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  1. The idea of finite resources in a game such as this would make sense, as the world is dying. As the game campaign progresses on, more PoI spots begin to dry up and supply less, causing fighting over the remaining nodes to increase, as well as raiding of caravans and runners. If the game even allows, it could cause full out PvP encounters in the form of one group raiding anothers storehouses and resource collections to try and supply for themselves, though this feels unlikely to happen.
  2. Personally, I am for the barter system due to an item in hand and tradeable and that has a use beyond just as a currency has more value to me than something that only has a singular usage. If they are going to let us populate the EKs as we wish, then why not let the world kings decide what goes in those worlds? I understand the currency, whether they go the way of copper, silver, and gold coins as other games have, or if they just set up gold, or what not, will have value of its own as simply currency. I see no problem to a currency, but why not allow a currency and barter system to exist?
  3. Hmm, that could create even a runner/scout need. That was the point of the runners in Dying Light, to go out while possible to secure goods and supplies needed by those who couldn't get out or move as fast. If we apply that to materials, then could create another occupation in game for people. However, a squad carrying a load of supplies will do better in the long run.
  4. This is going to be interesting to see how good they will be in combat.
  5. If I could ask, what exactly do you feel like you are looking for, to narrow the field? Are you looking to harvest, craft, and trade? Maybe looking to fight other players? While I saw you said you don't quite know, you should have some inklings of what interests you.
  6. So there will either be warriors involved, or mercenaries will come into play quite a bit.
  7. That would be interesting indeed. Wonder if the factions and gods will offer bonuses and incentives every campaign to have you serve them.
  8. Why not simply contract out to them for the course of a number of campaigns?
  9. Hmm, what if the weapons for the champion were special, similar to the barbarians from Diablo 3. They were the only class that could wield mighty weapons, and a number of those were massive monstrosities. This could allow for the Champion to use smaller class weapons, but then champions alone could use the equivalent of Mighty weapons. Even if they get just massive weaponry alone, I wonder if they would have a subclass that specialized in sword and shield, or just two handed.
  10. There will likely be crafting guilds, however, they will likely be titled as trade guilds or merchant guilds.
  11. Appreciate the thoughts and different perspectives. Gotta admit, I had never thought of most of what you brought up, so it does make sense how they are going about things. I did like the idea of certain races getting certain classes, then again, I can see why it would go with simply each character is whatever the dev sets, though choice of gender would be nice.
  12. I realize that there is likely a similar, if not almost identical thread out there for this, and I apologize if this gets someone riled that I didn't hunt down that topic. Simply wished to drop the suggestion here in the off chance it hasn't been put forward. Now, the idea I had was that while the archetypes are interesting, I would like to be able to have a character that is more or less unique to me. The first thing that could affect this would be race. If I can be something akin to a wolf-man, lizard-man, dwarf, dark elf, satyr, etc., for any of the archetypes of classes, it would be an
  13. I like the points you make, though I would like to say that a possible currency would be woods/stones/metals, but based on their purity, rarity, level of difficulty to acquire, uses applicable, etc. Now, if we are able to trade items as currency per se, then even weaponry, armor, food supplies and what not could become currency. From something I was reading over, weaponry and gear will not be permanent as with most mmo's, such as you can use a battleaxe for years and it never breaks or goes bad. The gear will break over time, and new gear will have to be acquired. This could open the door to w
  14. From what I have seen from a previous thread, the likely ways of harvesting will be to build a mine or a mill to harvest the corresponding resources. Then also, the quality can depend on location, type of mine, etc. Since none of the thoughts have been set in stone, I do think that players actually being able to harvest areas would be an entertaining thing, however time consuming it may be. However, I would like to point out why players actually gathering resources would be a risky thing. Firstly, Every world is dying that we are fighting for, so the campaigns only last so long, about a full s
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