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    Rhea reacted to Phr00t in Clam Stacking Casuals (NA) DREGS DREGS DREGS   
    The clams have retired, long live the clams.
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    Rhea reacted to Winks in Dev Diary: All the Things   
    Thanks for the update. Sounds like quality changes have been added. 
    That said I'm not a huge fan of descriptions like "has a chance to instantly remove". It's just so vague.
    There's an enormous difference in value if it's a 5%, 25%, 75%... chance. Put in the description the real of it.
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    Rhea reacted to oneply in Dev Diary: All the Things   
    Can we get the cooldowns on the tool tip for these racial procs? 
    For example the stoneborn bleed removal. Does this have a chance to proc any time regardless of the last proc or can it only proc once every “x” seconds?
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    Rhea reacted to oneply in Dev Diary: All the Things   
    Also why do centaurs need even more utility to run away? They’re already the hardest to catch with or without a mount. 
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    Rhea reacted to FrothyMug in Knights of the Golden Vessel [KGV] Recruiting   
    I am interested in recruitment if possible. 
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    Rhea reacted to Unfolded in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    So would you say this video is an allowable War Story video? Curious as to our limitations here
    I would love to upload a video with a toxic title, many toxic callouts, a terribly-put-together meme at the start, etc.. if it's allowed!
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    Rhea reacted to Unfolded in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    I wonder if calling the players "bad" counts as a personal attack hahaha. MrEmad is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Who's going to watch a 25 minute, toxic video? What would your Mom say Emad? She would be disgraced!!!!
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    Rhea reacted to MrErad in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    Just your typical day on balance.
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    Rhea reacted to MrErad in Warstory : Zerg or Flop, Pick your QQ   
    Hi Mandy!  So who is this WE? Do you even still play?  I see we're back on the guards topic again.  Maybe you should start a thread about them. 
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    Rhea reacted to cremdalacrem in Knights of the Golden Vessel [KGV] Recruiting   
    First round of squires have been initiated! 
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    Rhea reacted to cremdalacrem in Knights of the Golden Vessel [KGV] Recruiting   
    Knights of the Golden Vessel (KGV)
    Preface/History: Knights of the Golden Vessel is a PvP focussed guild that looks to be effective as a small/medium sized unit in the coming War of the Gods guild versus guild ruleset. The Knights of the Golden Vessel have been testing Crowfall as an official guild since early 2017 and have members that have consistently been playing Crowfall since the Hungerdome. We have weathered the Trials of the Gods in the Factions ruleset and eagerly await the next challenges the Guild versus Guild ruleset will bring.
    We are seeking active and dedicated PvPers with a willingness to fight in Crowfall throughout testing and launch.
    What you can expect before becoming a member:
     An initial interview with me to see how you might fit in with the group.
      4-6 week trial/training period where we see if you are fit to be a Knight of the Golden Vessel and you can see if you want to make the commitment.
     Training and assistance with gearing up during your trial period.
    Insight to the Meta of Crowfall and years of in-game knowledge gleaned from testing
    What you can expect as a member:
       Personalized training and support from some of the most veteran Crowfall testers.
       PvP attendance requirements (why join if you aren’t going to play).
       Fighting within a small/medium force of dedicated PvPers and alongside their allies.
       Specialized Group compositions to remain effective and impactful in large combats consisting of much larger forces.
    Playing with guild mates dedicated to the core values of the Golden Vessel. Which are as follows- 
    1.    Fight with honor in the field and on the boards. 
    2.    Strive for betterment of self. 
    3.    Support your brothers and sisters in arms in battle and economic pursuits.
    4.    Be a comrade and respect fellow Knights of the Golden Vessel.
    5.    Remain loyal to your peers and to the organization.
     We choose to do these things because from our experience in Crowfall that has lead to the most fun and engaging experiences!
     Contact Cremdalacrem directly on discord to set up an interview or ask questions @[KGV]Cremdalacrem#6848
    From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel
    A long time ago in a war torn world long since consumed by the Hunger, a knight of a forgotten realm sought to rest in a copse nestled amongst the hills. There were strange statues crumbling within the trees of beings the knight had never known. In the center where the trees grew thickest there was a statue of a woman...of Gaia...and in her hands rested a small golden casket. The knight moved forward, his hand reaching for the casket in wonder. Suddenly a sharp pain through his chest...he looked down to see the tip of a spear jutting through his chain mail... crimson with his blood. A shadow above him drew his gaze upwards. Before him stood D’Orion, the son of Gaia, the Sky Hunter....
    The knight sunk to his knees with blood running through the crevices of his armor. D’Orion took the golden vessel in his hands and held it out towards the dying knight. No words were spoken but the dark gaze of D’Orion filled the knight with determination. The knight reached out and grasped the vessel drawing it close to his chest where his blood ran freely over it. As his wound spread so did his body transform. Where there were mailed boots now there were mailed hooves...His helm warped around the head of a stag...onyx horns curving to the sky. The golden vessel was gone but created was the first Knight of the Golden Vessel.
