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  1. Congratulations!!!! and thank you everyone who pledged!
  2. -Edited- I no longer have the time to stream.
  3. very exciting! also very... in depth post *cough* stocking *cough* Welcome Pann.
  4. ^^^ I totally agree! also good comment in a sea of bad comments.
  5. 2 first one was complaining about sexism, this one was pointing out hypocrisy.
  6. I'm interested in diplomacy and guild dynamics. What kind of systems will be in place in the game that will allow for interesting diplomacy and alliances. (i.e can my guild allow access to resources to another guild or have them tagged as friendly players to people in my guild.)
  7. I like EvE and I have read Game of Thrones.
  8. Good! I agree with you that political correctness needs to stay out of this game.
  9. wow you have quite literally contributed more to this post than most.
  10. this is exactly my point!! I'm smashing my face against a keyboard I don't understand how people don't get that!!
  11. My point was that if it was the other way around people would be freaking out. For some reason people have twisted this into saying that I'm somehow for it to be removed or that i do not now its fiction and there for inconsequential. some people don't know how to read a post .
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