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  1. I loved the little 'jetties' but I did have one suggestion: if you move the small piece of wall forward to the front edge of the jetty then the defender isn't horribly exposed when on the jetty. They lose the easy forward line of sight (LoS) but they keep the side LoS and are way less vulnerable. The loss of the easy forward LoS could even add interesting play since then full LoS on a jetty would require a defender on each neighbouring jetty so they could get LoS on their neighbours front edge as well as their own side edges. Food for thought.
  2. Noooooooooo!!!!!! My Guineacian NEEDs the Mr T Discipline! Oh god, the horror of his unadorned neck , his mohawk will just look silly, now
  3. I want every 3rd treb to fire Assassins so they can get some height on their glide.
  4. Great post. Good to clarify expectations early. Approach seems like the best way forward. Looking forward to watching the exploration
  5. And this reply separates the whiners from anyone who might actually have real concerns. Every whiner after that post goes *plonk* in my mental filter folder cause they obviously can't be taken seriously. I might give a pass to 1 or 2 shortly after due to post race conditions but otherwise: whiner exposed. Edit: OK, read after this post and the response was pleasantly non-whiney. No *plonks* required. Kudos
  6. Good description. The other thing I like to point out is that software dev is only deterministic in the most well-behaved and mundane end of the field. The determinism fragments for every innovative feature you add.
  7. Sweet. I though of exactly that kind of thing when you mentioned that's how they block. My specific scenario was to have my Lumberjack Commando (aka Guineacian Combat Engineer) dig trap tunnels along the enemy's front line that people won't fall into unless they weight a lot...like say a knight engaging their block
  8. Yeah, they are doing a great job. I've had a similar experience with Star Citizen for the community involvement aspect. The details are very different, of course, because they're targeting different game-play styles etc but they are both passion projects with a solid plan of community involvement. I'm especially a fan of the fact that ACE has already established that they are willing and able to say "No". The big risk with involving a community this early and this strongly is that either special interests will corrupt the game vision or it will fall into design by committee. They have shown that input is welcome but that they are the final decision makers and the vision will stand. Kudos, ACE
  9. One possibility: maybe have a ranking system based off of only likes from ACE staff? This avoids all the rank-boosting exploits I'm aware of. It would add its own problems but it's an amusing concept.
  10. Ideally I like the idea of the land not respawning directly since that would prevent digging moats or other fortifications and/or traps. A way to balance this would be to not have the digging remove dirt, etc, but instead move it around and/or compact it. If you are digging through something soft enough you could compact the dirt out of your way. This would leave an open tunnel behind you and 'upgrade' the hardness of the walls of your tunnel as you jam the material you dug up into the walls. If you are digging through something that won't compact then you are stuck with moving the tunnel scrap behind you to either block up the tunnel or be carried elsewhere. This would tie in nicely with different digging speeds for different materials. Copperstall
  11. Also, your Archer will either need line of sight on their target or will have to arc the shot and cope with the time delay that produces. Copperstall
  12. Perhaps someone could start by translating some of the promo vids? Could you prepare the vids with the spoken portion removed so they can dub in their equivalent language with the same music/effects? If you provided a link in the international portion of the forums and/or through Pann then they could get a big jump forward on spreading the word by having semi-official promo material. Don't know if that's practical but worth bringing up. CopperStall
  13. This is why open alpha is so useful. They can adjust it early and as often as necessary instead of having to commit to one approach and hope it works out. That has to be balanced with sticking to their vision instead of design by committee but they seem to be willing to say "No" so I'm pretty optimistic about that. CopperStall
  14. This is a useful topic to discuss. You might also be able to mine a similar thread I created a while back for ideas. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5644-minimum-alpha-content/ CopperStall
  15. Personally I want my Guineacian to have a pet monkey and ride a tiger. CopperStall
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