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  1. Good Times, great people, and epic fights! Glad I joined
  2. I say keep the passive skill tree, but perhaps incorporate a new player single unlock specialization choice... perhaps automatically prompted when a new account gets any one vessel, the first, to max level (level 30)... Examples of specialization choices as follows; Plate-wearer, Leather-wearer, Single-handed melee weapon specialist, Logger, Quarryman, Blacksmith, Runecrafter, etc. etc. ... (The level 30 vessel pre-requirement is there purely to help the new player make a slightly higher informed decision regarding this one time new player specialization perk/choice
  3. well ... still 'pre-alpha testing' 😎
  4. I see that you are NA Chaos Faction in the third trial campaign (not Order), but it doesn't matter to me... submitting application as soon as I find how, lol ahhh, here is a helpful link; https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/search
  5. Umm... since Crowfall is essentially the "Birthday Party", perhaps this is more appropriate... "Ok santa, fine. So your mom is planning an awesome birthday party for you and your friends. Along the way, she realizes "Hey, I can add more mass appeal to this. Perhaps booze & hookers. I can have more people show up... more adults like me. And instead of coming up with gifts, I can charge admission to the party." So you show up for your birthday party and next thing you know mom is doing the mailman and your whole neighborhood is drunk & naked in pools of vomit, rather than you and yo
  6. This game knows what it is and in a broad sense what it wants to become... it isn't trying to be something its not, isn't trying to cater to everyone (not even possible), and isn't trying to deceive anyone. That is what I'm referring to as 'growing up'. My friends and I are strong backers because it is not the concept that you are proposing. If it was, I wouldn't bother to pledge support. I would just wait and see what lame retreaded version of other MMO's they end up with. Not to mention, I want this project to meet its current timeline! We go with your vision santa, and this will b
  7. Crowfall will take all those players anyways... once they grow-up or when that ancient lame retreaded concept finally Dies, lol. It is time to evolve
  8. I'll be right back... gotta go booby trap my chimney
  9. sign in Silkhe

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