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  1. Hey, I might be interested in joining you fellows...
  2. I couldn't decide between the Confessor and Myrmidon, but you've just convinced me to stick with the Myrmidon.
  3. Don't underestimate them... They've done so much in the last few months, I have no doubts that they will have almost everything done by December.
  4. As some others have suggested I would love to see different types of arrows; for instance you could use ice arrows to slow you're opponent and then switch to broad arrows for increased penetration and damage.
  5. Yea, I was interested in the open world battles, but at the moment it just feels like a buggy dumbed down version of the Space Marine video game. I'm waiting for Eldar and Orks before playing it again.
  6. They should be lootable, as in Eve; if you are stupid enough to carry plexes (vip) with you; you should be humiliated if you lose them...
  7. I absolutely love this... it's different, new and makes the game unique even though and I recognise this concept from Eve Online. I'm re-hyped for Crowfall...
  8. Well at least we know who to look at first if anybody's accounts have been hacked.
  9. Nice, looks awesome! I'm jealous...
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