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  1. Thank you for pointing that about the telegraphs. I'll be fixing it now. I don't know if I would want that kinda acrobatic tricks in Crowfall, it just doesn't seem like the right game for it IMO (But what do I know, it might be awesome ). S4 League + CounterStrike = true On a more serious note I didn't know that game existed even, looks kinda cool tho.
  2. Hello everyone! I got back to playing S4 League some week ago, and I thought that there are some things about S4 League that could be good as inspiration for Crowfall's combat system. Now to get some things clear: -This is not a "Copy this, copy that" thread, more of a "What could really be good in crowfall" or "What great inspiration do you get from this or that" thread. And I KNOW that: -S4 League is much more fast paced than what Crowfall seems to aim for -S4 League's weapons might not be that great for Crowfall either. -S4 League is a widely different game than Crowfall. That aside one thing about S4 League that would be great for Crowfall, and which I hope is the direction the combat is going, is the in-combat strategy. In S4 League (successful) sword-play it's all about positioning, timing and aiming, all while reading your enemies' movements. While Crowfall is a little less fast paced, it should definitely have a melee combat focusing at these four things IMO (and it seems like it's already going in that direction, which is good). Also, last time I was on these forums there was a lot of talk about how the "holographs" (I think they were called) telegraphs was bad/not bad, and many seemed to dislike them. Maybe something about S4 can bring some inspiration to an alternative in case we're still on that route? Anyways, here's some videos of the game showing "sword only" matches: (I'd recommend watching some scenes in slow-motion) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhY_Pj9AY5Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwRHb9E16dI
  3. When I saw this thread, I thought about the "invisibility" skill in S4 League. I'm going to put up a thread about S4 as combat inspiration, but I might as well post here too on this subject. In S4 league, while using the invisibilty skill, it drains from your SP (skill power) as all skills do. The skill itself makes you almost completely invisible while you're standing still, but you'll get more visible (less transparent) while you move. (Thinking of it, isn't that how the Spy Watches work in TF2 too?). Also, with your example with Nova (same thing goes for Zerathul), the character IS visible. However there are almost no way of seeing it exept if you see when they cloak so you can follow them from there, so while the fact that they are transparent and not invisible are good, but being THAT transparent might be too transparent all the time. (No offense, and I know that might not be your point, I am just expressing my opinion on this). Also, another idea that came to mind is being able to have different outline colours when a character is in stealth mode, so you got to choose the best one for the current environment and angle the enemy will be looking from when you cloak. What about it?
  4. After reading the last two posts I'm re-making the poll a little bit, and slightly changing the title. Thank you for pointing this out.
  5. Sounds awesome, as long as you have to press a button to parry, and to preform the riposte. Random chances probably wouldn't work so well in this game, but maybe some weapons could increase the time frame in which you are able to do a riposte when you've parried an attack. EDIT: This might be better in the Suggestion Box forum.
  6. Exactly what I thought when I saw this thread. Wouldn't be any harder than mirroring the model, animations and hitboxes (concidering the originals work as they should). I wonder if it'll make any difference that the character swings from the other direction? Maybe, maybe not. Might affect the skill ceiling as "pros" could figure out if the character they are fighting is left- or right-handed and use it to their advantage as much as possible (like figuring out what direction that's best for dodging, blocking, etc.)
  7. (continuation from my last post on page 3) I agree. Whether or not parkour will be in this game, it shouldn't be rushed. Anyways, even if parkour in Crowfall doesn't need to be like it, maybe this video could demonstrate appropriate level of parkour: (warning; a lot of blood, you can skip those parts, but the parkour in it is worth looking at for the purpouse of this thread): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VquthW4jIDk Anyways, this should probably be limited to certain archetypes, like humanoids being able to do a simple vault, assassins/stalkers/rangers might be able to scale very small walls/similar stuff. Centaurs could have a little bit faster movement speed to counter their inability to parkur. Then they might be slightly inefficient in a town or mountain, but you'd be basically unable to outrun them in plains-like environments.
  8. Ok, many poeple seem to relate double jumping to parkour, which I didn't really see coming. (Probably because I almost only had Mirror's Edge in my mind when writing this, so the double jump stuff never occured to me). I'd rather see a knight vault ofer a fallen tree than hale-jump over it. No offense, but this thread is about parkour, not freerunning. Parkour is basically when you use the environment to get from point A to point B in the most efficient/fastest way. Freerunning is basically parkour but with flips and stunts and whatnot, basically flipping around for "style ponts". Relating Assassin's Creed to parkour in gaming, well, it is parkour, but in AC everything you can't climb on is probably a bug, while in Crowfall that wouldn't be something I (at least) want. Much better if you can simply take hold of ledges and climb up a wall simply because the enemy team has way too much decoration. (continues in next post because of quote limitations)
  9. I'd say no to flying. It would counteract so many things Crowfall would be able to do so good. Like PvP, for instance, and actually exploring the world. (two essential components in Crowfall). EDIT: Gliders could be kinda cool, but NOT flying mounts.
  10. Ok, I didn't know you needed to answer all the questions. Fixing that.
  11. Hello everyone! NOTE: Poll and title was changed somewhere at the 4th comment page, keep that in mind. As a parkour fan, I wonder what you all think about parkour in Crowfall, is it a good idea, or is it a bad one? I think it'd be fun to use the (destructible) terrain by having vaults and wall passes, especially with the physics this could create fun gameplay. Find features on walls you can hold on to? Climb up, and hope it doesn't get blown up while you do it. Maybe the player would hold on to the wall piece as it would fall down, or would you fly off of it, or maybe that would be "optional" depending on what you do when it happens? Getting up some small ledges would make travelling faster in forests, etc. (considering that exists, it might as well not.) and generally more fun, and would probably be a buff to scouting. What do you think? Any ideas? Any reasons not to have it? Should it be a parameter in rulesets? Would it be a discipline? (etc.) EDIT: Just to clarify: I wouldn't expect anything like this in the core module, and I was aiming more at very basic moves that would simply be added to the current set of animations, such as a lazy vault, or a simple wall pass/climb to get over (very short) ledges and possibly the ability to hang onto stuff, and because of THAT being able to climb up some walls depending on if they had something to hang on to. But this is just my take on a good parkour implementation.
  12. Thanks, John. (lol jk, I'll stop) I'll probably donate that way, as it's cheaper. ($30 instead of $34 for the one I was gonna pay). EDIT: Exept I have the very same problem with that option as with kickstarter. EDIT 2: Exept paypal seem to have stricter rules, so I'll go with kickstarter.
  13. Yeah, wasn't thinking about it at first, and no one reads the credits, but still it'd be nice if my name was there as I would really be the one donating. EDIT: What I really looked for was the forum badge, but that's a bit too expensive for me. EDIT 2: Didn't see the "supporter" forum badge from the first tier and up. Ok, I'm in.
  14. Hello everyone! (in the most generic voice you can think of) I have a question about the kickstarter "reward" "Thanks in credits as an early backer". I wonder what name exactly would be used? Would it be the one tied to the kickstarter account or the username/real name tied to the crowfall account? I'm asking this because I'm not able to donate at kickstarter for legal reasons (ok, I'm underage, not by that much, but I do keep to the law). One of my parents could donate with an account and I would pay them the amount (effectively making me the one who donated, while the account owner and card holder is over 18, as is the kickstarter Terms of Use). Anyways, that would leave me with the question: What name would be used? (my name, who is the one who effectively donated, and is going to play the game, or my parent's name?) Thank you for reading and undestanding. /CyberWing89
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