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  1. Human Frostweavers. I just read the story snippet about the Nethari and by Valkyn they coudn't be more of a "race" of unpleasant people if they tried. If I was a human in that world with their pretentious church of fire around babbling about "cleansing the impure", I'd try to learn the art of the exact opposite element than the one they preach: Frost.
  2. This is the Battlefield 4 emblem creator. I think Crowfall should do something similar even if they have fewer options. There are some basic shapes, colors and you can arrange them in a preset number of layers like you want. There aren't that many shapes but look at how many different emblems the community came up with. http://emblemsbf.com/ Doesn't need to be THAT sophisticated but something in this direction could make for very unique banners. As for the unwanted emblems... implement a "report banner for..." option and have the CF team review those with surpass a certain threshold.
  3. Unique items could make for an interesting module. For example in the campaign where the 12 gods fight each other. Each faction gets 1 unique very powerful weapon to start with and the win condition could be to amass all/6/etc... of them. Possessing such an artifact would certainly make your faction stronger but would paint a target on your back. Imagine faction Zalena getting 6 of the weapons and thus beeing so strong no other faction can beat her alone. 3 others with only 1 or no artifact could band together to overwhelm Zalena and take the weapons. Once she is beaten the 3 winners would backstab each other to get their hands on all the artifacts. Could be very fun!
  4. That's what will happen most likely. EVE shows the corp history and infiltration is done exclusivly whith alts. Also making it a choice to display isn't realy a choice. Guilds would just make it mandatory to make those information accessible to them. Isn't one big thing in Game of Thrones that you CANNOT know, with certainty, where someones loyalty lies? If a king just instantly knows on whos payroll anyone around him is, political backstabbing will be very hard. Political intrique was one of the praised features of CF. True, when someone get's known to infiltrate guilds he'd probably make an alt at some point but why encourage it? Edit: spelling is hard ._.
  5. I'd like to see arrows as an equippable item slot that gives you infinite arrows but degrades upon use which in the end is the same thing as finite, except you don't have to fill your inventory with thousands of arrows. They would just be another item like the shield of a Knight. Crafters still have something to do and those items could come in different qualities and flavors. While the standard one would take a while to break the special poison arrows could degrade faster.
  6. I like this! I read the argument that this makes calling out a target difficult but in my opinion that's a good thing. If we can't call targets, the players themselves need to prioritize who to attack. Makes for more interesting battles than all ranged dps focusing enemies one by one. Aditionally this could make pre-battle strategy discussions a thing. If 2 equal armies clash and one remembers the commanders orders while the other just disregards them the first one should win. Army discipline could become a real factor to consider.
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