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  1. This is my own experience, but other than having a particular skillset that you can market, I would say almost 100% of getting into the game industry and being hired into a new job is dependent on networking. I have never had a gaming job where I got in on my own. Iv'e only ever been noticed by a potential employer through someone else's recommendation. The game industry is a bit inclusive like that, we like to hire what's comfortable. My suggestion would be to network like crazy; and that means living in an area like Austin that has a lot of opportunities to meet game devs. If you're an artist, dedicate a lot of time to fine tuning your portfolio. I would be happy to answer more specific questions if I know the answers to them
  2. The season with the farm is the worst. I trudged through and it got better. But there are still times where I think "man...nothing interesting happened in this episode."
  3. In Austin, there are bats everywhere. You don't necessarily have to go to the bridge to see them and they're pretty awesome. Closest I came to catching one was when I rescued one from the inside of a Best Buy a few years ago.
  4. langus

    Oh.. Hey...

  5. I'm from Colorado and I fell in love with Austin in particular. If I can help it, I never want to leave. I can definitely see why Texans are so proud of this state.
  6. Man...so many places to see. Would love to take a vacation in Ireland (or European trip) or Japan.
  7. Kickstarters continue to run until the clock runs out, this means that a project can be funded above and beyond the dollar amount that's requested. Generally when that happens, projects propose stretch goals to meet. If you pledge now, your account will not be charged until the kickstarter is funded at the end of the 30 days.
  8. We pronounce it Gui-NEE-shin (stress on the NEE)
  9. Those are Taco Tuesdays... Sitch brings them in!
  10. I've currently got Rocket, Stitch, Venom and a Fennekin hanging out at my desk. We have a running joke about buying a ton of figures as a business expense. Need to bring all my Amiibos in too...
  11. Hey icy witch, Every studio I have worked at has had men who are incredibly respectful of women. I think outside of the industry, the idea that the game industry is a boys club is a bit exaggerated. There have been the very occasional sexist comments from one or two people, but those are so few and far between that I don't even consider it a deterrent to continuing this job. I have had all the opportunities that men have had. If your talent speaks for itself, you should have no issues moving up and being successful. I'm sure there are studios out there that would not be so pleasant to work at...but you have a choice not to work for those companies. As far as being surrounded by men, it's not been a bad or awkward feeling for me. They treat me so well that I consider them my friends and family. And of course, there's always going to be some females to make friends with. I have made so many incredible friends in this industry, most of them men, and you will find because it's such a tight niche of people, it will feel like a family. We try to support each other all we can when there's the inevitable company wide layoff. We keep networked. We discover a friend of ours knows another friend of ours across the country. It is really a very passion driven industry. As far as sexual harassment, I'm not quoting anything here, but I'm assuming that you'd be in the same danger of that at any job in any industry. I have not personally had anyone go too far with me. You would go to an HR representative, they are extremely intolerant of that kind of behavior. We are just as professional as any business, that includes upholding human rights. Do you mind if I ask what industry you're studying for?
  12. We originally did have "Queen" up there in the info-graphic, but it became confusing ("are there two rulers?"). We definitely do not intend to alienate the female gamers.
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