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  1. Then you look in the wrong places...
  2. Oh yeah, he smokes pot.. oh noes.. he is a drugs addict!!. /sarcasm again *sigh* ... american standards ftw
  3. Oh look... another person with inside information... whooohooo.. /sarcasm facts or gtfo no it wasnt
  4. i see now how you got 1200+ posts...
  5. Seemed(Seems) like its something NEW... not a standard MMO.. or RTS.. or RPG for that matter.
  6. Glad we have a professional game developer in the house who has released major game titles... yes, that was sacrasm.
  7. Seems like it does. A game like SC has way more room for fancy graphics, more content, more depth, more detail. CF doesnt have room for that, or needs it. Sure.. a bit more depth or some extra features.. but no need for actors, storylines, more detail (since its comix style graphics) etc.. So.. lets not compare pls
  8. Would it be possible .. and would we want.. a Modular release of the game. (yes yes, like SC's Hangar etc.) So we would be able to play(test) some aspects of the game way before its released. I would love to be able to run around my Castle a bit and check out how that part of the game works..
  9. Comparing SC to Crowfall is silly. For 1. A game like CF doesnt need 85 million. So the stretchgoals and such are way different. That said, i wouldnt mind if CF adapted the Module release thing. I would love to play around with my Castle and lands a bit.
  10. CRITICAL Crit!... BAM..right in the kisser
  11. am i missing something?.. i dont even see "account".. just My Profile and My Settings etc..
  12. OK hold up hold up.. You people idolizing TERA... .. i just checked it out and yoiu are seriously considering THIS as reference for CF?? HAHAHAHAHAHA... omg... you lost all credibility sorry... i didnt know this forum had so many horny 12 year olds I'll just take my leave from my own thread now.. it was funny.. thanks.
  13. Can a mod pls lock this thread?.. its gone the way of the Dodo.. i have my answer. My question is fulfilled...
  14. These things could have been said in PM .. please folow your own "advice" and stop trying to sound cool. Thanks a lot for contributing.
  15. Seeing your past posts, you only complain, swear and disagree with everything just to disagree ... so i will just ignore anything you say ok? ... thnx for contributing
  16. My sentiments exactly. If they decided to take it out, it has to be of their own accord, not because some people cant handle telegraphs. Imho telegraphs are fine if they tone them down a bit and put in the option to disable them for those that dont want them.
  17. There will always be people who havent read the FAQ etc,, and yell P2W!!.. Let them... we know better... its P2LG!!
  18. The kickstarter campaign ended (succesful)?? I was at work.. trying to look busy and important....while refreshing the site every few minutes becuase the pledging went through the roof Glad we made it with a few bucks to spare!.. and HWOOHOO Battle pets!
  19. And many have agreed.. Don't be condescending pls
  20. O_O You turn away from a topic for a few days and see what happens....
  21. tbh, i dont really see the need for VR on a 3rd person-view game like this.
  22. Tbh, i dont see the use for OR etc. for 3rd person games.
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