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  1. I hopped in at one point over the last month after playing heavily in the beginning of 2019. I would love to come back and play this game more and provide more feedback. The reason I don't is because I get 25 FPS on a 1080 TI with a 4th gen I7 processor and 16gb of ram on Windows 10. I drop the resolution from 1080p to 720p and try all the graphic settings but it's all the same. If you guys make significant performance increases in the game please send us kickstarter updates or the changes in the email to let people know. I'd think you'd get much more players back to the game. Until then thanks and hope development goes well.
  2. Here are some ideas and feedback as a non game designer. -Give points for PvP kills in certain zones near the end of the campaign. I'm looking at Heroes of the Storm comeback mechanics - the losing team gets more XP per hero kill the farther behind they are. I understand this can be exploited but maybe you can find something that makes sense. I haven't played overwatch but I think they may have something there too to check out. The late game POI capture multiplier is probably along the same lines. -Maybe have the campaign start with the factions middle zone completely capped and the connected zones half capped for each connected faction. Having the factions pick points in a circle is probably not a viable option like in the board game Risk. This could have consequences on early small scale fights though so IDK. Those are fun at times. -I was going to say allow us to hand in harvested resources for campaign points but instead I think long term we'd be able to reinforce POIs in some fashion. If not then let the factions behind earn additional points for the hand in? This is not PvP, just an idea for consideration. Feedback: -I think the nurf on advanced gear is going to be a good change long term. We're rolling in white materials at this point and may have a bit less of a need for healers. -Probably obvious but need to work through issues so we have fair starting points on the next campaign. Bugs and performance in combat, certain hardware running the game better than others, random issues with logging in or out, relogging a few times because your crow won't res when in range of grave, chat breaking, taking advantage of recalling or having alts logged out in certain locations, spying with multiple accounts. Alts and multiple accounts fine but some people have less issues than others and that inconsistency is not fair or fun. Overall, I hope this game isn't rushed out. If we run into issues in the first sanctioned campaign, the losing factions are not going to be happy with the developers. You may consider just giving all of us the reward for participating. I am competitive and can accept a loss but the game is still in pre alpha with a lot of issues. We've worked through them as players as best as we can so I think a lot of us shrug off some of the glare.
  3. Zage

    The 5.8 Assassin

    Could you elaborate on this? Also, what is a combat discipline? LIke the soon to be legacy Master of Sword,hammer,bow, etc disciplines?
  4. Exactly. I'd like to see more of the campaign events that ACE and the community come up with. Why wouldn't they be open to trying them out and wouldn't it be fairly easy for them to setup as some point? I hope the dregs does not allow player crafted vessels because I consider that an import.
  5. I'd like one where you can't import anything. Similar to Path of Exile events.
  6. If it's equipped you can't lose it on death. Maybe a craft or 2 on it. That may be the reasoning.
  7. What happens to our inventory and equipment when we switch vessels in a campaign with this change? Is it staying the same or is our inventory and gear staying on the vessel?
  8. I kind of assumed recall capabilities would be controlled by the campaign? Has ACE not spoke about it yet?
  9. Hi, I would like to thank Artcraft for pushing back soft launch. I think a majority of people are disappointed to hear that but as a player that wants a full experience once server data remains I'm all for this. The term soft launch just sounds like a steam early access game =[ This is probably not the best area to provide FEEDBACK but since i'm here posting I'm going to mention some items from playing last weekend. Prior to this I haven't touched the game since December 2015. Firstly, the crafting system to be looks great but the UX is tough. The dependent crafting items are very hard to traverse. If you take a look at what FF14 does with the UX for crafting it should speak volumes of what we could have. The actual gathering experience is a bit slow but probably leaves room for buffs (potions, etc) or choosing the right class to do the job. Otherwise if that isn't coming then it's soooo slow. Second, I hope there are plans for music and atmosphere. The song in the alpha testing feels like a main title song and it just loops while sounding like a 2005 video game. I hope there are plans to enhance the atmosphere and feel but for me personally music really enhances the game. Finally, I've noticed at times the UI being buggy and not as responsive as expected. It's alpha, no problems. I just hope in the future it's polished and doesn't save menus that were previously opened when i'm using the interface hotkeys. Keep on trucking. Thanks.
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