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  1. EDIT: I have found a guild! Thanks, y'all What a great thread. Hoping to find a guild here. Guild criteria: Region: US, South Atmosphere: Looking for a friendly and helpful atmosphere, some RPing can be fun Casual/Hardcore?: I'd prefer a more casual guild Size: Enough that there's usually someone on, not too many that there's always dozens of people on Play-Style: First choice would be crafting weapons, but I'd like to also switch to ranged combat on some campaigns Commitment: This game is not the only game I'm playing and I do have a full time job and a family, so low commitment is preferable. Voice-Chat services: Discord
  2. I would love to see the ability for players to built traps into the terrain. Think true pit traps (with spikes!), boulders rolling down hills, piles of logs crashing down on either end of a ravine and wizards lighting them on fire. This kind of tactical gameplay, where a well-prepared smaller force could draw a larger force into a trap and use the world and their prepared traps to help defeat them, would be incredible. I also think it wouldn't be too hard to implement, but then I'm not a CF developer...
  3. Ok, forgive me if I missed this is skimming over the 30 pages of this discussion, but I don't think a reputation system for guilds has been mentioned. A big part of politics in Game of Thrones is betrayal, yes. But an equally big part is reputation. If you have a reputation for being trustworthy, then you are trusted. If you have a reputation for betrayal, you aren't trusted. Used, perhaps, but not trusted. Arguably, you're a fool if you trust someone in GoT... Anyways, I could see guilds gaining reputations through the community in the forums for their actions in game and stuff like that. But I'm wondering what people think about a formal reputation system in which you can view and track guilds' relationships with other guilds and past actions in game. I have no idea how this would work, but if it did work, I think it would add a really interesting risk/reward component to alliances. You might be able to win in a campaign world by betraying your allies, but your act of betrayal will follow you and may affect how likely others are to ally with you in the future, even if they weren't in that campaign world. And before someone says "the worlds reset, therefore the reputation resets," let me add that the heroes are eternal, so word would spread.
  4. This. Tbh, my issue with it is that it's poorly made poorly made socks writing. It's the fact that the writing is so cliche that I find offensive. I'd kind of rather ACE not make any lore for this game. Nevertheless, if they're going to have lore, I want it to be good. So they should hire an actual writer to rethink their lore so that it isn't cliched crap. EDIT: to avoid socks
  5. Hehe, the assassin gets the "murder helpless creature" skill. Useful on bunnies and babies alike! Because we all know what bunnies grow up to be:
  6. Just a thought: can we stop being so offended by people being offended? Instead of shouting down or making fun of people who bring up social issues, can we engage them respectfully and try to consider viewpoints beyond our own? I think everyone deserves to be able to take their chosen form of entertainment seriously. We do ourselves a disservice if we say "it's just a game."
  7. Simus corvi , serviamus diis

  8. Hi everyone, It's becoming more and more evident that the best experience to be had in this game will be in a guild. In order to help new players, I think it would be really cool if we as a community could put together and maintain a searchable database of the guilds that exist/are planned for Crowfall. New players should be able to sort guilds by size, real world location, and any number of special requirements that guilds want to throw out there (such as "looking for weaponsmith" or "guineaceans only!" or "scouting focus" or "newb friendly" or "casual players welcome/discouraged"). List contact info (in-game or forum) for interested players. Particularly post-launch, this would help players find a guild and get tied into the game, making them more likely to keep playing more for longer periods of time, giving the game a higher population and making it more fun for everyone. Thoughts? Any ideas on how to do it? Is something like this already out there? Problems? Should this thread be in the suggestions box? Have I asked enough questions?
  9. Yeah, see, this is what I'm worried about. Is there a point to a solo, private EK beyond your own personal satisfaction? I kinda hope there will be. From the perspective of the king: Is bringing other people in supposed to be the risk that leads to a reward of taxes and economy? In what way is this a risk for me? From the perspective of the non-king: What tangible gameplay benefit (ambient social activity doesn't count) do I get out of building in someone else's EK and paying them taxes? Also, once I'm paying taxes, how much of my gameplay time is just going towards paying taxes, not actually strengthening myself. These are all questions that I'm sure they'll sort out. Or I hope they will. This is an exciting game, and I can't wait to play it when beta rolls around.
  10. To be honest, the limited time campaign worlds are the main reason that I backed the game on kickstarter. It's just such a great idea. Tale in the Desert, as far as I know, is the only other mmo to do something like that.
  11. Groan. Ok. My first post will be in the midst of this stuff. When analyzing a game (and remember that this game doesn't exist yet, so we'll run into some difficulty doing that) you have to break things into game systems and game fiction. As far as game systems go, setting up some system to run a store for the player or give the player passive training or something doesn't seem unethical at all. In the game's fiction, well, we'll be doing all sorts of unethical things. If this breaks the experience for OP, that's fine. The fact of murdery murderporn prostitutestab in grand theft auto make some people not want to play it. That's fine. It is their prerogative to not want to simulate unethical behavior. I'd be curious to know what Miguel Sicart would say about this... but I'm guessing he would say that the game will not prevent players from reflecting on the ethical/unethical nature of their behavior, which is what he would call ethical game design. If it fits in the fiction (in the same way that killing someone for their money or having sex with prostitutes does in GTA), then I don't have a problem with it. I think about the eternal heroes as the gods' "thralls" anyways -- so for me the gods' thralls having their own thralls makes perfect sense. Cue laughter at me because I'm taking this way too seriously. It's just something I'm thinking and writing about as someone who often has to defend ethics in gaming to non-gamers.
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