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  1. So complex o.o I like the layout of your video, it presents the information nicely without dialogue which is amazing
  2. Classes and Roles

    I'm hoping this isn't the case...Have they announced anything since the introduction of disciplines stating whether or not the promotion classes are still on track?
  3. Just backed last night excited to jump in, been playing MMOs for 7 years now and crowfall looks like something special ?
  4. New forum ranks

    NIce to see the change
  5. Druid still captivated me the most but I'm loving the minotaur
  6. Templar Promotion Classes

    A class that exemplifies the use of a spear, I have need this for a long time
  7. How Many People Have Upgraded?

    I'm in between jobs atm and actually haven't backed at all! But when I'm back into the work force I intend to support this fantastic venture immediately and upgrade at least thrice
  8. Fight And Mount

    I love mounted combat but it could be extremely difficult to balance. With the team saying how they want physics to work,maybe have mounted damage only come from basic attacks, enabling it for use as nominal damage while attempting to break enemy formations on horse back.
  9. Ivoted confessor but I'm split evenly between that and druid.
  10. Flying

    In campaigns this would present a problem in that it would negate most barricade techniques. Don't see the problem with it being around in eternal kingdoms though
  11. If I were a millionaire who partook of video games for a hobby, I would have no problem investing in this game. People should be able to spend what they have on what they want
  12. The Crowfall Budget Question

    A very enlightening read, kudos and thanks for the information.
  13. Promotion Classes

    I would be ecstatic if Frostweaver has elements of water control. You hardly see it used in games >< Water globes moving across the battlefield, showers of rain and water shields. So much potential
  14. Water Should Be Affected By Players Actions

    IGN would disagree with you OP and give you a 7.8/10 but I think water physics would not only aide in immersion but also in strategy
  15. Thralls balls. This is awesome