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    unknownxv got a reaction from TragicNumberOne in Servers Are Just Instances Areas - Anti Open World   
    An instance is a private area, exclusivity to you or your group. Since these areas would be open to all and could be traveled to, it seems to me like it's more of a technical decision than anything else. I'm not sure if there's a gameplay goal in making different worlds, but as long as you can freely travel between them, all it means is that there's a load screen here and there. It's not that big a deal. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from ShadoPandauin in Play2Crush means to me: not always fair, but always exciting.   
    It's hard for people who only know standard modern themepark MMOs to fathom that penalties on death can significantly increase the depth and validity of the world.
    It's spice.
    I equate death consequences to spicy food. It's not for everyone, but those who love it, REALLY love it. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from chancellor in Play2Crush means to me: not always fair, but always exciting.   
    I like full loot, but perma-death invalidates the progress on my character, which is too far for me. In fact, it's the main reason why I dislike real life, the death penalties are too hardcore for me. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Play2Crush means to me: not always fair, but always exciting.   
    I like full loot, but perma-death invalidates the progress on my character, which is too far for me. In fact, it's the main reason why I dislike real life, the death penalties are too hardcore for me. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Mahon Amichai in 01/21/15 - Team Update!   
    The anticipation is certainly real. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Kiro in Griefing vs Emergent Gameplay - Where is the line?   
    Given that this is a skill-based MMORPG and respawns will likely be within city walls, there will be no griefing potential. If you die, it's because you suck. Get better or go home. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Keaggan in 04/09/15 - Skill Training Faq + Behind The Scenes With The Artists!   
    I'm sorry, but mastering a skill with no active input at all just feels wrong to me. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Navtyr in Where's The Long Term Character Progression?   
    There is no meaningful character progression in Crowfall, at all. Since it is essentially entirely passive, any progression made is done by the computer automatically, not you. And even there, "progression" is quick.
    Crowfall is not designed as an individual character/individual player RPG focus. It's a casual / hardcore hybrid group based arena simulator. Which can still be fun for what it is, but don't try to change it. Believe me, I spent many weeks trying to discuss it here, but no one cares for meaningful progression. They just want fun 24/7. All dessert, no vegetables. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Zushakon in Where's The Long Term Character Progression?   
    If you can actively train to 50% of a skill, that would certainly be positive. It would be a massive improvement if instead you could only passively train the first half and actively train the second half, but hey at least it'd be something.
    But I am pretty sure I saw somewhere that it was only active training to about 10% of the skill. 
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    unknownxv reacted to jetah in World Boundaries   
    Having played Planetary Annihilation, I can see the worlds being actual sphere's.
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    unknownxv reacted to Ziz in Where's The Long Term Character Progression?   
    I AM NOT ASKING FOR a continuous power climb. ***BUT***  most people like the sense of achievement that character progression gives. Without it I fear for the longevity of Crowfall.
    This is the type of problem GW2 has that was never addressed. (despite many posts, myself included, more than a year before launch)
    A good example are Realm Ranks from DAOC. They took years to progress and gave a small amount of character power but at the end of the night you still felt like you progressed your character.
    In Crowfall we can:
    - Select an Archetype with Advantages & Disadvantages
    - Chose a Promotion class
    - Select Disciplines
    - Passive Training
    The above is NOT deep character progression.
    - You could spend time experimenting but, if you know what you want its going to be fast.
    - Your Eternal Kingdom is not character progression. Especially not for people who aren't interested in it.
    - Gear will not give long term progression because of degradation, timed campaigns and crafters need turnover.
    - Playing a different character is the opposite of what I'm talking about.
    Being "fun" is NOT enough. (Progression is "fun" for some people, myself included, so you cannot discount this because you disagree). I had a ton of fun in GW2 (and other games) leveling many characters to max before I stopped playing because it felt pointless. 
    Another example is how people feel about their character in World of Warcraft. The time and effort they have in their characters gives them immense value and meaning. If my character in Crowfall is the same as a relatively new character wheres the value and meaning in that? 
