Saturday 1st siege) so it was a one-sided affair... but not unexpected.
  7. From your personal perspective, Is this essentially an in-game 'exploit' then? I only ask because of your own wording... and the way in which your guild went about testing it (during a campaign siege)? Logically speaking, most would agree that the 'go for broke' AOE with duelist pistols should not actually shoot completely through the walls of a Keep, as it has just been observed. Keep in mind, that I was on the receiving end but still wish to remain objective and fair regarding all the questions and/or issues being raised. I actually like that this was done in the current pre-alpha + actually made public (as testing should be, before game release) and honestly commend everyone involved in the production of this video... which was certainly well done as mentioned.
  8. Would have been worse actually... as the LMB-Stormcaller is simply quite pathetic and it should not even be questioned as to weather or not 'working as intended?', lol But it is not a burrowing stealth class either, which in this context is the more interesting dynamic that is being considered regarding this particular attack concept & video.
  9. In the capacity that we see here ... should it? Should this be 'working as intended' in our minds, or in the Devs minds, when also considering the view point of potential players looking in for the first time? It does look like an exploit to those that have not played much. If I were on my warden though, I know that my group alertness would have been, at the least, a lot of help to us (in this situation)... or at least the mudman discipline. Should large walls like this, that seemingly help hide the predator more than anything else, offer no barrier or protection from AOE's that do not come from a viable or logical direction? Me personally, as having been a victim here in this video, have honestly not decided one way or the other... but I am worried about the appearances and the effect it will have if it remains as is. It may be too hard to change, from a game design and current build standpoint?
  10. If you look at the CONTEXT of my entire discussion Jah, you might see that your final explanation is unwarranted & unnecessary. I had been in agreement with the majority since the idea had originally surfaced, during the live Q&A. But Thanks anyway.
  11. Actually, the testing community has to make sure that crafters, harvesters, and combatants (every player) will be satisfied with what they are able to do in the first several weeks. Perhaps start the passive-skills progression ticker at 5x and slowly back it down to 4x... 3x... 2 times, etc, essentially over the coarse of each individual accounts first 12 months+ (or whatever) time frame? Everyone should have one or two specializations fairly quickly so that they have a good start at how they like to play as individuals.
  12. Yes, leaving the poll as is and not altering it as requested by most is bothersome... but Pann's response shouldn't be interpreted as they are flat out ignoring us either? The response doesn't really imply that, nor unfortunately does it preclude the poll already posted from being continued if they so choose. I have no evidence that I was being ignored while having said the same thing as most others not in favor of the poll as is. Do you have some other evidence of intentional community disregard regarding this particular idea? I simply fail to see your reason for turning this into a drama-filled argument with abrasive innuendos, especially in regards to the topic and the actual context of my reply that you quoted erroneously. What's 'messed up' is implying that a particular segment of the community should be listened to more so, and with greater impact, than all the rest. That was the unnecessary implication and the actual context behind my reply, Brightdance. No need to make mountains out of mole hills & harmless banter.
  13. Yea, It is widely known that the Winterblades guild seem to have the current iterations of Crowfall down to an acute science, and their use of any and all assets within the Balance faction are quite impressive, for sure! But lets not sway too far off topic 😊
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