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  1. -The roll back didn't include store items. I lost all of my EK items. Not a big deal for me, more of an FYI. -I hope you add emotes. just a few of the most commonly used ones in other games at least. -can't res while in bird form if you body is far below sea level. need to relog 5 times and sometimes that doesn't even fix it and you have to temple res. -holding G in crow form does not work. it does not return to temple for me. probably been like that since 5.8.0? -if outposts are staying then put them in better locations... locations that have decent resources or supplement strategy. -same for forts. Especially if you are going to add siege windows to them. -mobs randomly go immune to damage for a few auto attacks. grab a champion and go hit mobs with other players around. maybe it's lag but i've seen it multiple times sporadically. and on guards even if it has not gone neutral yet on a fort. (no damage text, no health bar changes) -fires for cooking haven't been working properly for crafting. you can't interact with them. a few work but a large majority don't last i checked. -with the performance issues and how the ranger zooms in when repeatedly firing an arrow, it is hard to hit targets accurately. once performance is fixed a second pass on this at some point would be nice because it is hard to get on target. I think the mouse sensitivity increases and could be intended? it's hard to get on target in general really (all classes) because other names or shields are in front. -i think i'd prefer to move your character with both mouse buttons without dodge rolling. I bet you can rebind dodge but if i'm holding down left mouse button then go to hold down right mouse button my character should just move forward instead of using a dodge pip. (it's not an accurate key bind, if i want left click + right click to dodge roll then let us key bind it) -some maps you can't read the runegate name text due to the white background of no land.
  2. Random feedback and ideas to consider, but I think this game needs a lot. Hope it comes out better than shadowbane on launch. Good game for what we actually have right now - spotty performance and not fully implemented combat (and classes) and crafting and gathering. -mount food could go 10% move speed. but it depends on what you want with that. no one uses the good food for combat 90% of the time. -having partial spirit bank access anywhere in certain campaigns could be a good idea. much more limited quantity with a timed cooldown to reset. -could modify armor durability for certain campaigns to incentivize farming. -world doesn't feel alive. more art, npc's and atmosphere. --need some type of dueling area in "thracia" with betting. it was hinted at, allow gambling and add more ways to increase atmosphere --shared access banks among groups or let us drop items --clouds and moon in sky would be nice. moonlight in certain areas... the fog is not bad but too much where the world just feels like grey and light blue. When you reach the end of the world its odd, i guess it has to be a mountain with the random deep cave and a hunger shard. And the edge of the world usually is like rank 2 or rank 1 which is fine but no reason to ever go down there unless you are desperate for a gank. Lightning bugs near POI forests and more glow on the top of the tress? cob webs stuck to you in pits with art higher on the wall? dirt and blue hunger from the risen? larger wolf spawns with a small cave? the spider queen we have now is a bit sad. have more strategy enabling parcels such as larger paths in the named forests and alternate layouts for stone and ore. The named POIs all use the same lighting and probably music I think and hope you can find a solution for that. --consider putting the temple resources for gathers closer or easier to see from the temple. the temple areas are pretty rough but i guess it's expected with the temp skins. --allow more vendors to be placed closer in thracia? or add an open area within the vendors and let us have view of all houses. and more -consider making alchemists have more need if the passive skill tree is staying. maybe add more assassin poison rolling potion, runic weapon materials? --I like the passive skill tree for what its worth. --maybe allow skulls to be added to armor for looks. ---formalize the bounties via the game bulletin board like a wow quest (or let vendors take more than just gold)? ---or maybe let them be ground with alchemist or enchanted to craft EK decorations? -Some players don't care about EK and only want pvp. I think the CW is more important than the EK overall. more art in the CW would be nice -Crafted art accessories in the 3 slots? different spirit bank holding art accessories like POE? -i think the best graveyards are going to continue to spawn by keeps. that one is fun. -game needs more players. 2 faction campaigns hasn't been fun for anyone. And the first sanctioned campaign will be which ever faction has the largest force (zerg). we're already hitting zone caps and seeing the server cry with 100 people in one area. consider making accounts sign up in advanced to lock them if you are going to put player caps on factions. you could even make campaigns not have a start date until enough people have signed up. and incentivize low pop faction participation. -and should pack pigs be allowed on vendors? the blue one is. mounts are powerful, make sure new players know about it.
  3. Few items with recent play: -Please allow jumping while on mount once we get to that point. -Please allow us to respec a few talent points like path of exile and add a confirmation to the talent tree when specing. -When you zone your ultimate should be fully charged. non-amateurs won't even go do stuff until it's charged now so why put the burden on us? -The game would feel more alive if the temples, forts, and keeps had "atmosphere" for siege windows and no siege windows. Camp fires, lighting, npc's moving around at certain times. Lots of art though and an idea to consider. -Pits (ore,stone,spider,risen) could be smaller. Large pits should have more entrances... it makes fae very powerful without them. Also stealth classes can't really stealth from mobs once they have been aggroed. Is that intended? I think ultimates don't even work. -make outposts cap time change based on the season? I could see them taking longer to cap in the fall winter but just an idea to consider. It could be bit of win more situation though with that change. Finally, post release I'd love tons of new classes and races being added to the game. The game is on path to be great and build diversity is fun. Right now it's much more gear dependent so hope you either mix up gear stats or mix up build powers or both.
