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    Writing, reading, Science fiction in general with a strong love for star trek, a healthy dash of fantasy and a good game that offers challenge and freedom without going to far.
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  1. Serena Athrawes is my name, noble my house once was, but now it is nothing but a burning memory of pain. I sworn my alliances after I saw it burn that I would stand and fight to protect those who could not protect themselves. I fear none, for all that I had to fear for is gone, so either join me, get out of my way or die where you stand for I have no time to waste. If you look at me and see but rags and a blunt sword, than I know you are blind to the true nature of things, for my strength comes not from simple things. For as much as I gain strength from my oats to protect, it shall be the fury of vengeance that will drive me until there is nothing left to avenge. So look upon me and see my true nature. OOC: Ok just whatever came up in me, I need to have more of the lore to fully work out a character into detail (3-4 pages in general), still this should be a nice little mood piece
  2. Point is half of this stuff is in the games, but they all have a different bits of the whole lot I remember just how hard it was for the STO devs to allow click to sit down.
  3. I dread the time I will spend on creating my character, designing my house, my armour and just about anything Will of course have to write a character bio, but atm not enough lore out there to work with I like some detail most of mine are about 3-4 pages
  4. Only good, I just hope SC doesn't come out with shiny ships soon that I need and don't have yet (yes I found out because of the chairman's post on SC)
  5. I am just crazy that is all (noodle time)
  6. Balance should be found in the group of players not in the single class.
  7. As a long time RP player in games, but also well over a decade in pen and paper writing (just story no dice rolls) it is to me an important part of any game I play outside of basic competitive games like say a world of tanks. So I would like to put down a simple list of small things that often I have found are overlooked at the start, now I am sure I will think of more as time comes and you lot likely know a heck of a lot more than I will do on my own, so I will update this list as we go. *The ability to sit by just clicking on a chair or bench. *Proper chat filters. *Resizable chat windows. *Chat bubbles (selectable on or off) *Auto walk and follow options (really handy when on the move and typing) *Ability to hide gear items *Ability to keep a unified look to your gear *Free form player house decoration
  8. I am in, sapphire because frankly I love sapphires such a beautiful stone.
  9. I also wonder if we will see more detail in the faces, from the little I have seen so far they look terrible. The face is a crucial thing and sure you might not see them all to often, but you will notice it none the less. It is like all the thousands of small details they put in movies that you will never see, yet if they are not there you will miss them none the less. Concept: https://media.crowfall.com/Crowfall_FemaleTemplarConcept.jpg In game: https://media.crowfall.com/Crowfall_T1Gameplay2.jpg Naturally pre alpha stuff and all, but I do wonder as it is details like this that make or break things for me personally (overall I desire a good character creator and later customization.) Specially when you delve into RP, it remains an issue for me in many games just how many of the same or very similar characters are walking around. The distinctive fact comes from small features such as the face and also hair styles, armour wise and such well it depends, but people in the same faction are bound to look the same armour wise because this would again help with FOF recognition.
  10. CPU: 3770K at 4.5Ghz (can get to 5.0Ghz, but that is pushing her past the red line) MB: Z77 sabertooth RAM: 2x8GB G-skill Aeres GPU: 2x MSI 7970 Lightning BE edition in CF SSD: Samsung 830 series PSU: Corsair AX860W (RMA replacement for the older 850W unit) CPU is on a custom loop, GPU are just stock coolers OC depends on the need
  11. I would go with the Templar, fits me best by the looks of things.
  12. Agreed, I just hope that they don't make shoulder pieces as stupid as WoW or some other games do, I prefer good looking, but functional armour, like real life stuff with a nice dash of fantasy in the design, but not overall shape to much.
  13. Why well simpel I only found out today so I am looking at things, reading up seeing where things are going and above all I am waiting to see if tomorrow and the day after I still feel a draw to the project. So far I am liking what I read
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