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  1. As time goes on and more Archetype's come online we'll be looking back on previous abilities and re-working, moving them around and in general, doing mechanical improvements across the board.
  2. We've been wanting to add a more forward motion to attacks and allow for small free movement in-between combo's. This way melee combat would feel less restrictive. That's not to say we are going to move away from full body animation locks, but certainly give more consistent momentum with each swing allowing. What you're playing right now is the result of 16 weeks of work, we've identified numerous improvements we want to make in the future and I'm confident that we'll accomplish the perfect balance between melee and ranged movement options!
  3. Totally, I even took one of Blairs kittens. It gets on well with my Pug.
  4. Good theory but no, when testing I often ask others to come in and test various things (like movement). The big differential between internal tests and the live server is of course latency. This'll improve overtime so that things become more accurate!
  5. Domination! Actually, I just had to double check the damage values of hellfire aura after seeing this. Yup, found a miscalculation. It's currently getting an additive 180% weapon damage but is also ticking twice a second. This should either be once a second or a reduced weapon damage add. Personally, I'm a fan of more ticks so will adjust accordingly.
  6. Just because we don't have random spawning in yet, doesn't mean it won't ever happen. Remember, this is pre alpha milestone 1. if I listed all the things we still want / have to create for the final game I'd be here all day!
  7. Don't get caught up on the mention of 15 seconds, its more of a placeholder to prove that the event is triggering as expected. This number will be changed later on once we refine how the system calls the events. A lot of which I'm playing with today :-).
  8. That's actually something we're working with right now. When a fireballs expires (either hitting its lifetime or colliding with the ground / wall / player) it will explode in a radius. It ends up having a little bit of a flak cannon effect going on.
  9. Adding onto, modifying existing or totally replacing abilities are what we intend promotions to do eventually.
  10. Oh wow. These last 6 months have been a blur! Thanks for sticking with us, everyone! We appreciate your support and posts! I'll get back to numbers now.
  11. Admittedly we've done a poor job explaining the difference between what every guild gets access to, and the purchased package: Every guild: Gets access to a heraldry creator, like you've seen in other games. This allows you to pick symbols and colors, and form your own customized look. Certain packages we sold in Kickstarter grants access to an expanded set of symbols and colors to allow even deeper amount of customization. The Unique heraldry submission is for those of you who have truly special desires for their logos that our heraldry creator can't accommodate. The process will likely be: You'll submit something to us. Blair, myself or someone else at ArtCraft will take a look to see if it infringes on anything and is suitable for our audience. Then we send it off to Art Department for them to make their pass over it so that it suits our art-style. THEN it comes back to design and we'll implement and assign the piece to the guild. Making an infringement mistake here is a big risk, if one of us accidentally allow a guild to use copyrighted material in the game, we open ourselves up for a lawsuit. As Todd & Gordon have said, we actually prefer if people didn't buy this but we understand there is an audience out there who feel very strongly about using their pre-existing guild imagery. Assigning a the price we have does two things: 1) it mitigates the development resources we allocate and 2) hopefully reduces the chance of those who purchase and submit copyrighted material.
  12. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. ;(
  13. WOOOO! Go team! You guys are awesome :-)
  14. This was "cut" footage from our kickstarter video months back. No telegraphs in our current build. Also, burn all Centaurs.
  15. Crusader kings 2 came out at the precise wrong time for me, I missed it and have just been trying to keep up with all new game releases since.
  16. Been pretty bummed about certain changes this season but I will say last nights episode was legit.
  17. Always been a fan of initiatives like this, but I think we want to get a little further ahead on implementing the archetypes we've already announced before we commit to more
  18. WAR on ACE is evidently "Operation: Make Tully fat". I won't complain.
  19. As envoy to His Holiness, I come bearing his supreme words and tidings. @Asako: In the scenario you mention, there would be an advantage to the woodland attacker (Visibility and line of sight would likely result in an easier first hit). That said, there are no "Systems" in place that provide a statistical benefit. @Takeko: With our focus on active combat, we also want to ensure that any form of CC has an "Active" defense component to it. This could result in a disarm requiring you to pick up your weapon. That said, this requires experimentation. @Setsuko: I understand completely and often feel the same way. Regarding CC - We know its necessary, we also know it can be extremely frustrating. We aim to find the right balance between total loss of character control and juggernaut style carefree gameplay. The aim is to provide breakout mechanics, reduce the overabundance of "full stuns" and maintain a tactical level of play. @Kiwako: He does not - form a line! @Suki: Slightly concerning, but nonetheless lets just focus on the fact you are excited about in-game scouting potential. All I can say is we want to support spies and the concept of scouts will play a vital role in campaign monitoring. @Kimiko: We have various keep siege mechanics, which we've yet to fully unveil. Stay tuned! @Kiki: See above :-)
  20. IT'S MY LEGACY! If only I actually applied it in real life...
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