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  1. Reasonable risk to your "portfolio" Did you say that with a straight face? Its the worst kind of risk. Even penny stocks are less risky because you can at least trade them. I'm thinking you don't really have a portfolio
  2. Cant wait to do my studio tour. Hope to do it a few months from now once I get settled in my new job.
  3. Even with just one "healing" class I already like the direction they are going. It brings tactics and skill to the forefront and doesn't turn into "who has the most healers". I play as a knight and I feel pretty good about the amount of damage I take. Sure, if 4 people gang up on me and I have no help from my teammates then I'm most likely going to be in trouble. However I also have some tools to prolong the fight so I can find ways to get them off me or escape. One thing I've found important in this game so far is your teams rules of engagement. How you choose to start a fight usually determines your success in that encounter. Sometimes you have no choice but to fight because the enemy has snuck up on you. However I have found that if you can take quick and decisive action you can get away and regroup. I like the pacing of this game. It doesn't seem twitchy and you actually have time to think and make adjustments in the middle of a battle. If that is the case then I think the current state of healing in this game is just fine. If you are having troubles staying alive then maybe adjust your expectations of how your class is suppose to play. In real life you cant sit there and take a pounding from 4 people and have someone "magically" heal you and stay alive for long periods of time. This game isn't real life, but it seems like they've taken a realistic approach to many of its systems (friendly fire, physics, etc). I think taking away the traditional healer gives the team with the best tactics the advantage, which is how it should be.
  4. Yup, Gordon is a solid and fair. If anybody else is having issues be sure to hit him up today or tomorrow as its your last chance.
  5. I know their payment processor likes to throw fraud alerts like crazy. Gordon said that you need to contact their payment processor to clear it if that happens. Also I would contact Gordon personally so he can help you get set up with what you want. He does a great job at helping people with their issues and usually responds pretty quickly. I think he will personally take a payment from you (layaway) so you can get locked into the package you want if all else fails (at least he did that for me). Just email support@artcraftent.com Don't wait any longer, do it now before it expires.
  6. Thanks for the tips Arkade, much appreciated. I'm just getting to the point where I'm "good" with the knight, but not great. Some of the things I just didn't find intuitive for myself, and other's may be having the same problem. The shield slam confused me because you can do an instant attack with it, but you can also channel it. So when it said charge it, i thought i was suppose to do something else to charge the shield and I had a difficult time figuring out what it was. Obviously after I learned the class a little I asked somebody and got some clarification. I've got it all straightened out now and I was amazed at how much damage I was missing out on, and even then I still held my own.
  7. I posted this in the feedback alpha testing forum. I figured I'd post it here to see if anybody wanted to give me some insights on my idea's and concerns. I've been playing Knight for a good while now and thought I'd give some feedback. Overall I love the archetype. I've never been the type of person to play a tank class/archetype in any MMO. I find this class pretty refreshing as it’s easy to pick up and play from the get go, but also requires some mastery and strategic thinking to maximize its usefulness. Shield Lunge - I like this ability, however it doesn't always seem to execute the stun. At the end of the charge sometimes the player I'm charging ends up a few yards ahead of me after I've executed the stun mechanic (let off the charge button). I'm not sure if this is intended and the other player is doing something to accomplish then, but from my point of view it seems buggy. I'd like to hear if this is intended or not. Shield Slam - It took me forever to even figure out how this worked. I wasn't aware that you could hold down the button since it does have an instant cast ability. I'm not sure if you have tool tips and I'm just not seeing them, but they would be nice. Also I think the description of the ability needs to be redone to make it absolutely clear how this mechanic works. I was always looking for some type of buff bar to tell me how much my shield was charged (silly I know). I'm probably a dummy for not figuring it out earlier, but in the hunger dome you don't have time to sit there and read and mess with things if you are actively trying to get the objectives (gear) to win the game. I'm a very experience MMO player, yet I find it baffling that it took me until today to figure out how this worked. I even had fellow players explain it to me and that didn’t work. If someone would have simply said “hold the damn button down”, that would have sufficed. Block - Pretty standard. One improvement I'd like to suggest is if I'm executing a block it gives me an advantage to push most of the classes backwards if I decide to walk forwards. This would help me protect my group better. Maybe it wouldn't work against a legionnaire since he is big, but it would be nice to actually push a confessor back when they are doing an AOE to protect my group. I feel that as a tank it is my responsibility to mitigate as much damage as I can to my fellow players and I think it is reasonable that you can push someone back with a shield as that is a real life tactic in combat. If players think this type of mechanic is too overpowered, then maybe you increase the stamina drain by 1.5 to 2, maybe you can toss a mana drain in there as well. This is probably my biggest single “want” for this class. Also I know that we can reflect damage back to casters. I would like to see something where if a confessor casts flamethrower and I block it while standing right in front of it that it blows back on to the confessor 100 percent of the time if I'm standing face to face. Maybe reduce the damage to 50 percent if I'm a couple of yards away, and then no damage if I'm more than half way past the spells range. (Hope that makes sense). If I’m standing face to face with a confessor, their flame shouldn’t even get a chance to fan out, because I’m blocking it at its base at its thinnest point. I