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    Engineering, Family and Friends, and playing Wizard101 and Pirate101 w/ family and friends and also acquiring new friends along the way!
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    Warden, WA
  1. Yes Haiku, the tears do fill your cup, as do mine.
  2. You usually have to have a type of currency, becuse people will create their own, and then if some people want to barter or something, their curency might not match up with someone elses. Thus creating a in game problem that needs to be resolved. However the currency seems to ake away from the game experience I guess.
  3. Ok, so I just got back after a long time away, so will someone please explain to me if we buy Crowfall for our friend, and even if we don't can we still join the same campaign and same faction? Also anyone like the idea of having friends in your factions?
  4. Sounds like a plan, I could use my friends as some of my fellow allies in game...
  5. How does the character speaking get pierced? Are they hunting the Elken Stalker or what? And when they find him he gets them? I like the hunter turns into the hunted.
  6. Haha, if it is, that would be crazy, and I would run for my life if I saw a White Stag holding a heart ready to fight me.
  7. How am I supposed to say anything right now, im in total awe and ammazement right now. Happy Valentines Day! :wub:
  8. All I can say is wow... the story is so amazing and the fact that we now have a ranged class, I LOVE IT!!!
  9. Haha yes, however if there was a note by him, I would book it the other way away from it because if I would take something, he would track me down and kill me. He would need to recover what was taken, hence the movies "Taken", "Taken 2", and "Taken 3". And I would not want to be the guy that takes his stuff. He would use hie unique set of skills on whoever takes his stuff. But if there was a note it would be pretty funny yet awesome at the same time.
  10. Chrissy how do you give blessings and giggles to people, when your profile picture is something that would make me run screaming for my mother. Is it a joke? And no I'm trying to not be offensive, but it seems very contradicting to me.
  11. Ummm.... ok I don't really think that characters in games are hot necessarily, but at least it is a way to show appreciation for the art of the game.
  12. That is a great idea, I hope that they do this, it would be another way that they stand out against the other MMOs. What a great concept again, they might do this also because they are making this game for the community and just not to make money which they are probably hoping for if this game is a success. Anyone else like the concept of not having floating names and instead having color coordinated guilds?
  13. Yah she does, I kinda hope that all the female archetypes look better than the male archetypes, no offense to the ladies it is just that I want at least one good looking character for the guys. However the beauty stands in the eye of the beholder.
  14. I love the screenshot of the knight, he is standing with the buildings burning behind him, gives a more dramatic look to his speech of fighting for his family and for a king and his kingdom that no longer exists. Also I agree with the idea of the knight being a tank, although I don't see why we have two?
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