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  1. Da ich inzwischen nur sporadisch vorbeischaue, wollte ich hier erst gar nichts schreiben…mach es aber nun doch.
  2. I just thought that by upgrading your kingdom a expanding island is more reasonable than a shift of borders. You are in the middle of nowhere...why do you need ressources to claim more land? (Update #19: How can I make my Kingdom larger? It will likely take a combination of time and raw materials (stone, iron and wood) to add cells (raw square footage) to your Kingdom.) And I do not know if the zones are that expensive to create. Actually I thought of it as a possible outworking of the current basic idea. Additional work would be just e.g. in zone A you do not see any other islands, in Zone B your sky is filled with islands and in Zone C your sky is filled with drifting islands that sometimes “collide” and small explosion on them. For the game itself your kingdom would have just a flag A, B, C,... and based on that flag you would be sorted in different search groups and your sky-theme would change. I do not think it is that much work. Maybe we are talking about different mechanics…keeping your example player A must have a kingdom large enough (wilderness) to take the plots of player B or player B could just transfer a part of his plots. In my suggestion your player B could still do so or stick his kingdom next to players A kingdom without the need of dividing kingdom A into smaller parts. I’m sorry if that is the case…I think the reason is simply that English is not my mother tongue. Well we don’t know how the contests in Campaigns will look like. Will players build large fortresses or will they just create some “cheap” battle camps to not waste resources? We will see and I can understand that there are some doubts about putting your kingdom on the line…well I still like the idea, but as the replies shows it is maybe a little too much to ask. @CopperStall and chadcamumila Nice to see you at least like this partial aspect.
  3. Maybe I misunderstood it, but as far I understand Update #19 you can grant existing cells to other players by creating a “Province” for this player on your land, but it is not possible to stick existing Kingdoms together. If you e.g. want to create a kingdom for you alliance you as the "king" would have to own all needed land and "rent" it to your alliance partners/vassals/friends. Did you read my whole suggestion? Just if you chose my so called “zone C” with public access and pvp activated you could be invaded. And honestly your ”Uncle Bob syndrome” is in nearly every pvp situation possible…just if you limit the participation to equally large groups you can rudimentarily prevent it. My suggestion was just some first thoughts so I did not wrote what could be earned by an invasion. In a sporting contest situation your proposal would be a good way. But in a more warlike contest the defender wouldn’t accept any “bet”. Keeping it simple…well…plundering the stored resources in a kingdom could be the reason to start an invasion, just like attacking a caravan in a campaign but in a larger scale.
  4. Really? Actually I thought the current plan is creating permanent player-managed kingdoms where you can freely build as long as you have the resources and that you set the rules (entrance, pvp,…) but I do not read somewhere e.g. "they will not be floating islands in space" or "you are not able to invade under any circumstances another kingdom". If the current plan is that you can “just” invade in god’s reach or beyond during a campaign that’s still ok, but is giving the personal kingdoms more functions than “just” rest, craft, meet, build really that detestable? (As described above you are not forced to use all of these functions.) But if I missed something would you be so kind to show me their (never ever changing) vision for EK you are talking about? As I do not find exclusion criterions for a realization in their Update #19.
  5. I was thinking about the Eternal Kingdoms and a good way to handle them also in relation to pvp fights. I read the thread of ThyGuyNamedHi and it is a good idea but I would like to see it solved in another way. Currently we do not know much about them, but as we need resources to “create” new land for our eternal kingdom I would suggest creating them as islands floating in the infinity of space. Basically and to keep it short it could be like that: Start If you are chosen by a god and if you are worth it the god will grant you a (more or less) small piece of drifting land with a gate, portal or whatever you can freely activate or deactivate to leave and enter this island. By scavenging the inner worlds you carry e.g. simple dirt to your island to enlarge the landmass or stone and wood to build structures. Access and PvP You can now adjust the access and “position” of this world at the portal….let’s say there are basically 3 positions. A – Outer space (private). Just you and your guild/friends will be able to find a world drifting that fare away. B – Crowded space (public, no pvp). Traders, “tourists” and all kinds of folks are easily able to access islands in this region. C – Inner space (public, open pvp). In that zone we are quite close to the inner world’s and people are already starting to fight for resources. Buy simply selecting one option your island will move to your chosen zone. Interactions between islands Now let’s think about possible interactions between these islands. If there are some people allied wouldn’t it be good to stay close together to strengthen the friendship or creating a combined defense? For that purpose they could link their islands with bridges or whatever to create that way one large island. I think it would be good if such a combined island would have a maximum size to keep things manageable…so maybe one center kingdom and four “surrounding” kingdoms in the north, west, south and east. Maybe we need a special contract e.g. “brother in arms” for that purpose. Part of this contract are some needed resources to create the e.g. bridges between the islands and as long as this contract exists the bridge exists and reverses. The same mechanic could work in zone C (pvp) to invade another island. By declaring war you have to pay some resources for create one or more anchors to invade an island (Arr…we are space pirates ). As long as this anchor exists these two islands are in an open fight. The fight ends if one kingdom surrenders or the anchor is destroyed. So destroying the anchor could be a good strategy for the defenders to still win against a stronger enemy and destroying the bridge could be a good way for the invaders to divide the allies. Start of an invasion Maybe there could be three ways to start an invasion. The first one do not cost anything as you simply use your enemies portal to invade his island. But without a safe zone and just the portal of your enemy as bridgehead you may get some problems if he is deactivating the portal or has build a good defense around the gate. The second one is a still quite cheap version by simply invading a random kingdom. You build the anchor(s) and just invade the next island you can find in zone C. If you are lucky it is a weak one, if not you may instantly try to destroy your own anchor(s). The third one is more expensive as you can choose your target. Again you build the anchor(s) but also do some research where your enemy is. These researches costs x resources each minute with maybe a success-bar starting with 0% rising to 100%. You can start the invasion anytime, but the closer you are to 100% the more likely you will really invade your chosen target. On the other side the closer you get to 100% the more likely your “enemy” will catch rumors about your invasion plan and may launch countermeasures. What do you think about these rough ideas?
  6. Schattenwandrer


