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  1. If you look at the CONTEXT of my entire discussion Jah, you might see that your final explanation is unwarranted & unnecessary. I had been in agreement with the majority since the idea had originally surfaced, during the live Q&A. But Thanks anyway.
  2. Actually, the testing community has to make sure that crafters, harvesters, and combatants (every player) will be satisfied with what they are able to do in the first several weeks. Perhaps start the passive-skills progression ticker at 5x and slowly back it down to 4x... 3x... 2 times, etc, essentially over the coarse of each individual accounts first 12 months+ (or whatever) time frame? Everyone should have one or two specializations fairly quickly so that they have a good start at how they like to play as individuals.
  3. Yes, leaving the poll as is and not altering it as requested by most is bothersome... but Pann's response shouldn't be interpreted as they are flat out ignoring us either? The response doesn't really imply that, nor unfortunately does it preclude the poll already posted from being continued if they so choose. I have no evidence that I was being ignored while having said the same thing as most others not in favor of the poll as is. Do you have some other evidence of intentional community disregard regarding this particular idea? I simply fail to see your reason for turning this into a drama-filled argument with abrasive innuendos, especially in regards to the topic and the actual context of my reply that you quoted erroneously. What's 'messed up' is implying that a particular segment of the community should be listened to more so, and with greater impact, than all the rest. That was the unnecessary implication and the actual context behind my reply, Brightdance. No need to make mountains out of mole hills & harmless banter.
  4. Yea, It is widely known that the Winterblades guild seem to have the current iterations of Crowfall down to an acute science, and their use of any and all assets within the Balance faction are quite impressive, for sure! But lets not sway too far off topic 😊
  5. It would seem they heard everyone and gave a pretty clear response that the poll will remain 'as is', perhaps until 5.11, and those of us having an undeniable logic of why this doesn't at all address the stated reasoning for such a skill-wipe... obviously we just simply vote 'NO'
  6. They stated their current knob could go to x5 in the Q&A
  7. AGREED... Full wipe or no wipe. Other pertinent info to making an informed decision here is; How fast would the passive multiplier be after full wipe? Please Redo the poll 😊
  8. I am involved with several various Kickstarter projects and CF CS is the best I've experienced, By Far. I have individually used both the web portal and the direct email approach, so it is quite unfortunate to hear of anyone else having technical issues, and then consequently dissatisfied.
  9. Yup, steel sharpens steal! What sharpens butter? Dammit, I hate being butter 🤕
  10. As a member of Order, still fighting each day, this comment strikes me as disingenuous, perhaps naïve, and pretty much "short-sighted". The map after day one tells the real story of what was happening, and that is that "Balance" is not actual balance this go round, for ... um, reasons?
  11. The fact of the matter is, this game and it's developers have been, and obviously still are, fighting an up hill battle right now. If you have backed this game financially, then I'm certain you want it to succeed, unless you've changed your mind entirely. I believe, this community will dictate this games future moving forward, by their actions and their dedication. We all are aware that this is still just a "pre-alpha". We all know that we have had to be very patient, as this thing progresses, and many of us believe there is a time and place for everything. Obviously, many backers, like myself, feel that it is a bit early for segments of the (still active) community to start making drastic or perhaps game-breaking decisions right before an initial "trial campaign", that may simply cause this project to lose more traction. Sure, guild politics and guild strategies definitely need to play out at some point!!! But, why now, and to this degree? We are not supposed to be testing; "How can the community break this game on the first trial campaign"? We are supposed to be testing the latest in-game mechanics, giving the devs an abundance of good data to analyze, and bringing in new blood, if at all possible. In my opinion, for what it is worth, it is pretty early for any of us to honestly defend a deliberate faction unbalancing act, regardless of "numbers", just for the sake of a more certain victory in a trial / test campaign. I believe most players that are upset right now, are not trying to deny the necessity of guild decisions and guild politics in this "Self Proclaimed Throne War"? Most are simply saying; let us first just make a valid attempt at promoting some good test campaigns (with an abundance of valuable test data). We, as individuals/guilds/alliances, can attempt to flat out "Dominate" the campaigns some time later (perhaps before or after Beta)! From what I've witnessed, new player retention on this game was bad enough, as is, and now it's just getting worse (although I noticed some good ideas regarding new player retention above). All things being said, THREE truly competitive Factions is likely our best testing scenario for right now. We, as a dedicated community, can give the devs the "help" that they are asking for! We can help push this thing over the hill, without cutting our own legs out from under ourselves.
  12. Just to set the record straight, mandalore, I edited my post because it was the right thing to do, given the overall context of this thread (and the lack of your quoted text in my post to begin with). I did not call any individual a "coward' either, and I never ever demanded "a wipe"? I merely stated my opinion at that moment. So why make blatantly false innuendos regarding my stance on this "trial campaign", the developments leading up to it, and where we go from here? In the last youtube video posted on this thread, you can see me there fighting the good fight with my mates, against our previous ally? So, to sum up my response, I have no idea what you are talking about. Like yours, my questions are mostly rhetorical. There are "lone-wolfs" and "small guilds" out there (in game) that are still trying, and likely working harder than you. If they all adopted your philosophy, then they all switch to what they currently perceive to be "the hardest working like-minded faction/or strongest faction?"... Or they just opt out of playing, until the game is more stable? Some "veteran guilds", or "veteran players", can sit there on Balance, pandering all they want about how everyone else are just not trying hard enough. How everyone else are quitters. How everyone else have tucked tail and run after the first siege outcome? Yea, I do agree, that is pretty lame indeed (if that has truly happened)! But, In my mind, no less lame than those that tucked tail running to Balance before the first trial campaign even started? I suppose, I just don't agree with your concept of how this this game is intended to be played currently. Perhaps some day I will, but not now. I want to be a part of a Guild that relishes being the "work horse"... even if that guild is fairly new and/or a "work in progress". But, after all is said and done, I mostly just want this game to succeed, and obviously get much better! … Well, this is not better.
  13. Sorry, not at all directed towards Tark. It was merely my own piss-poor continuation of Tark's response to mandalore's post. I have no excuse, my apologies
  14. * Sorry, yes agreed, you WERE the work horse among a few other hard workers? yea ... that's what I meant regarding the original mandalore post?
  15. As expected, they have some issues to iron out but I sure didn't expect to be playing anything (in CrowFall) this soon after Kickstarter Finally... a complete match & latency not too bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74hgXlKxcpk&feature=youtu.be
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