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  1. Prepare to the my 1st CF test :D

  2. glad to get invitation email , now downloading cf via pather Can't wait to play my 1st official MMO;)
  3. Awesome! Especially the minis and that's 21 totally, if there is a p&p rule book and map, then everything is perfect ,even digital version But I know it will be a different story~ another big project like other video games did
  4. Wow, very glad to see this update, and know you'll bring CF to China next to US/EU. Though I don't play MMO before, I know PW bring Dota 2 into China locally. Ref to chinese Dota2 version, not bad actually except some censored character model and local micro-transactions. Most important to me is that mean CF should get a proper translation. Great! But as I kickstartered CF on a phyisical collector's version and according to my hearing information from friends about some a bit of bad difference between CN Guild Wars 2 and US GW2, maybe I'll still choose playing universal US servers for ori
  5. As CF will be my 1st real MMO game, really glad to see devs bringing chinese and asia beta server. Thank you very much
  6. Just now received the email and redeemed it at once, awesome
  7. Congrats Attracted by your awesome and cool KS project CF will be my 1st mmo game.
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