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  1. Hello all I decided to start this topic because I have some questions to the community: #1- Has any of you already played Crowfall, as an alpha tester or something? I've seen some forum members saying " I've been a centaur and etc." #2- I've seen lots of Veterans in foruns already, why are you so "exited" so to say about a game that isn't not finished? #3- Some players already started to talk about guilds in foruns, and as a mid-casual player will I be able to play solo? #4- Is it worth the risk to fund Crowfall via Kickstarter if the game turns out something I don't like? #5- There is already a forum sub section for classes, how can we discuss about them without testing them first? Or is this directed to lore only? Thanks in advance, and I apologize for any grammar mistake, English is not my first language -Stedefus
  2. Hello Paulo, I am aswell from Portugal. Trying to figure it out where could I download the game. I know it's still in beta so is it possible to do so? Rewards
  3. Hello ThomasB, could you tell me where to download Crowfall? Rewards

  4. Hello, I've gain interest on this game. I would like to Download it, where could it be done? Thanks in advance
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