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  1. Glad to see uDa hitting up this game. Played with you guys in DFO. Fun group of guys.
  2. Competitive online games are by nature replayable. This is why games like Starcraft, LoL, CS, etc. are so popular. Every game you play is different. Every encounter is different because the people involved are different and the situation is different. The replayability of this game won't be an issue. Perhaps some won't like the mechanics of the game or the setting or whatever, but those aren't the reasons that the game will have replay value anyway. It's the competition.
  3. Hopefully not much imo. I hate games that have sickness/poison/radiation/whatever mechanics that just force you to grind for whatever the antidote to that mechanic is. It's such a contrived system. I'm all about the base building, though. I also like fog of war when you join the map and that you have to take time to build up/gather resources/craft weapons and armor before being able to take on the enemy.
  4. No. Just no. This is not a PvE game. There shouldn't be more AI in combat than necessary (pet AI). And if you just mean out of combat, my question is why? Just for the visual aesthetic? In that case, not going to happen because budget, limited resources, no need to develop fluff for PvP-oriented game, etc. etc. etc.
  5. The fact that you're considering being a crafter main explains so much about your combat posts.
  6. Indeed. It all comes down to how they balance it/what their vision is for them in their guard role. I'm probably done with this thread, as I seem to be in a very small, yet vocal, minority of myself vs everyone else lol. Hopefully ACE will find a way to make them work in a way that allows for balance of use/consequence.
  7. In short, I just don't want to see AI Thralls make up for a lack of player skill in combat. I don't want to see guardian thralls to be effective enough that, in an otherwise even fight in terms of player progression, an less-skilled player can kill a more-skilled one because they brought a thrall (or several) with them. And if this is not possible - if the Thralls don't really do much in combat and are just kind of there to be a nuisance - what is the point of having them in the first place? It's just extra clutter. In regard to the lone merchant - I still see it as a risk/reward sort of thing. If you are alone, there is a higher risk that you will get killed and get your stuff taken. If you want protection, you should hire some mercenaries. If they aren't trustworthy, you know for next time not to hire them. That's a part of the game. And yes, this is all purely speculative. I shouldn't have just dismissed jihan as harshly as I did because I'm doing the same thing he is. I have no doubt thralls will be useful. I just don't want to see them being useful in combat .
  8. Agree with all of this. Unique animations instead of telegraphs will be great. They have already stated that they will have some animation locking, so this is likely the way they're going. I really hope that everything is aimed in 3D space, much like in DFO. I want individual arrows with individual flight paths that are affected by gravity, not a targeter on the ground indicating that an arrow is going in X direction with Y width path. I also hope they will keep player identification minimalist, as in DFO. Crests like in SB clutter the screen and look ugly. Floating stuff also gives away people attempting to use the terrain to hide, which should be a viable tactic. Overall, good points, OP. I agree.
  9. Buffs that should be out: Your X and the X of Y party members in area of size Z is buffed by A for B amount of time where B is greater than 1 minute. Buffs that should be in: Same thing except times less than 1 minute - ie situational buffs. You see the enemy team is spamming AoEs on your position? Pop a magical resist buff that lasts 5 seconds for you and your party. This is what a support archetype should be. I agree. Get rid of the nonsense that you have to spam every hour for no reason other than if you don't, you are weaker comparatively to the rest of the player base. They are dumb.
  10. Indeed it seems fairly likely that you can't store indefinitely, which might mitigate the stockpiling concern, at least to some extent. I imagine that there will be a bank of some sort within a campaign, although that might not necessarily be the case. I would imagine it'll be something you can build as you build up your base. Good points about depleting large guilds' stockpiles over time. The mechanic will be interesting for sure. I still hate the idea of Thralls in combat, but it might be something as simple as that you can slot them in your towns to stop PKs from killing in your town while trading. I think that would be annoying, as killing people who are trading should be part of the game IMO. I'm likely overreacting to the whole thing, and I'm sure ACE has ideas in mind for balancing Thralls along with everything else. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.
  11. Indeed. Hopefully they'll have some mechanics to handle inflation, although artificial controls on economy kind of suck. I imagine the imports allowed in campaigns will somewhat combat this, and each campaign will probably have its own internal economy that will be different than the meta economy in EKs. I admit 700 v 700 thralls might be entertaining. Once. RIP old computers, though.
