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  1. Not true at all. First you go to Haven, which is the tutorial island from MO2. They update the Tutors and NPE so newcomers will have a better entry. But ofc it's even more niche then Crowfall and not for everyone. Town guards are a thing as well, don't know when you checked it out. It's in now but not fully fleshed out.
  2. i played Crowfall since 2017 or something on and off and i joined MO2 alpha in december. At first it was really hard for me to get used to first person and the combat felt "wrong" and not good. But after some duels i got a grip and i felt a skill ceiling like never before. That first months were intense, litteraly everyday my skill went higher and i could beat more skilled player and that was so much fun. I really dig the combat in mo2 now. I also like crowfalls approach but it just feels so god damn clunky. Graphics and the world is so much more immersive and intense. You can actually explore and find something fun or your biggest nightmares. That's what i always missed in crowfall. Sieges in crowfall is alot of fun and i can't wait to test it out in mo2 and compare. But my heart is for mo2 now and i have trust in the devs. Alot of ppl say "meh mo1 was garbage, mo2 is the same" but i played mo1 a bit and it's not near the same. Mo2 is so much more polished and every new content or combat balance patch is well thought.
  3. I wish they would bring back passive skill tree as it was and lock it behind ACTUAL active progression. Same tree but if you wanna progress in woodcutting, you actively need to do so and you'd go further in the skill tree. That way you always can work on your character out in the world. They also could implement a weekly hard cap for progression so everyone has equal opportunities. The upgrading idea for white and green materials is also good.
  4. Warum wird in der Fragestellung denn unterschwellig eine Botschaft mitgegeben? Wieso nicht einfach "Völker" und "Rassen" so stehen lassen und abstimmen? Das man bei Menschen schon lange nicht mehr von "Rassen" spricht ist ja wohl klar. Aber in dem Game gibt es eindeutig verschiedene Rassen und ist ja so auch vom Entwickler gedacht. Dann den Leuten die "Rasse" wählen zu unterstellen, dass diese irg. welche Befindlichkeiten ignorieren ist schon ziemlicher Blödsinn.
  5. **Registrierungen funktionieren wieder einwandfrei.
  6. Update: Noch immer aktiv am suchen und offen für jeden Casual Mitstreiter. Homepage erneuert (Neues Design, News Oberflächen integriert). www.NORTHLANDERS.rocks
  7. I wonder which race would be the best for brigand. I thought obviously the wood elf due to the high mobility. But i'd like to play human and have a question. If you skill on the human DEX you get critical chance and armor - on the wood elf you get crit chance and mitigation, right? I've read here " new-tech-brings-great-armor-changes " that leather armor brings a DMG bonus. So how much is this DMG bonus and how effective ist the human against wood elf in pvp? Is the high mobility better then the overall more tankyness and dmg bonus from the human?
  8. Nice! Then i'll give it a shot. Thank you
  9. Hey, thinking about rolling an Warden or Brigand. I rly do like the stealth mechanics in pvp games, so my favorite would be the brigand. But after fighting alot with the Blackguard i know those stealth classes are good for ganking & 1v1 but not for group fights. I want a good class for group fights, so the warden is the way to go? Or is the brigand better in group fights than the blackguard and i could give it a shot?
  10. Update: Gilden-Struktur Änderung. Nun komplett Casual Gilde, keine Hardcore-Elemente mehr.
  11. UPDATE: Der Gilden-Stil hat sich von hauptsächlich Casual auf Fokus Hardcore PvP geändert! Immer noch ist jeder, ob Casual oder Hardcore PvP, bei uns herzlich willkommen. Wir bieten nun aber für die Hardcore Enthusiasten noch eine Gruppe "Northwarrior" an, welche im Bereich Hardcore PvP anzusiedeln ist. Wir freuen uns auf Deine Bewerbung!
  12. You really shouldn't play pre-alpha, if you get that angry about a wipe..
  13. I agree. But as i heard they did not die bc of the hardcore aspect. They had other problems..
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