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  1. This is the reply I got, as always very quickly. Gordon Walton (Crowfall) Aug 16, 2020, 10:33 AM GMT-5 Those codes did expire, but we still have an option. The Crow Code is the username of your account. Just have your friend enter that when they create their account (or on the Redeem Codes page of their profile if they already have an account). The 10% off will be applied to their next purchase. Let us know if you have any other questions The best deal right now though is our Guild promotion where a 20% discount is possible if you
  2. A couple friends and I also ran into this, I thought the refer a friend links were gone jan 13th, but they still have a spot for it on the registration page. I just had them register and send an email to support
  3. Hello all, Looking for a guild that's got it's hands into a little bit of everything. I'm usually a solo player so I tend to develop a broad base of skills. Both put Crowfall outside my norm, and I'm hoping to break those habits. Subject to change, but right now I am anticipating playing an Elken ranger and leaning towards doing a lot of crafting. Specifically, necromancy intrigues me. Some light roleplay would be cool, but I've never successfully brought that into an MMO before. With voice technology more available, that may have changed since last I tried. Of the three factions, Balan
  4. Overall starting to look like a game. The five pips with the harvesting skill is interesting, once I realized the number of pips did different things rather than just something more powerful that system gained a lot of depth. It might be nice if the harvest Q bound skill could be cast without stopping like the combat Q bound skill. Harvesting nodes being all the same level makes a certain amount of sense for testing, but was a bit frustrating. I'm hoping that later on, the nodes rather than spawning 4 L10's will spawn a mix, at least in some areas. Crafting being divided among all the ta
  5. The weak points on the animal carcasses seem to be spawning beneath their feet? On a slope this makes it inaccessible. Level nine ghost elk. Resources fall into or behind placed terrain. Happened with some knotwood on the brass steps by the gate, and in a rock elsewhere.
  6. Pine nuts show as something that can not be sacrificed. If you try, they report it will provide negative two xp. If you proceed anyways, it provides two xp that disappears next time you sacrifice something. The Recall skill text description asks that you "Also please submit add a forum post" Do you really want it to read both submit and add? The Energetic Harvesting Skill text reads "4 Harvest Pips: Gain Heightened Harvest, which increases the effectiveness of the any ....." and then lists the other pip triggered skills. Should it read "the" or "any"?
  7. All of my crafting basics skills show mastered, but it shows 95% completion. There's 194k points trained left over. A spider corpse in god's reach de-spawned while I was carving it. I had been interrupted by another spider attacking and then returned to carving it, but it still seemed fast.
  8. This is definitely an issue. One that I'm pretty sure is only present because they currently need us in one place so that the people on the server are seeing conflict and they can test what happens when there are groups on a plot, how combat is working, and for that matter.... can the crafters get away. As I imagine it, exploration will be more important after launch, because that stand alone node isn't going to be tier 9. It'll be mineable by a small group and not everyone's going to immediately know where it is. Knowing the location of the resources and getting the people qualified to m
  9. Sorry, I should say the concepts are gorgeous. My mind may or may not extrapolate...
  10. ::sighs:: At the moment? It has been since they first started talking about the systems. I have faith they'll find a good balance. Might not happen immediately but nothing about this has ever been expected to be immediate.
  11. I wanted this so bad. Heh, a little asocial though, never gonna happen.
  12. I love an involved crafting system. If they really get into alloys like they have proposed (My limited experimentation makes me think they haven't yet) Weapons and armor are going to be real fun to play with. Already I've found one of the status effects just from playing with yew wood, and it has me excited for the potential.
  13. Crowfall will be very Grindy. For one subset of players. That's the part of This game theory that amazes me. By making specialization so valuable - limiting the number of skill trees learned at a time - They have pushed the idea of player roles beyond DPS, Tank, and Healer. If it plays out as I hope it will - and as I believe the Devs envision - if you don't want to grind, you never will. The harvesters and crafters will do what they do best and grind away at weapons armor and resources. The fighters will (hopefully) protect them, and never grind.
  14. I'm pretty firmly against this idea. But the reason's I'm hearing in favor of it seem totally covered by the vessel system people are railing against. You like trying lots of different things out - cool you can totally do that. Not only that, you can do it in one session. Switch vessels. Don't like the new thing, switch again, or switch back. Don't like the generic half rotted corpse you get at the temple? Befriend a talented necromancer, have them build what you want to try next. The new direction skill have gone also blows the skill training issues out of the water. Each skill line
  15. At the beginning there was a huge misunderstanding about this. Many of us understood that EK wars were endgame. It was a fascinating idea. Further into development it came down that EK's were strictly player housing. Has this been reversed in some sense? I don't follow the news half as well as I ought. As for general PVP, it's my understanding that they intend to allow pvp permissions to be modified by the EK owner by plot. Also this could be wrong or outdated. While I think that Being able to flag 'Available for challenge' in Ek's is a very cool idea, there were concerns it would dr
  16. Missed this, Source? Really hope this is a thing. But let's let them finish the game first yeah?
  17. Lorewise, it would be kind of weird to have hunger elements in the EK's but having some monster spawn plots available in EK's would be pretty awesome regardless.
  18. The in game lore is gorgeous, I've had some good times on several threads with RP already. I think if you combine Kraahk and Akineko's thoughts you're probably spot on. We don't really need systems for it as long as we strive to build it in game. It seems a consensus already reached but Elvo, I don't see emotes as a need at launch. I also don't see the game going on years before some appear - our Dev's are too creative not to, and sometimes too easily distracted by "Oooh Shiny!"
  19. Alternatively, perhaps F could toggle out of combat mode? Is it mapped to anything in combat mode currently?
  20. I'm in here from time to time and it occurs to me, I haven't really used online forums in decades. I'm sure a good many things are slipping by me. Any suggestions on how best to navigate the forums, avoid duplicating posts, or just general tips on usage? As an example, I had a suggestion on fall damage. I searched to see what had been said before and found a thread last updated in 2016. It was, however, the most logical place to put my thoughts. Is that post likely buried so far down that no one will see it unless they follow that thread? Or does it get bumped to the top? Simple
  21. This post is well and truly ancient.... Amazing things have happened since hunger dome, and my suggestion I suspect will over time become just as outdated as this thread currently is. I love the exploration aspect of the game. The fact that I can climb the ridges and scout miles in a go is amazing. Currently, should I fall from said ridge, I slide down the entire mountain. The same is true of the bluff's at the edge of the forts. It's not remotely a priority, but I would very much like to see those slides - where one can not control their character - cause fall damage. I hope to
  22. As a mostly solo player, this is an appealing thought, but I'm very intrigued by the incentives this game is hoping to give on working together. I think cooperative harvesting may be an interesting gameplay choice.
  23. Jumped into the test environment for the first time today to putter around on sanctuary crafting for a little bit. I'm impressed, smoother than most beta's I've tested. For what's active at any rate. I played as a confessor and really just did some basic harvesting. I did run into a couple things though. I stopped to finish harvesting a stump someone had left. Once it was destroyed collision was still active for the stump. A boar was stuck in a hillside (I don't think there's ever going to be a game completely free of clipping issues). The piles of stones around the slag deposi
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