    I hope to see more information on character progression sooner rather than later or never.
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    unknownxv got a reaction from silinsar in Where's The Long Term Character Progression?   
    I quit because the combat wasn't enjoyable. But, if it was, I would have eventually quit because there was no meaningful long-term individual character focused progression. It's all about the mob. You're just an insignificant statistic, a small cog, unimportant with no ability to shine and be exceptional. 
    I've already made this point but it seems everyone just glosses right over it. What on Earth is the point of a training system that, when you reach a new level, affords you no sense of achievement whatsoever? It's just there to make you wait.
    For what?
    If you guys are so immensely against actively training your character (as if you existed and were a part of this alternative fantasy world) why even have levels at all? Why not just start everyone off on the same equal footing. It's all fair, it's all neatly organized with no chaos to contend with or effort required to improve yourself. Only player skill and group dynamics would matter. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Saosis in You Heard the Man   
    I always found the distinction curious. I am what many people would consider a carebear. I'm not all about combat. I'm not a player killer (though I'll defend myself) and I prefer crafting/exploration in general. But I love the risk that full or partial loot brings, I love the thrill and excitement that can only come from players being able to attack me anywhere I go. It makes every step, every venture into an epic adventure you can't find anywhere else. 
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    unknownxv reacted to TullyAckland in $1.6 Million & 16,000 Backers!   
    Well folks, Tournaments are IN!
    With 13 hours remaining we have passed $1.6 Million pledged on Kickstarter and are steaming toward the $1.7 goal for Combat Pets.
    These aren't cute collectibles that fight each other we're talking about here... These are rip the throat out of your foe pets that you can unlock through the discipline system.
    I know we say this a lot, but we really mean it... Thank you all for your incredible support!
    Todd and Gordon are taking part in the Reddit AMA right now at http://www.reddit.com/r/Games
    Also, a reminder that we are joining two community casts tonight!
    At 7:00 pm Central we will be joining the Gold & Glory fellas live on twitch http://www.twitch.tv/mmorpgcom
    At 8:00 pm we will be closing the night with the Crowns and Crows gang http://www.twitch.tv/crownsandcrows
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    unknownxv got a reaction from courant101 in Truth Or Inside Joke?   
    No, but if they don't have fishing, it's likely food is more of an afterthought, so it definitely won't be a requirement to survive. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from courant101 in Truth Or Inside Joke?   
    Would of loved to have fishing. I guess that means food won't be a requirement either? 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from thestarsareright in Multi-Boxing: Haters Gonna Hate - Why Is This Debatable? Should It Be Allowed?   
    Kills immersion.
    We are one character in an alternate fantasy world, not 2+. 
    Thankfully at least you are restricted to one character per campaign. 
    Hopefully all botting/macroing/multiboxing will be completely disallowed and heavily punished. 
    This is a game, a place to jump in and escape the world. It is not designed as a business venture. If you wish to stream it, go ahead, but play normally or go away. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Duke_Suraknar in Skilling; A Middle Ground Proposal   
    EvE's passive training is well known to take decades to max out everything through their passive training system.
    Runescape can be maxed before this, though of course, it takes a lot of effort. But it means that, at least time wise, a passive system penalizes new players even more. Unless the passive system is also quick to train.
    But again, I really have to ask, why even have a training system at all? I mean, it's not going to give people any satisfaction in leveling, why would it? You put literally nothing into the process. It's just waiting. 
    I'd say it's a better idea to have no training system than a purely passive one, as it literally is nothing more than a time-gate that serves not to fulfill anyone. 