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    Rhea reacted to MrErad in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    Spectre  Legion is currently working on that but with only 5 of us being active currently it makes it a bit tougher to get the ball rolling (hopefully when beta rolls around some day we'll see a full roster in game) . I'm the one who helped Eldritch gear out their vessels & if my clan actually took the alpha as seriously as balance we could easily get the rest of our crafting vessels on par to help Order.   Still their points do carry some weight behind them and other points do not.   Currently the mob drops vs player crafted low end stuff is a bit out of wack especially on the green tier items.  The majority of the mob drop stuff is better than a white vessel max crafting a blue item.  The only thing that may be better is the damage but the rest of of the stats will be lower overall.    Possibly dropping the dust cost on green & white gear a little more could help balance this out a bit so the stepping stone is a bit better.
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    Rhea got a reaction from Silkhe in A Little Disappointed   
    I'll be right back... gotta go booby trap my chimney
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    Rhea got a reaction from Silkhe in A Little Disappointed   
    This game knows what it is and in a broad sense what it wants to become... it isn't trying to be something its not, isn't trying to cater to everyone (not even possible), and isn't trying to deceive anyone.  That is what I'm referring to as 'growing up'.   My friends and I are strong backers because it is not the concept that you are proposing.  If it was, I wouldn't bother to pledge support.  I would just wait and see what lame retreaded version of other MMO's they end up with.
    Not to mention, I want this project to meet its current timeline!  We go with your vision santa, and this will become another Star Citizen.  Lets get a finished version of the game before 2017, then see what direction it goes afterwards 
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    Rhea got a reaction from Silkhe in A Little Disappointed   
    Umm... since Crowfall is essentially the "Birthday Party", perhaps this is more appropriate...
    "Ok santa, fine. So your mom is planning an awesome birthday party for you and your friends. Along the way, she realizes "Hey, I can add more mass appeal to this. Perhaps booze & hookers.  I can have more people show up... more adults like me. And instead of coming up with gifts, I can charge admission to the party." So you show up for your birthday party and next thing you know mom is doing the mailman and your whole neighborhood is drunk & naked in pools of vomit, rather than you and your friends enjoying an awesome birthday party. Fair enough?"  
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    Rhea got a reaction from knyght in A Little Disappointed   
    Crowfall will take all those players anyways... once they grow-up or when that ancient lame retreaded concept finally Dies, lol.    It is time to evolve 
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    Rhea got a reaction from oridi in A Little Disappointed   
    I'll be right back... gotta go booby trap my chimney
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    Rhea reacted to illuminist in A Little Disappointed   
    Oh and Santa, its helpful not to talk down to people that take the time to respond to your posts. You stated you've been to college and are 23 years old. As a young adult it would be beneficial to realize marketing yourself at the expense of your community isn't the best way to build a reputation. This thread has been about trying to give you what you asked for. An explanation on how a game can succeed that isn't based on the same tired constructs of other MMORPGs. If you want to look down on those that tried to help you because you were actually just chumming the waters and take satisfaction from irritating people then my hope is that you don't enjoy the game or this community and go off and be disaffected somewhere else.
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    Rhea reacted to headlight in A Little Disappointed   
    He like Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde's from carebear to tr0ll. love it.

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    Rhea reacted to APE in A Little Disappointed   
    Online gaming experience: 20 years.... lets not get into who has done what or been where. You seem concerned that ACE isn't going to make billions of dollars. That is their choice. I'm sure they would love more money, but they've decided to draw a line in the sand and understand that it comes with a cost.
    What you want is totally against why they are even here in the first place. Accept it and move on or enjoy what they have planned. Can't go into a burger joint and expect them to have pizza. "But if you sold pizza you'd make more money!"
    Saw your Facebook account, so pretty sure you are serious in what you are saying, but you aren't going to get anyone to change their mind. We just backed/funded the design you are against, clearly we don't want WoW with changing maps.
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    Rhea reacted to BraveSirRobin in A Little Disappointed   
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    Rhea reacted to stroh in A Little Disappointed   
    It's easy to be frustrated with the lack of information, but you have to realize that pledging money is an option. If the information presented on the Kickstarter page doesn't appeal to someone, they shouldn't back it. You will have options further down the line, when more has been revealed and shown, to pledge and back it anyways - the rewards will just be lessened.
    That being said, it's strategic and intelligent to only give out as much basic information as they need to on the Kickstarter. This is the early public funding round which will continue on, and you don't want to anger people by promising too much and changing as the game develops. Keep in mind, this game is in a very early state. They don't know how everything is going to work out, what will make the initial cut and what won't, etc. That's kind of what the Kickstarter helps to accomplish; getting an idea of what people want and what the core module should contain.
    If they made very specific claims about EKs and campaigns now, chances are in 9 months they'd be changed at least slightly, which would upset early backers who feel they were "lied" to. When you do a funding round this early on, you have to keep information basic and make sure not to promise anything you can't deliver on. If people assume more and back on those assumptions, well, sadly that's their fault. 
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