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  1. OR you could have called the piece " Elf Bashing!" and I would have been equally happy with it. I can't abide those anti-beard folk.
  2. Less than an hour after submitting the names; I received confirmation that everything was in order and names entered into system. Another example of great customer support from ACE. Thanks JK.
  3. Regardless of the benefits, a Weapon Discipline may have If you do not want a Weapon Discipline can you put another Major discipline in it's place?
  4. Will you be able to stack two like Major Disciplines ie Field Surgeon and Pixie and get the + 10 modifier?
  5. I didn't see Poisoner as an option for Major Runestone Discipline
  6. Hey Tinnis, I don't see Sturdy as an option for Minor Discipline. Thanks and Great job putting this together.
  7. Could you give us any details on the Cleric class? Because of this “Legionnaire” has been changed to “Cleric” because it is no longer uniquely related to the Centaur culture. It also means this class will have a rework coming (which, frankly, was already overdue
  8. So what class can use this "Forg"? Forgemaster Don't tease LOL
  9. Appropriately titled update! Massive! "Times they are A-changin" But hey I can still be a Stoneborn ( Dwarfish) but now as a Cleric as well. Nice! Maybe some day have a have a master craftsman with the old tittle from kickstarter I liked so much "As a side note: Don’t be surprised if Forgemaster makes a reappearance as a Major Discipline some point in the future!
  10. It's great to see anything on the Forgemaster. It has been a long while since Kickstarter
  11. 24 hr Dregs Campaign with all exciting game elements thus far to include the Forgemaster
  12. Crafting Stations,drawbridges and large towers as an alternative to the manors.
  13. What is the equivalent to the (IRS) Internal Revenue Service in the UK? That could be a job you would enjoy.
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