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  1. Hello,

    The wife and I are both interested in joining Winterblades. We are both older, experienced gamers. I play often, the wife less so (that work stuff, poor woman). What's the next step?


  2. Like others have stated, after watching the stream I promised myself to do a positive feedback post. PopeUrban and Armegeddon have already said the high points of what I was going to say. For those of us already on CF's band wagon, and there is a BIG bandwagon, the only real disappointment we have is you guys aren't done yet. The game is going to be amazing, and will scratch the itch most old pvp'ers miss. I enjoy playing the game now, better than most of the games I've played since Shadowbane. Hold fast to the vision, death should have consequences, battles can be lost and the winners get da
  3. I agree there should be a cost.There is the cost you pay for training harvesting skills vice the combat skills, and the cost of banging on rocks instead of playing more engaging parts of the game. Guild play makes the survivability of the single harvester mostly moot anyway. It's just a niche I like to play. It doesn't matter how good a harvester I am if I can't get it banked. It is harvesting, not crafting, that is the foundation of the player economy.
  4. I'm amused that some think the current "overpowered" class is overpowered because it can successfully run away. There should be a build that allows for single player harvesters to have a reasonable chance of either avoiding combat or playing rabbit. Slanting the game too much toward farming the farmers is, in this farmers opinion, a mistake.
  5. Gonna pile on myself here, had issues where I had purchased multiple accounts/ package levels in multiple years on one email acct. Support (mostly Gordon) got me sorted and online even after I had attempted to fix it myself by "gifting" my purchases to myself creating an even bigger mess. Good support is rare, fantastic support is unheard of these days. I sincerely appreciate it.
  6. Agree with much of what everyone else has posted, have 3 family members testing atm and would be interested. Pull the trigger folks.
  7. Indeed plenty of us oldtimers around (62), and to phrase it differently, age and treachery usually wins over youth and speed. Welcome aboard.
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