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  1. Pessoal PT podem contar oficialmente comigo para organizar a comunidade portuguesa. Como já expus o meu pensamento ao Dalai, que consta em criar uma comunidade PT numa guild internacional para aprendermos e conhecermos pessoal, mas jogávamos e criávamos equipas entre nós para nos organizarmos devido às timezones e outras variáveis. Se ainda tiverem espaço no vosso grupo, count me in.

    Gostava que os pts presentes, citassem  os jogos que de momento jogam, para nos unirmos.



  2. I think the relation that I like the most between crowfall and game of thrones is the phrase: winter is comming, since we Will focus on getting materials to survive trough the winter ahah


    When winter aproaches everyone Will be Making reference to that phrase eheh.



    Ps: i see You found your main weapon for crowfall ellie , those sharped shows Will destroy every enimie with one hit and a fancy finisher

  3. Boas, a LW ainda não me deu resposta e já fui convidado para a PAX. No entanto se isto continuar assim, a comunidade portuguesa em crescimento, com certeza que me irei juntar. Relativamente às campaign ainda não sei. Já agora, que jogos é que jogam? Gostaria de me juntar em um novo MMO e conhecer pessoal novo. De momento estou em pausa no MMORPG que jogo, Wakfu. Tenho jogado GTA V, tem sido muito divertido. Se se quiserem juntar na ps3, é só adicionar Stedefus. Tenho também andando de olho no Everquest Next, mas os forúns são pouco organizados comparativamente com o Crowfall, o que desilude um pouco ao procurar informação.


    Em relação à campanha, talvez Dregs ou Shadow para lutar contra outras guilds.


    PS: Gostaria de ser backer mas não possuo nenhum cartão internacional como visa ou american express. Existe alguma forma de ser backer sem ser ao utilizar esses cartões? Só faltam 2 dias!



  4. Hello everyone, 


    I am an 21 year old college student from Portugal who loves MMORPG. I recently started to search for a new MMORPG. I used to play Wakfu since day 1, and I stumbled on Crowfall and Everquest Next. From my market research these two games where the ones that I instantly liked. I've been following Crowfall a lot more since Everquest Next foruns lack organization. 


    A bit more about me, I'm new to these kind of games, where you only have one character and you focus on it. I have been testing both TERA and SWTOR so I could know more about these kind of games. As I told above, I played Wakfu which is a 2D game from Ankama, and I used to be a multiboxer there. I'm a dedicated, friendly and I'm always up for something!


    If possible, my main character on Crowfall will be named Stedefus, and I won't be joining you all at Alpha or Beta because I do not own any of those Internationals credit cards that KS supports. I hope they introduce paypal or paysafe! 


    See you around,



  5. Hello,


    I am from Portugal and I am a Human Resources Manager, well, I Will be when I finish my degree. I am a veteran player from Wakfu the mmorpg, I have been playing since day one, and with Hard work I manage to be one of the servers best. I love team work, and friendly players. Altho This is a different concept for a mmo, I think team work is everything , and I love working with a team. I have always played damage dealer and supporter roles, Never as an healer.


    From what I have read in foruns This is the best guild for me, I hope to join when the guild is recruiting again. As for archtype, I am looking forward to know more about all archtypes, So I cant tell yet what role I Will aim to.I am Learning everyday by reading This thread, and reading other posts is increasing my interest as the time Goes by. So far I know very litle, but as the time passes i hope to learn enough to teach future guild Newbies.


    ps: unfortunatly I can not join beta or alpha since I do not own any of the credit cards listed on KS, I only have national Credit cards, and too bad they do not accept paypal of paysafe.


  6. Stedefus, at this time we will have to say sorry but no. We've had such a steady flood daily of new guild applications which has been awesome!

    We may open again at a much later date. If we do then please feel free to apply and thank you for your interest Stedefus. :)

    No problem, I will wait. It's worth the wait :), I will keep following Lantern since I can learn from you 

  7. There was not any mention of exceptions being granted for any reason that I am aware of.  A council member will more than likely confirm or deny that here.  It's sad that rules have to exist but everyones request for an exception would have to be granted as one time , for one reason would set a precedent.   We will wait on their response.

    Ok, thanks for answering 

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