    Alles was ich wollte war darauf aufmerksam machen, dass dieser Bereich ein Aushängeschild und erster Anlaufpunkt für deutschsprachige Interessenten ist und in einem Bereich mit vielleicht 10 aktiven Benutzer Beiträge eine ganz andere Wertigkeit haben können, als in Bereichen mit hunderten Benutzern…abgesehen davon sollte man sich vielleicht auch nicht gerade an den schlimmsten Diskussionen orientieren. Bei einer solchen Grundsatzdiskussion würde ich persönlich im Übrigen auch zu einem neuen Thread tendieren, da ich bei der allgemeinen Überschrift "Gilden" eher an ein Gildenregister oder einen Vorstellungsbereich gedacht hätte und daher auch meine Beiträge hier eher deplatziert (OT) wirken.
  7. Schattenwandrer


    @Angier Ich würde dir recht geben, wenn dieser Bereich "aktiver" wäre. In dem Fall verschwinden weniger passende Kommentare recht schnell im Nirwana. Hier hält sich die Aktivität aber bisher in Grenzen und somit sind diese wenigen Beiträge das Erste was man findet, wenn man sich auf die Suche nach einer deutschen Community macht und ich persönlich habe da ernste Zweifel, das bei einigen Kommentaren der Wunsch geweckt wird "Hier möchte ich dazugehören". Und ja, objektiv betrachtet sind auch meine beiden Beiträge nicht gerade das was ich hier gern lesen würde. @freeze Wir haben anscheinend leicht abweichende Auffassungen darüber was passt und was nicht. Ich hoffe daher ernsthaft, das die Mehrheit der potentiellen Spender es so wie du sieht. Und wegen der Sub-Foren...ich gestehe mein Französisch ist inzwischen etwas eingerostet, aber soweit ich das aber Überfliegen konnte beschäftigt man sich dort recht konstruktiv mit den Themen. Über das spanische Sub-Forum kann ich ohne Übersetzer nichts sagen und dafür fehlt mir ehrlich gesagt aktuell die Begeisterung...
  8. Schattenwandrer


    Ich bin mir sicher Ihr habt alle die besten Absichten und freie Meinungsäußerung in allen Ehren...aber Leute...mit dem was man hier teilweise lesen kann macht Ihr es den Entwicklern unnötig schwer.
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