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  1. to feast on famine to build from our destruction to live after death
  2. the murder gathers to feast on another world leaving not a bone
  3. forged in hellish fire darkness to give nightmares shame sharper than the pain
  4. The shadows stalk you harrying you as you flee death a silent scream
  5. This world nears it's end all is death and damnation the next world awaits
  6. eager crows descend harvesting all from this world yet the end still comes
  7. "We recently added a new testing level, Pre-Alpha 2, for our backers between Ruby and Diamond ..." So just for Emerald? Or did you mean Ruby and Emerald?
  8. You can wear v-necks if you want to, freeze. My issue is the images show crew-neck, and there is no description of them as being v-neck, so I assume (hope) there was a mistake somewhere that can/will be fixed. I have no business showing off my collarbones to an unsuspecting world.
  9. V neck? That has to be mistake. Please fix that ASAP please. Or let us know how to cancel our orders.
  10. I think just a "never to be used again" color would do the job nicely. But I don't have any issues with having some kind of Backer/Founder text. So, if you'd say no to the unique color edition, then I'd say yes to the text addition. Let's keep it special.
  11. As a hardcore crafter I have to give the OP a resounding "No!" Many others have offered you reasons as to why your suggestion is full of fail. They speak wisely, and are worth giving consideration to their points. (of course, setting aside any snark that may have creeped in. Snark always finds a way in.) I would only add that your "idea" seeks to circumvent my fun. That was unkind of you. I want to be there in the dregs supplying my friends and allies with the equipment they need to succeed. If they can just go off and kill a dozen pigs to gear up, then my night is ruined. I would then have nothing left to do but to go forth and seek bloody vengeance upon the foul villain who brought forth this terrible plague of pig-swords down upon us. What will your in-game character name be? Why? Oh, no reason. Just curious, yeah, just curious. I'm feeling like you may be missing the larger picture as well. But, I could be mistaken. That says quite a lot. I doubt I'm implying what you think I'm implying. Put the pig-sword down, and back away!
  12. Awesome Dev Blog! Please sir, may we have some more? Bonus points for the Dev Cosplay
  13. Successful? Yes. Ruler of all you survey? Nope. Every Archetype (to the best of our knowledge) is a combatant. Some of these are crafters also (we think). Promotions focus you in on a playstyle. All seem to be combat oriented right now, but some may improve crafting. Disciplines are where it's at. (as Jihan said) this is where you get very specific with your character. With only three choices, each choice limits your functionality somewhere else.
  14. Do you like having weapons and armor when you PvP? Yes? Then crafting will be beneficial to PvP. Not to mention repairing keeps, building catapults, and making all the other goodies we need to make glorious war upon our enemies!
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