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  1. Just sittin' here waiting for alpha 3 to start.... #thumb_twiddle
  2. Thranx, you're better than that ... at least use a simile, like, walloped!!! It's okay though they wear their brown pants so nobody knows
  3. While we put up votes, the end decision is up to who our in-game leader will end up being. That person is typically a decision made closer to an actual launch/beta, made by our guild council. The order or balance question would take into account any vote, but be the leaders choice in the end. So far most of the games ive played, and seen that type of decision made, if its like a typical lawful/neutral/chaotic and good/neutral/evil breakdown (DnD style). In the past it's mostly been a Good/neutral choice. Typically the good is a given, and to the difference between lawful and chaotic, we seem to end up in between. As a guild we don't tend to accept/allow griefing styles of playing, but there are times other people/guilds can deserve/earn to be focused.
  4. I can't find any of the older Conan server info in our archives and wasn't in TG when AoC came out, but I've heard some tales from those who were. We had a division in that game for a time, so I can answer with a definite 'Maybe'.
  5. Heh, i dabbled in swg for the first month or two. The drizzt you faced was someone else (semi-popular name/character). i didnt have the name until swtor came out with legacy titles, and i had to cross genre's because the sci-fi surnames i tried were taken. And now im kinda stuck with it unless i wanted to search for a new guild /shudder.
  6. Got my reward too! PoE seemed okay. I got sucked into Marvel Heroes for my diablo knockoff
  7. Some of us have been messing around in Tera (possibly similar combat) and AoC (both F2P) if anyone was looking for something to do before the alpha begins.
  8. Now you know the right tactic to use on oawa!
  9. I think my pack pig could be named McLovin
  10. Also copy paste apps into a word file so you dont have to retype if anything hinky happens
  11. 4/3 of people screw up fractions
  12. To further what others have said, assuming person(s) step up to warrant a squad or division (we're still quite a ways from alpha is the reason for this still being a question mark) the decision for campaigns would usually fall on the leader of this game (unless a strategic officer with this job purpose is created). From what I've experienced our main rule is players not acting in direct conflict with the guild. So basically no joining a campaign, even FFA and killing fellow members (not entirely clear on the rules of the FFA campaign and what would constitute a 'win', so that specific example may be subject to different rules as we learn more about the game). To me, the neat thing about the way this game is appearing to go is that say the division/squad leader chooses a campaign that (for whatever reason) you really don't want to do in favor of a different one. Say we don't do many god vs. god ones and you want to do one (campaigns look to be 1-3 months or something). you could go do that campaign and the gear/mats/stuff you get from it can still be brought back for the good of your own EK and/or the guilds EK (may not be exact, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the way this works)
  13. Just put in my backing today, sounds like an interesting combination of things I've liked from different games. Look forward to when it gets to be playable, and kind of excited i made it in before the 12,000 backers limit was hit! I can't tell if this made you want to join, or if you are skeptical if that part is true. Not really sure which part of that has you skeptical if that's the case. But, I'll try and shed a little light: I've been a part of TG for just over 2 years now and have seen at least 3 PAX meet-ups happen, even if i was not able to attend. 2 PAX east and 1 PAX west (iirc). I've gone for a weekend vacation with 2 others to visit a 3rd member. We also went to the medeival times outside of KC on that trip. I know others have met up on different occations. And it's not uncommon to have nights where groups of us use google hangouts. We have members that have been playing together for 10+ years now. After that length of time it would be more unusual if people didn't build friendships that extended beyond gaming.
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