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  1. The only thing bugged on the 3rd arrow I saw this test was arrow procs weren't working. So much for the trained arrow or distance nodes.
  2. I feel like between the server lag, pin point raycast and hit boxes, unless the player was 100% potato, they could still avoid all shots. Maybe a visual indicator (like the fireball animation) would make it feel better, like a lit up arrow only visible to the ranger.
  3. This was done, just for fun. Disclaimer!
  4. a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result. Let's get meta.
  5. So um... 5v5 next week W? Or gonna back down again? You wanna d-wave lets d-wave officially
  6. I mean it's cool, I'll find you. Bring your pet
  7. Umm....I did that on your steam and destroyed you. And I have announced many times our coords and how many we have, no one showed up. If I want evidence I can go to your history
  8. No vods and haven't seen you ever since the name change. And picking one person off isn't winning, but if it makes you feel like winning, OK.
  9. Are you dense? You can't have bugged weapons after TWO server wipes. And its a bit hypocritical you are all over the bugs when its not your group. Do you give dolmar this much **** for fessor exploits?
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