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  1. I'm sure some insight would drop soon. They could make it work... Advantages/disadvantages.
  2. Hola!! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the crowfall community!! I'm new too.
  3. Lol! I prefer to play a male, easier for me to play... understand. I'll keep my eye on announcements for the next 11 days.
  4. Ok, thank you. Debating on giving money to the project - so far... everything sounds perfect, however I would like to see a full featured flying character/race. I do appreciate the reply, thank you again.
  5. Are you aware if there is the ability to have our avatar fly? Similar to the Aracoix race in Shadowbane? Thank you for your time!
  6. I think the horseshoe option would work well. Nice ideas.
  7. It's just you and I, 7th. Lol That emotional attachment to a game/character is absolute to a successful mmo experience. I've enjoyed experiences in WoW, but something was never compete. If Crowfall rocks a great guild game - that would be a hats off moment. What was your greatest achievement in an MMO?
  8. Great discussion guys! I can see the concern with our preferred POV, however I also think it could be a fun mechanic. We haven't seen this kind of dedication to equipment decay in MMOs. But it's that a bad thing? I still think it would be a non offensive addition to the art style that gives our eyes a little difference, of what is seen. Keep the comments coming, if you feel passionate about this idea!!
  9. I understand this idea will cause more work for artists. Thank you for reading. Battle damage = phased visual approach. Let's say each piece of armour has 3 visual queues; Perfect 100%-85% weathered 84%-35% Imperfect 34%-0% In my opinion; this will immerse us gamers... more. Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? Thank you.
  10. I agree with OP, and many other points. Would you like to see a bonus, rewarding only one character use? And what would that bonus be?
  11. I played EQ, however never got hooked. I was a UO kid. And invested way too much time and emotion in UO to hop ship. I always preferred skill advancement of UO over the leveling systems of... most other games. Thank you for the warm welcome!! It is nice to meet you, as well, 7th beacon.
  12. Hello fellow CF fans(!), My name is Aaron, and I am a HUGE fan of MMORPGs – my nerdom hits new levels once I am onboard with a project. I am INCREDIBLLY interested in CF; to put money down to support the development of the venture. I haven’t made the decision to apply funds, yet. I’ve created video fan ‘art’ to support my exploding love for an upcoming game, before. Example; In SWTOR; I was a part of a Podcast, and vodcast www.gamebreaker.tv/category/video/the-republic-swtor-show/ ep 50 is a good one for me Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3UmnV94OXQ Youtube updated t
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