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    Stedefus reacted to Keludar in Coming To Alpha 1   
    Got an EB sapphire which I think was purely luck. Let me tell you that was a little adrenaline rush. Hopefully my wife doesn't kill me.
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    Stedefus got a reaction from Benaerth in Greetings From Portugal   
    Hello everyone, 
    I am an 21 year old college student from Portugal who loves MMORPG. I recently started to search for a new MMORPG. I used to play Wakfu since day 1, and I stumbled on Crowfall and Everquest Next. From my market research these two games where the ones that I instantly liked. I've been following Crowfall a lot more since Everquest Next foruns lack organization. 
    A bit more about me, I'm new to these kind of games, where you only have one character and you focus on it. I have been testing both TERA and SWTOR so I could know more about these kind of games. As I told above, I played Wakfu which is a 2D game from Ankama, and I used to be a multiboxer there. I'm a dedicated, friendly and I'm always up for something!
    If possible, my main character on Crowfall will be named Stedefus, and I won't be joining you all at Alpha or Beta because I do not own any of those Internationals credit cards that KS supports. I hope they introduce paypal or paysafe! 
    See you around,
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