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  1. every 2 weeks? Lucky you! Mine is every 4 weeks and even then.. last working day of the month :'( Means I miss out on sooo many fridays lol
  2. Yeah if I knew about the 7 day period after to rectify payment issues I would've gone sapphire instead of amber. Made up for it by going for some drinks
  3. WTS collectors edition box thing that comes with amber.
  4. Was in the same boat. If I knew about the backer number thing for naming reservations I would've out 5 down just till I made my mind up.
  5. Something I forgot to ask, on kickstarter for non US customers, we got charged an extra $10 for delivery. If we did want to exchange the collectors box for cash ship credits, would that get taken into account too? Thank you
  6. They've already said they want EU and NA players to be able to play together.
  7. You misunderstood this completely. It's not about gloating. It's about realising that the backer numbers dictate reservation order and to see what cheeky bugger is in before you. As we're all backers there's not much to really gloat about.
  8. Android and Pi confirmed. For the free for everyone, its starting with Chinese pirates for one. Hopefully move over everywhere after. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-31940716
  9. Eve is a massive time investment. Find a small group of roaming dudes. You'll be fine. Big ops however... Can be very tedious. Worst time was waiting a good 3 hours for the fleet to form up. Half way to destination had another hour bio break. Then when we finally get there. It wasn't what we expected. Was disappointed. However the coms were amusing. Small roaming gangs are the way to go if PvP is your thing. Just keep an eye out for people bating and dropping a cap ship on your cute bottom. Edit: if you do actually really get into it. Pm me on here. I'll help you out with stuff.
  10. Rumours have it that not only those will get it free now word down the grapevine is that its going everywhere. Considering they're jumping into android devices and the pi too its a great step.
  11. Excellent for testing purposes too. Someone should give a dev a shout.
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