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  1. yes but the models for the horse's will be different as will the badge and frame design. you still get the bonuses but the design is different
  2. the backer exclusive mount models will be different as well as the forum badges and frames.
  3. so we get 4 relics if we backed $100 or more dollars not just 3?
  4. Quick question on independent items. If you are in Alpha 2 for testing and you want to move to Alpha 1 would you have to pay the same as someone who isn't in the testing or would it be discounted.
  5. Somebody giving me like $1000 dollars would make me pledge more.
  6. They said late summer so like August-September, so that's about Q4.
  7. See I agreed with what you said up until like the end. I think champions will have more impact on a small skirmish and will be good at dictating the flow of the campaign. If you ever played smite its like a solo or support joining a team fight. You gotta respect what they bring to the table and they can very quickly change the dynamic of a fight. If you're in a 5 man squad and you ran into a champ and say 2 other people, one of which is ranged dps, you would probably run. You can't accomplish whatever you intended too because that would come at you, now they can't chase you down but they dictate when and where you fight.
  8. Blacklist, Gotham, and Grimm are the only ones I watch on a constant basis.
  9. I plan to be a mercenary with a giant axe.
  10. I'd actually love to see transforming classes get more powerful the closer the campaign comes to ending. Something like the power depends on the hunger so they start off weak and the stronger the hunger gets the stronger they get.
  11. But what would you even put for the price. Remember backers are paying for access to testing and for our actual copy of the game. It really would make no sense for a lottery system to function with just the testing phase cause what would be the point. But you can't make a ticket 30+ dollars per drawing because that's way to expensive. Maybe do like a $75 preorder once beta 1 starts and then do a lottery system for Beta1/2/3 that might work, but I can't a lottery system working for alpha testing.
  12. I feel like that would kinda undermine giving alpha/beta access as kick starter bonuses though. I mean why spend $175 to get into Alpha 2 or $500 dollars to get into alpha 1 when you can possibly get in for $5. Even when the kick starter I believe Artcraft said the bonuses will be available on PayPal. A lottery system would hurt pledges badly.
  13. I'll join, I intend to main either a crafter or tank. Also I should be in Alpha-2 if you need that information.
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