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  1. Kneeling. They are looking at what that can do system-wise more than just simply quitting.
  2. If campaigns are going to last up to 6 months, I think WoO would work where it rotates every day by the duration of the WoO (i.e. if it is two hours long, the next day is starts two hours later). What I do not want to see is the WoO being the only real objective of the campaign. It should be an event worth a lot itself towards winning the campaign (plurality of points), but a minority of the possible daily points from other objectives/mass combat. the problem with everything open 24/7 is that the objectives will just constantly change hands with little resistance based on which part of the real world the majority of players are on. Since EU and Oceanics like to gather on servers/alliance, this always happens to be the case.
  3. Except, you know, one set are games
  4. People will barter if they have items to exchange. People will trade in coins if they do not. Put all the economic philosophy you want in it. People can completely ignore the system by going into campaigns with no import rulesets. Now those so-called empires and controls are mute. Bartering is wasted time to those that want to play a PvP game.
  5. Hopefully it is a smart choice of feeding the warmachine first. I think the tricky part is reserves, i.e. finding out how fast you are going to burn through your gear in normal sessions. MMO inventory management has a whole new (really old world) meaning. Personally I think the person who is effective with standard-to-slightly-higher-quality gear will do much better then those that think they need to min/max. If the system is set up like it sounds, we are going to go through a lot of gear. Skills (both character sheet and player) is really what is going to be the big factor. However, I look forward to making and selling the high end items to those players that think they need the edge.
  6. I am not one of those up in arms about it. Personally I much prefer the devs getting the cash for their IP than some gold-seller. I just want to see that any item in the store cannot be broken down to other usable components creating a P2W scenario. I can buy a house for cash. I sell the house in game to you for coin or whatever. Now you have a house for trade or your EK and nothing else. It cannot be salvaged.
  7. Only real impact (initially) to campaigns is coins being converted back to bars and those bars being used to create gear. Coins are going to have to be just another thing covered by import rulesets.
  8. Definitely a good point. You will have to decide at what point you are geared well enough before embargoing. I foresee N00B mistake #1 being people jamming everything they can into embargos finding themselves on the wrong end of an ass-kicking competition because they have no gear for the fight!
  9. Sort of. My understanding is that I can buy a VIP pass for RW cash, then I sell it to you for in-game currency.
  10. Coins are (should be) items that will need to be put in embargo as they are actual inventory items. Your win/loss ruleset will be how much you get to take back. Coins in campaigns may not be available for use on EK items. You are not going to have a global bank for your entire account. Your campaigning characters will be separate.
  11. Sure they could go again the whole point of giving people the ability to build vast EKs and allow every single one to become nothing more than a port-spot and thrall standing next to it. I however am saying I do not know. What we do know is that you do have to "travel" to our EKs to use their vendors. The tangent you brought us down is now way off base. My original suggestions was some sort of interface to help us find the vendors given that if only 10% of just the kick-starter backers activity sold items via thralls, that would be over 1700 vendor locations! Without something to connect them, players would just separate into tiny fractured communities. Now maybe they want it that way. Maybe they want us to use third-party sites to hock our wares. I for one prefer in-game support to dubious outside sites.
  12. Awful big assumption based on a link you have not yet provided. We do not know how transferring between EKs is going to take place, and odds are they had not even decided yet. The closest thing we have seen is a drawing of an avatar next to an alter where they are picking a door to go through.
  13. Yes market will manage but not dictate a set number. The introduction on coins does not change that. The stability of coins though is why bartering systems failed and in games without coins people establish a trade medium. Introducing coins does not prevent the bartering of goods though. I have a sword, you have some armor, we swap and are happy. With coin, now if I do not have the armor you want, you can accept coin and only be one more trade away from getting your armor. Bartering systems usually mean I have to go sword > ores > stone> to ???? > cabbages > armor. Another reason coins are important is also the focus of the game is on PvP. PvEconomics is not the main part of the game. Some people will try to turn it into it one, but what the devs also have to keep in mind is supporting an economic system that also gives the majority of people that are interested in Crowfall what they want, time to PvP.
  14. Insta-travel = open interface, click destination. Port Travel = move avatar. Time elapses as you traverse. Not instant.
  15. Travel time to portals and portals not all being connected to every other realm.... just like most MMOs that do not have insta-porting (the bane of communities)
  16. But you are still free to accept whatever amount of coins you want for an item. You are not selling to an NPC vendor with set prices. Every thrall will be different. And now, every player will have buying power with a standard coin type rather than having to spend an eternity swapping bartered goods until you get the right one eventually ending up with the item you actual wanted.
  17. EKs are resource sinks. People will spend their hard earned resources for digital gimmicks.
  18. No travel time between EK's based on....? Anyhow, you do not think larger guilds/alliances will not be creating centralized markets?
  19. Efficient with the exception of severely limiting your buyer base. If you want only cabbage for your item, there may only be about 5% of the people that have cabbage to trade, and maybe only another 5-10% willing to get cabbage. This is the primary reason (and taxes which we have) that bartering was replaced by coin. It is just as much about giving people the ability to buy your items as it is fair value.
  20. Agreed, as I posted with someone else. Just because a sword is worth exactly 100 coins in ore, does not mean it will not be marked up by the seller for whatever reason (usually within what the market will bare).
  21. You are assuming everything will sell at a flat rate and no one will mark up items based on (perceived) scarcity. Just because a sword is worth 100 coins in materials doesn't mean I have to sell it for 100 coins. You will still be setting the sale prices of your items. The market will continue to fluctuate as it always has. Now, we will have a standard by which to judge. You also can still have barter-based markets which I guarantee will be there the first day items can be produced
  22. I hope we can have can list "wanting/commissions" Thralls. While I would prefer to not have an auction house, there needs to be some sort of interface allows us to at least find the right Thrall. DAoC had the boards in the center of each housing area. Simple queries to find items. You then /houseface # and it pointed you towards that person and you purchased from the NPC directly. If even 10% of kickstarters had functioning vendors, that is still almost 1,700 EK vendors to visit!
  23. So long as those items (i.e. anything bought in the store) cannot be salvaged then there is not an issue.
  24. Agreeing with the article. If they did not give use something to use as a standard, we simply would have created one ourselves. Cabbages! No one wants to eat he cabbage, thus we will make it a currency item! What interests me, is the conversion of wood, leather, cloth, etc items that are not metal-based into. The articles takes about breaking items down to ore then making coins. With the inverse, you know the "coin" value based on the crafting recipes, but how many coins doe sit take to make a leather jerkin?
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