    Duke, I agree with your assessment that Crowfall is leaning a little too much towards themepark design, with archetypes and a focus on alts instead of an open skill system like UO or Runescape. I absolutely loathe alts because it immersion breaking, as well as having a negative effect on gameplay (removes reputation as a factor of consequence). However, at least campaigns will be one character limited. That is good, and keeps me interested. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from 11nephilim in Skilling; A Middle Ground Proposal   
    It's no secret that I've been a vocal advocate for a long-term exponential level-based character skill system. If you haven't seen, you can read my previous topic on this subject here: 
    I've realized that this view is void of popularity. Based own my own gaming background and personal biases/preferences, what I want is clearly not the most popular option. However, I would invite you to entertain this middle ground compromise I've thought of. Regardless of which system you personally prefer, I think we can all agree we want Crowfall to be oriented towards a long-term mindset, yes? I mean, that is the fundamental design purpose of resetting campaign worlds. You do not want the game experience to become stale and dull. It's meant for the long haul, not months or years, but decades of fresh and terrifying sharpness. 
    Okay, so the first thing we need to do is go over power scales. One thing I noticed a lot of discussing this with other people in my previous thread, is a lack of appreciation for how wildly different MMORPGs can construct power scaling. What do I mean? It's simple. Visualize World of Warcraft, or Lord of the Rings Online, or any number of themepark MMORPGs of a similar nature. What do they have in common? Power scaling is exponential while leveling is in effect linear (experience rises exponentially but experience rewards do too cancelling the effect). This is a twisted system, tilted to provide the most Dopamine reward in the short-term with no thought to the long-term meaning or balance.
    The truth of this system is it's not difficult to level in, and the rewards granted ensure that to be competitive, you absolutely must be at the very peak of a level. Even a single level (beyond additional abilities you can purchase with levels) in WoW is a very significant boost to your character's power. 
    I ask that you throw this model out of the window. Scrap it from your brain as it has no relevance to a competitive human-skill based MMORPG sandbox title. 
    What we want instead is an exponential skilling system with a linear power delivery scale (with further dampening through diminished returns at the peak of any type of combat ability or crafting profession). Now, through this design early levels are quick to obtain, mid range levels are of moderate difficulty, and as you approach the finish line, well, it gets literally exponentially more difficult. But remember, it's not only about the difficulty to level, it's about the reward. There is one, but it's dramatically lower than what many are used to. 
    Now that this concept is established let me propose my bridge between the two camps of people, between those who want a purely passive training system (which invalidates character prestige in the world and in time ensures everyone is at the peak of their character) and an active system (which can be tedious, grindy and less interesting for many players). 
    The first segment is a fusion of these methods. What the Crowfall developers have so far proposed is the first 10-20% of a skill can be trained both actively and passively, but after this threshold only passive training will have an effect. I suggest to replace this with purely passive training, however actively using your skills or crafting items will boost your passive training speed. 
    Each level will have a peak boost potential. Reaching the maximum training speed of a low level skill is fast, and the boost potential is highest. As you increase in level, experience requirements rise (as discussed per the exponential system) but so too does the active effort required to achieve the maximum boost potential of that skill's current level. 
    So, what does this all mean? Let me give you an example.
    Say you're level 15 in blacksmithing. You currently are passively training it, with no boost effect. To reach level 16 you need 2,000 experience, and you're gaining 400 experience per hour (remember passive training counts when you're offline too). If you wanted to boost the speed, every time you actively used your blacksmithing skill you'd receive just that, a boost to the training speed. A lot of testing would be required to figure out just what the proper balance would be in how much it speeds up training, as well as how much you'd have to use the skill in order to receive the full boost but the concept is straightforward. Say you made 20 shortswords, you'd receive no direct experience from it, but this could increase the experience gain per hour by 50 or so. Again, I'm not sure about the specific numbers, it's just the concept I am proposing here. As levels rise, the peak boost potential of that skill declines, as the active effort required to reach the peak boost increases. 
    Ultimately this means that actively using your skills helps a fair bit, but you can level all skills entirely passively if that is what you prefer. 
    Let's say my system is adopted, now the second part of this confection, it would apply to all skills but only up to 90% of their maximum. After this, passive training would no longer function for that skill. Only active training would have a direct effect. However, the passive system can still be adopted for this last stretch, the final bout to true and total proficiency of the skill. For the last 10% of the skill, the passive system would no longer grant experience, instead it would be the reverse effect. Actively using the skill grants you experience, and passively engaging the skill (doing so would of course take the position of one of your passive queue slots of which there are three now) would boost the experience you obtain per active action cycle. 