feel like this type of mechanic would give me the opportunity to take an even more strategic approach if a confessor is trying to AOE my group down, and it would also make the confessor be more careful when they use that ability. When I'm always designing games in my head and thinking of specific abilities and I always want to take that one ability and put it up against all the defensive abilities available to all the archetypes and pick which ones could reasonably encounter it in a real scenario. So I'm probably a programmer’s worst nightmare Shield Spin - Pretty simple mechanic. Wish it had a 2nd combo tree where I could knock someone back 5 yards. Might be too much utility for the Knight though, and I don't know what you have planned for abilities beyond the basic ones. Onslaught - Love these abilities, but when the combo screen comes up it needs more information. Such as when I press 4, I then get the option for Brutal Strike or Twin Assault. I want something that tells me one of them is a damage ability and one of them is a bleed ability. Maybe you can just put the words "bleed" in small letters right under twin assault. Or you can change the icon where it has a blood drip and use that drop of blood as the universal icon for all bleeds. Green and Purple swords don't really give me much information about the ability itself. The same goes for the B line AOE that does a bleed, use a universal graphic for the bleed, and also a universal graphic for AOE. (I'll elaborate at the end why I think this is important) Of Nobel Blood - Where to start with this ability. I'll tell you I don't probably use this as much as I should, and I know for a fact other knights also gloss over this ability. It's kind of a boring ability and sometimes it turns into an afterthought for me. I literally have to force myself to use it. You are relying on RNG to time it perfectly to utilize the buff as well as the damage mechanic. I can run around and try to utilize the damage at the end of the buff, however at that point my other skills seem way more appealing to use after I cast this buff, and it’s sometimes forgotten about. Maybe that is a good thing that will separate the good knights from the great knights. But the counter argument to that is if enough players aren't using it, they either find it boring or cumbersome, or maybe both. It might end up as a bloat skill later on down the line if something isn't done. As a player sometimes I want to visually SEE something. Maybe when I cast this I hold my shield up for the duration but I move and attack at normal speed. Show me how much damage it is mitigating with flying text and then show me in different colored text how much damage this ability did to however many targets. Sometimes you need to emphasize that something is an awesome ability by showing you what it can do. I think the previous statement can be applied to a lot of abilities across the board for all archetypes. Chain Attack – I think we all know there’s a lot of issues with this ability and how buggy it can be. It often pulls targets back to me then past me and they end up behind me, essentially putting me right back where I started. I’ve also been able to chain pull people off the top of the keep on the outer wall while I’m on the ground, and I find that kind of ridiculous. I don’t know if that type of range is intended or not. It would be nice if there was a way I could range check before I cast the ability, something like the cross hair is red if I’m out of range. I’m not even sure what the range and while I’m sure its static in theory, in practice it varies a lot due to how buggy it is. I don’t know what I have as far as suggestions. Maybe reduce the cool down but require pin point accuracy. Also I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to pull an ally to us as well. If you can pull an enemy player than you should be able to pull an ally, realistically speaking. Also if you pull an ally, maybe they can get some type of defensive buff. I was thinking about a very small heal, but that doesn’t seem very “knight’ish” to me. I feel like my idea would require more skill, and add more strategy on when to exactly use our chain pull. Maybe we don’t want to waste it on that confessor that is running away. Lastly, the responsiveness of the ability is lacking. I’m not sure if it’s something that can be changed due how you executed the ability in game. But it’s something to think about. Mobility – We need something that can do some damage on the run, even if it’s very meager. People kiting for days is boring. Kiting can be a useful mechanic for some classes, but some people literally do it just to draw out an encounter they know they are going to lose. I can swing a sword in real life while running and do it in a fluid motion. However I would be sacrificing defense while doing that motion. Maybe I would open myself to take more damage while using this ability. I’m not asking for a hamstring ability or anything, because those can get out of hand if every class has one. Just give me something I can slowly punish my opponent with that wants to do nothing but run. In closing I’d like to reiterate that I really like the Knight class and I think the direction it is headed in is a very positive one. The game as a whole is getting better. I realize a lot of my suggestions might have already been discussed and have been rejected for the time being. I also might be ignorant about certain abilities my class has, or methods I can use to help mitigate the issues I’m having. But that brings me to the point I said I was going to elaborate on earlier. You need to make this game easier for the “noob”. I know this is alpha and things will change and you might already have plans. But one of the biggest mistakes MMO’s sometimes make is they don’t give the players the basic tool set to at least hold their own while honing their skills. I shouldn’t have to go to a website, because we know a good portion of the players won’t. The previous statement has been said by many other game developers, so there must be some truth to it. You want to draw players in and make them want to have a deeper understanding. We don’t need any hand holding, all I’m asking for is clear and concise information that gives me the data I need to make good decisions with regards to combat. When the game comes near to launch, it would be nice to have a wiki that can be easily access in the game. Gather up some volunteers to help maintain it. I apologize if this is long winded. But I don’t give feedback after every test. I like to gather a lot of personal experience before I elaborate. Go grab a beer and rest your eyes now, you earned it!
