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  1. That is VERY tempting... but you can join EU and watch our Templar in action with it. EDIT: Link to the Weapon in action https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15969-video-epic-templar-sword-and-natures-avatar/
  2. To have the barrel detonate upon hit, sounds like a good idea to me. Enemies would require to stop attacking when the barrel pops or get hit by it. Generally they should reduce the fuse time though, it IS indeed near impossible to hit with it. You don't even need a dodge ready to escape, you simply walk slowly backwards out of it.
  3. We do have already a walking animation in with holding down Q. Maybe if we toggle the walk and disable the nameplates while walking, it could be an easy solution? Kinda like sneaking, just more... fancy.
  4. You know what they say about hornet nests. I love the timing applied here.
  5. We play on the EU Server for the Balance side. If you are playing more on US I recommend either the Balance or Chaos. Both are occupied by the two Major US guilds. Especially as a new player its good to have some strong allies to not be ganked all over. When you start out you might want to first join on Sanctuary, its the PvE Server and you can't be ganked there by other players. So you can try out crafting and harvesting safely, before taking your gear and gatherings into the Spiritbank to transfer onto the PvP Campaigns. If you end up on the EU Server by any chance, give me a whisper when you spot me online. :> I'm Typically online all day on weekend and evening during the weekdays.
  6. If I had to bet I would say the next Archtype is likely the Assassin. The Crow has already the feature of gliding and double jump, features that surely could suite the Assassin quite well and the stealth is halfway implemented already.
  7. Welcome to Crowfall! And yes you should be able to play with this pledge level. If you need help/assistance or general information feel free to ask here on the Forum or ingame. If you like to play with any of us I recommend asking the respective group prior to joining a Server. Currently the Faction choice can't be reverted and you might be stuck on the opposing faction of those you want to play with.
  8. Gates, bridges, massive walls @.@ give them all! Though as far as game concepts go, we DO have gates already so that one is off the bucket list. Now we need proper bridges and pits, which we can fill with fancy spikes, don't we?
  9. Seeing that the Retaliate on the Duelist was last patch still broken, since it didn't remove the root effect of your character and didn't allow for counter attacks until the knockdown/root effect did end, meaning the C ability was the ONLY way for a duelist to get away once knocked down. I feel that dark times for the duelist are ahead of us, but it also means that interesting new playstyles may be upon us. As the old way we played him seems to be no more. Poor duelist mayhaps have lost his only escape this patch, but we shall see how well the System overall accompanies all the archtypes.
  10. Good fights, good fights on all involved! Didn't thought you would have recorded Tinnis, glad to see.
  11. Give it some time, the game is allocating ram upon start and sometimes it can stay black for a bit. If it remains black for longer than a minute or two, try updating your graphic driver. If you have a Graphicsengine on your CPU try to disable it for the game.
  12. I know you don't like answers from us despite questioning in Community Question and Answers, but US and EU will share their Realms. Strictly speaking EU can join on US Servers and visa versa. Other Regions (Asia as example) will likely be excluded depending on their local publisher. But US and EU will be together, that much is confirmed.
  13. I can't recall the whole percentages, but the 2016 bundles were cheaper (in value) than the 2017. So aslong as this "sale" is still below the Original value of the 2016 they kept their promise. You got more bang for your buck. But take it with a grain of salt as I don't know the exact percentages, they might have messed up here.
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