    I think this is not only fair, but an intensely exciting fusion. Remember, it's an exponential system. But virtually everyone in time will be able to reach 90% in most of their skills given that even if you do not engage in active boosting, the passive training will get you there. 
    But not to the apex, not to the grand summit of the skill. 
    For that last and hardest stretch, it's all on your own active effort. This way, everyone can be almost masterful, but just not quite... unless they devote to it. And, for the final point to remember, it's a linear power scale, which means that final 10% really doesn't give you that much additional power. A bit, but only a bit. In no way is that final run necessary to be competitive. 
    The only exception to that rule I would say would be for crafting professions, I think for those who are able to absolutely master a crafting profession through this proposed system, there indeed should be some special kind of reward. 
    Well, let me know what you think of this proposal, if you were one who really hated active training, could you live with this? 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from stiler in Eks = Isolation?   
    I'd prefer if Eternal kingdoms were built in a massive seamless world you could explore and travel through. I don't want them to be isolated instances you can instantly travel between. That removes it from being a world to just some toy castle. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Nakawe in Eks = Isolation?   
    I'd prefer if Eternal kingdoms were built in a massive seamless world you could explore and travel through. I don't want them to be isolated instances you can instantly travel between. That removes it from being a world to just some toy castle. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from Armegeddon in Gaining Muscle.   
    I love philosophy and science, but I am only of average intelligence and there isn't enough time in life to devote to accomplishment (I find no meaning in it with death as a certainty). So I just focus on what feels good, and working out, being stronger, that feels good.
    I don't like being weak in general terms. Also, it helps to attract girls, that's always a plus. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from bassa in Gaining Muscle.   
    I am a skinny guy. I'm 125 lbs and 24 years old. Weighed the same my whole life. But recently I've been working out a lot, my mother setup a home gym with lots of machines including a bench press, so I go over there frequently now. 
    My question if anyone else started out so skinny, how long does it really take to put on muscle? I'm consuming roughly 1 gram of protein per pound of weight, so 125 grams a day. Is that the right amount? There's a lot of conflicting information on the internet.
    I workout everyday, but different muscles (2-3 day rest for each muscle group basically until I am not sore). How long is it supposed to take? Also, you're supposed to eat a calorie surplus, yeah? But how do I even figure out what mine is? The BMR calculator doesn't work for me, as I've routinely eaten well above it and don't gain weight. So my metabolism must still be faster, with no apparent cause or way to find out. I'm eating about 2,200ish calories a day now. 
    Gaining muscle is exciting, but so is getting stronger. In general terms I am quite weak. For my weight, I'm okay. I can bench 140 lbs once, above my weight. I can do 5 good form pullups, 45 pushups, and so on. I just want to be stronger in general terms, so I need more muscle.
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    unknownxv got a reaction from phatcat09 in Skilling; A Middle Ground Proposal   
    You can increase your skills passively at any time. You can increase them actively for the first 10-20%, which is irrelevant and frankly shouldn't even be included, what's the point of that?
    No one player should easily be able to do everything, although with enough effort they should be (I don't care enough to convince anyone of that kind of open form skill system). As it is, active or passive, won't change how much a single character can do. That is a hardset restriction. One character can only have so many skills. Has nothing to do with how they are trained. Grinding, especially when the game itself is fun (good combat and interesting crafting mini-games) is most assuredly playing the game. Just like in real life, when you train on something, you're actively engaged in it, and it's not even boring most of the time (though it really depends on what you're doing). 
    It penalizes new players far more, actually. To passively train all skills, if we're adopting the EvE system, takes far longer than it does to actively train them, even if we went by the Runescape model. 
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    unknownxv got a reaction from kuwani in Skilling; A Middle Ground Proposal   
    Yes, rewarding the people who actually play the game.
    Crazy idea. 
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