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  1. This is old news, but the pigs seem extra dumb in groups of three on this Dregs. I feel like pig three runs into pig two and they both take a hard left briefly failing to follow.
  2. At one point I gated into the earth temple as a crow in dregs and only the stairs, flags and statue textures loaded. After a crash when I logged back in (after a queue and teleported to a safe spot) I arrived on the platforms and the temple gate was invisible.
  3. Flying crow to a portal can collide with an invisible pillar over the broken pillars at the top of the platform hill. Allies resurected on the battlefield sometimes become a corpse that glides across the ground. Enemy corpses sometimes stay standing and do not appear dead.
  4. In world select, it would be nice if campaigns starting in 24 or 48 hours were shown with a countdown.
  5. @ACE-Tiggs It would be helpful in these announcements in the future to have a link to, or directions to, the livestream.
  6. I was unable to cancel a logout in the last 5 seconds of a countdown.
  7. For the accessory slots, it appears all "badge" items are sigils, and all belt items are totems. (Are the back slot items all relics?) If this is the case, why use different terminology? Having that key word match the item and the slot would make it easier to find them. For example change "Accessory slot: Badge" on the character sheet to "Accessory slot: Sigil"
  8. If you summon pack pigs closer to you in a temple with alt-o, one or more of them may fall through the floor.
  9. I used the skill "lunge" while standing on a hunger motherload. I fell into the motherload, I could do nothing but alt-p which I was unable to do until the dawn came and made the confessor thrall I had been fighting disappear.
  10. One of my minor Discs, Spirit whip, is still flagged imported in godsreach after the shadow campaign I was in finished.
  11. In the character select screen, you can see your major and minor disciplines but not your exploration. If I want to see where I sent which harvester I can not. In the Character select screen, if you hover your mouse over a character, the character display says "Hold to view details" You have to guess the key to hold is Ctrl. In the Character select screen, if you hover your mouse over a character, the character display says "'G' View Character" I'm not sure what the purpose of seeing the character model in the crypt is. This could be an ideal place to be able to see that character's inventory, or perhaps even the full character details interface - including the exploration disciplines. In the World Select : Faction Vs. Faction : Campaign Rewards screen, on the rewards tab, the world information displays correctly as shadow, but above the rewards it says "In Dregs, rewards are only available to participating players in a guild. Open the social menu [P] to join a guild" This may confuse players as to whether they qualify for rewards in a FvF Shadow world.
  12. This is the reply I got, as always very quickly. Gordon Walton (Crowfall) Aug 16, 2020, 10:33 AM GMT-5 Those codes did expire, but we still have an option. The Crow Code is the username of your account. Just have your friend enter that when they create their account (or on the Redeem Codes page of their profile if they already have an account). The 10% off will be applied to their next purchase. Let us know if you have any other questions The best deal right now though is our Guild promotion where a 20% discount is possible if you join a guild before purchasing: https://crowfall.com/en-US/promotions/crowsofafeather Thanks! Gordon
  13. A couple friends and I also ran into this, I thought the refer a friend links were gone jan 13th, but they still have a spot for it on the registration page. I just had them register and send an email to support
  14. Hello all, Looking for a guild that's got it's hands into a little bit of everything. I'm usually a solo player so I tend to develop a broad base of skills. Both put Crowfall outside my norm, and I'm hoping to break those habits. Subject to change, but right now I am anticipating playing an Elken ranger and leaning towards doing a lot of crafting. Specifically, necromancy intrigues me. Some light roleplay would be cool, but I've never successfully brought that into an MMO before. With voice technology more available, that may have changed since last I tried. Of the three factions, Balance intrigues me the most. Availability wise I'm relatively flexible, I live on the east coast of the united states but am often awake late into the night. When it comes to gaming I tend to be a little ADHD, I'll play a game for thirty hours one week, and two the next. Structured guild time/events may help with that though. Thus far, I drop in to check test or live rarely, but as we get closer to launch I'm hoping to find a good group to play with that get's me more involved and consistent. I am an original kick starter backer of the game and have access to all play periods as well as a lot of pre paid VIP. I also have a fairly substantial stockpile of EK resources. The idea of a guild EK that could become a trading hub or social hub intrigues me. Hoping to hear from some interesting Guilds, SkEyesOGrey
  15. This is definitely an issue. One that I'm pretty sure is only present because they currently need us in one place so that the people on the server are seeing conflict and they can test what happens when there are groups on a plot, how combat is working, and for that matter.... can the crafters get away. As I imagine it, exploration will be more important after launch, because that stand alone node isn't going to be tier 9. It'll be mineable by a small group and not everyone's going to immediately know where it is. Knowing the location of the resources and getting the people qualified to mine them out there safely will be an important part of the game. I like the idea of being able to ditch loot in an attempt to get away or simple method of trade hell I like the idea of having hidden caches to stash things in.... but now I'm going off into fantasy land. The impression I've gotten is that we're running up against two things with this option. 1. System resources. All the doobers about are potentially a resource drain. I know very little about that. 2. Programming time. As in all things, I think the devs are weighing things like this against getting functional core mechanics up and running. Do we really think that it would make such a large difference that it's worth them diverting time and memory resources to it? I'm curious too. I am more often than not a solo player in other games, and prone to allowing hours of mind numbing grinding for myself. How have you experienced the positives in other games? What would you take away from other games and hope was a learning point for our Devs? @srathor
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