  4. Sometimes leveling up you are unable to promote your vessel in the talents. I had it happen on 2 white half giant cleric vessels in a row. Once I got to 30 and start spending points I eventually used them all until I had 15 left and still couldn't promote. The node just wasn't accessible but the pre requisite node was populated. Logging out did not fix it, zoning did not fix it. Completely closing the game fixes it though. A guildie had the same issue on a wood elf druid and I think both of us came in and were leveling in the temple beach head with crafted materials.
  5. It would be very helpful if we eventually get a full featured guild bank system. There are a lot of materials. Ideas are stash tabs, inventory sort, support for authorized scripts to do mass actions, individual banks with in game art that pertain to what is in this box in the EK and CW (tools, gear, material hand in, material take, or even to craft lines like necro, thralls, EK). These boxes could be universal in those temple cellars and be specific to your guild for example. Allow us to manage our internal resources and any in game internal functions that have heavy use really, easier and 2020 like.
  6. Not only should their be a focus on power lines for characters and builds (and sound effects for abilities) so we can understand this game for alpha, but please fix the passive exploit/bug with major discipline runes. They are players basically outfitted with 3-4 major disciplines with this bug. Thanks
  7. Please get all the sound effects of the abilities in place and show us the power lines with this upcoming champion nurf. It's a pre requisite for alpha in my opinion.
  8. Here are some ideas and feedback as a non game designer. -Give points for PvP kills in certain zones near the end of the campaign. I'm looking at Heroes of the Storm comeback mechanics - the losing team gets more XP per hero kill the farther behind they are. I understand this can be exploited but maybe you can find something that makes sense. I haven't played overwatch but I think they may have something there too to check out. The late game POI capture multiplier is probably along the same lines. -Maybe have the campaign start with the factions middle zone completely capped and the connected zones half capped for each connected faction. Having the factions pick points in a circle is probably not a viable option like in the board game Risk. This could have consequences on early small scale fights though so IDK. Those are fun at times. -I was going to say allow us to hand in harvested resources for campaign points but instead I think long term we'd be able to reinforce POIs in some fashion. If not then let the factions behind earn additional points for the hand in? This is not PvP, just an idea for consideration. Feedback: -I think the nurf on advanced gear is going to be a good change long term. We're rolling in white materials at this point and may have a bit less of a need for healers. -Probably obvious but need to work through issues so we have fair starting points on the next campaign. Bugs and performance in combat, certain hardware running the game better than others, random issues with logging in or out, relogging a few times because your crow won't res when in range of grave, chat breaking, taking advantage of recalling or having alts logged out in certain locations, spying with multiple accounts. Alts and multiple accounts fine but some people have less issues than others and that inconsistency is not fair or fun. Overall, I hope this game isn't rushed out. If we run into issues in the first sanctioned campaign, the losing factions are not going to be happy with the developers. You may consider just giving all of us the reward for participating. I am competitive and can accept a loss but the game is still in pre alpha with a lot of issues. We've worked through them as players as best as we can so I think a lot of us shrug off some of the glare.
  9. Not sure if this hunger shard spawn is intended. Also it'd be nice if the mobs respawned just a tad slower. Like 30 to 60 seconds. Also hope you fix mobs in the campaigns for skinners. I personally don't skin mobs after spring in the campaign maps since they convert to hunger mobs all the time. If the day night cycle with converting mobs was even working as intended the day feels quite short when trying to play efficiently.
  10. Hearing runegate ambient sound @ XYZ:3333,6,2671 Garen NA Brookhurst. Runegates are far in the distance so pretty sure it's a bug.
  11. stuck at 2941, -46, 2352 on male half giant on US East Garen NA / Olut Maa
  12. When gathering items that fall to the ground please allow any contact with the item to pick it up. I'm pretty sure you can't pick up any of the items until they hit the ground. It's minor but this is a core aspect of the game (gathering). Small aspects like this turn into a big deal since it's quite repetitive. And if you are standing where the item is when it hits the ground it is not picked up. You have to walk off it and back onto it. Running over plants to pop their loot can't be spammed. This is not fun for people looking to play efficiently. I feel the server puts a delay on the character after selecting the plant for harvesting which I would like removed. Not to mention the camera issues to find the plants with the reticle to pop the node.
  13. The combat is still so buggy in this game. Or am i not allowed to use E/Retaliate in survival? I was chain pulled while in survival and it displays Retaliate being available on my screen. I spam the button and nothing happens until the chain pull effect ends where i'm moved into combat tray. We need sound effects for when abilities aren't usable once larger issues like this are addressed. This is one of many issues we have between lag and performance in larger fights.
  14. Got caught in a weird rubberband that I fixed on the fly: I mounted and as the cast hit 90-100% i pressed the left and right mouse buttons to walk forward. My character rolled and I received the mount buff of the swift pack pig. Then i moved forward and would rubber band, I then spent about 45 seconds demounting and running in circles and walked on foot until it went away. Fixed it fast. Something seems out of sync there.
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