  8. I think we need to wait until the game comes to fruition before we start having heated discussions about zergs. It is a discussion that needs to be had before hand, but any action you take in theory will always have unintended consequences when put in to practice. So far the developers seem really receptive to feedback, and I have faith they will continue to do so after launch. With the complexity of this game I believe they put enough into this game where it can be tweaked in multiple different ways to achieve the balanced results. I think at the end of the day the job falls on us players to give constructive and meaningful feedback to the developers, and then we have give them time to work through a problem. It also falls on the community to make sure that bad behavior is discouraged. If the community can work together we can beat the zergs and keep beating them until they try a different method. I know my post seems all flowers and blutterflies, but we can sit here and debate ad nausem about a game that isn't finished yet. The game is suppose to be finished in as little as 10 months, but in my mind I'm already telling myself that it will be 2 years before this is a game is actually finished and some what polished. A good community can be a powerful tool in helping build and grow a game. They very much rely on us to help them achieve their vision. But sometimes if we have a very loud minority who bully people who don't share their view (not accusing you), it poisons the well and the community. I can think of many very popular games where this happened that are still popular today. But the game is no where near as fun and they play it too safe now when creating content.
  9. Do people not understand the alternate E for a combo? Answer: I understood the combo's and why they were there. However I didn't really understand the advantage of using one over another. If so, is the UI unclear? Answer: I think there should be a more clear and concise way to know which combo does what. Maybe even a tooltip that gives you hints on when you should use it. I found it difficult to know which attack did more damage and it wasn't easy to find that data while in game. I think another thing I just have a habit of using my MMO mouse for my main attacks and I haven't got use to the E key yet for combo's. But I'm not against using the E key. Are the QWERTY players skewing the data? Answer: No comment Is the E button too awkward to press? Answer: Its not too awkward to press. But it was much easier to press 4, then 4 again instead of another combo key because I didn't know the clear advantages to using another combo. Obviously if this game were in a more final state I would take the time to learn the differences and seek out the answers to my questions. Would a remapping option solve this? Answer: We should absolutely have the ability to remap any key, that way we can play "our" way. That way maybe when I press the 4 key, my next combo choices can be 4, Shift+4, Cntrl+Shift+4. That would be more fluid for my type of play style, but for others it might not be. So it would be nice to have options. Is the time to press the button too small? Answer: No. I'm in my early 30s and can in no way compete with the sharp reflexes of these kids today, yet I felt there was plenty of time to execute the combo. I just need more time to map out combo's in my head, and I need more data to work with on the fly to differentiate the combo's. EDIT: Maybe you can add an option in the game that makes the combo menu pop up with more data that tells us the damage, and what it does. Then when we learn what that ability does we can turn that off in a UI option. Are the B line of powers weaker than the A line? Answer: I cant answer this. Not something I really paid any attention to.
  10. This is a good change. It is also a very realistic change.
  11. I thought I read something awhile back that I'd be able to purchase another package and it would be exactly the same as my kickstarter package. Does that mean I also get the early bird price? Thanks!
  12. I'd like them to do blizzards and sandstorms where appropriate. Bad enough you cant see very far in front of you. No amount of Gamma can overcome either of those weather effects.
  13. I dont think people will care about the lore. I feel like most MMO's lore is pointless except for WoW. Warcraft had background from 3 RTS series to build upon. They also had a big budget to spend on story teams and cinematic. I dont think this game will be very lore driven, despite what the developers say.
  14. I dont think they should try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to combat.
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