  12. I would say your situation regarding not having other players around to guard you from your guild or otherwise comes down to risk vs. reward. You log on and see that you don't have any guildmates on. Should you go to the mine and try to gather resources, even though you won't have backup if someone comes to try and kill you and take your stuff? The risk is higher, but the reward of having that extra amount of resources could potentially outweigh the risk. I don't see anything wrong with buying/selling Thralls. I think that should be in game. It adds to the economy. Good stuff. I agree that my point about thralls taking player jobs is somewhat contradicting. See my post above (and also Lephys) about limits. I definitely think it should be limited in every situation where a Thrall can be deployed. I'm not sure I agree on the point that you won't be able to gather resources to stockpile Thralls. I think that eventually guilds, especially large ones, will have a large stockpile of these if there is not some kind of mechanic that destroys them after a certain amount of time, or some other artificial cap on the number a person/guild can have at once, especially if you can do things like stacking them in your inventory.
  13. Apologies in advance - I'm bad at forum formatting and don't feel like learning at the moment... Your first paragraph I agree with on all counts. Thralls should not be able to fully automate all aspects of gathering/crafting/etc. I guess I overstated before when I said I would be ok with something like this. Second paragraph, you're likely right that there won't be an infinite resource of Thralls, but at some point the state of the game will reach a state where they are essentially infinite, once guilds stockpile enough and enough are being sold at market. Your point that there needs to be a limit is valid. Perhaps the statement in the FAQ about them being freed after their debt is up sheds light on this. Maybe after a certain amount of time, they will degrade and shatter regardless of use? In regard to adding Thralls to caravans and pets and AI - I hate deployable/pet classes in skill-based PvP games. They give less skilled players a handicap. Even if they deploy a pet/deployable incorrectly, fail at using their skills effectively, etc, these mechanics add damage to their overall output for free. They don't have to do anything. There is no skill involved. If a pet is there, it adds damage. I'm not saying that players can't be extremely skilled with these classes. I'm simply saying that they don't DO anything to get that extra free damage. That is a game design decision that I don't agree with. I agree on everything with restriction. Use of Thralls should be limited in crafting/gathering/trading as well, and it seems like there will be a limit with sockets for said Thralls in buildings and such. The difference between Thralls in crafting/gathering/trading and Thralls in combat is that player skill determines the outcome in combat, not in crafting/gathering/trading. Knowledge of recipes/combinations may play a factor in crafting, but, barring some sort of skill-based mini game in crafting, there isn't any real skill involved. You hit a button and boom you've got a new weapon. Same thing with gathering and trading. They are time/resource sinks, but they don't factor in player skill. Combat does. If a campaign was entirely about gathering/crafting, then the winner would essentially be based on man-hours. Whoever has the most man-hours to dedicate to the game wins. This is not so with combat (zergs aside - an entirely different discussion).
  14. Thralls should be allowed to do other things because they aren't the focus of the game. Allowing a Thrall to sell your stuff doesn't have a negative effect on others in the game. Allowing Thralls in combat can negatively affect others. Having negative effects on other players is fine, but it should be YOU controlling it, not an NPC. You are assuming that they will be a completely limited resource. Furthermore, you are assuming that people won't stockpile Thralls up and bring them into campaigns, which they can and will, especially in 100% import campaigns. If they are able to perform well in combat, that gives players a HUGE incentive to stockpile. You are still controlling the caravan - mounting it, shooting the weaponry. I have no problem with that. But it should be PLAYER controlled, not NPC controlled. Thralls are very different from swords. Swords are wielded, aimed, swung, etc. by the players. The actions of thralls, and therefore the outcomes of battles with thralls at least to a certain extent, are controlled by the server. Taking control over actions in-game away from the player and handing it to the server is bad. Player skill, not usage of Thralls, should determine the outcome of a fight. I've said that so much already. It doesn't take skill to bring a stash of NPCs with you to fight your battles. And it would feel cheesy to lose to a group of Thralls while the player that brought them just stands there. And if it's not even possible for a group of Thralls to bring down a player, what is the point of even allowing them to participate in combat?
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