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  1. Hope to see that! And, in fact, I trust them that they will deliver a wonderful experience.
  2. I really like the concept as explained in "eternal heoes, dying worlds" in the KS video. This is one of the ideas that sets CF apart and I really like it. That's one of the things that made me think "wow, they have cool ideas, cool mechanisms - let's get deeper into it" and finally back it on KS. It's a "keep the campaigns fresh" engine that's wonderful. With the different ruleset categories (EK, God's Reach, Infected, Shadow, Dregs) and the changing goals for each campaign this is all the CF Campaign engine needs. I am just a little confused because in the video the different ruleset categor
  3. It's good to have diversity in charakter appearence. I believe that a lot of people love to personalize their charakters. I have the impression the people of ACE will do just fine. Tweaking my nose angle or how narrow my eyes are is too much fluff in my opinion. What seems interesting though, would be attributes automatically influencing the appearence a bit. Dex, Str and Con could have influence. But maybe this would explode the number of (art) sets needed to build a character.
  4. So, a combination of hot stretchgoals and well timed media coverage will do the trick for CF. I really would love to see more than 2.5 million for CF and I bet we will go up considerably during these last days. Gordon and Todd are veterans. I bet they know what they have to do.
  5. I agree! Very nice idea! Adds variety to the personality of EKs. See my post about different natural environments. It's a similar direction and same aspect of the game: variety of environments and variety of EKs.
  6. Very good idea, leadpipe! Well thought. Makes scouting really important and provides for cool strategic options. The devs said fog of war would be in the game but they didn't give any details. So it's important we tell them what we would like to see in this regard.
  7. You are right! A variety in EK environments would be awesome,too. Cool idea to visit friends in their kingdom which differ from mine so it's like taking a holiday for exploring another little world. Wonderful! That adds a whole new aspect to the game. Exploring other people's kingdoms (if they have them open to the public) which are not only different because of the layout of their buildings and what you can buy there but because of the different natural environments. Would be really cool if you could choose before you start playing the game in what kind of environment you would like to have y
  8. Just want to say that I really love to explore and discover. Having a lot of different, beautiful or terrifying, mystic or just interesting environments to discover while playing in the campaign worlds would be wonderful. Several different kinds of forests (light and beautiful, dark and fearsome or dark and mystic, summerlike, decidous, coniferous or mixed, dense jungle, and more), plains, savannas, hills, mountains, several exotic types like in Asia or Afrika, underwater, huge caves, swamps, my imagination goes wild. That was the one aspect of WOW I loved. Combined with seasons it's going t
  9. I don't like the idea of different resourece qualities. I recognize the fun people might have with the complexity, puzzeling and gathering, though. I would like to get into crafting in Crowfall but a too complex system would deter me from it. I like it the way the table suggests that most of you are referring to. Remember, there will be a lot of materials to combine for different products. Even if the devs provide a complex resource quality driven system it won't do much good, because, in the end everybody just tries to get the best possible or the commonly most wanted result/product. That's
  10. Thank you, Ellie. I did not know that. So I am looking forward to an a wonderful music experience created by Nelson. I have to say that the piece they picked for the kickstarter introduction sounds very promising.
  11. I am a game music lover. I agree with Andelorn in that music really enhances the game experience. Good soundtracks are also wonderful to listen to when not in a game. Since they are made to create and enhance mood and atmosphere and usually describe a situation or lanscape with sound it is a great experience to just close your eyes and enjoy the "sound movie". I also agree that it would be nice to have places with only ambient noises. For those who don't like to have music in games at all an easy way to turn the music off and on while keeping all other audio should do it. I love Jeremy So
  12. 1.2 million isn't sad. You are right. But it will do much better I hope. We have 9 days to go and I will do my share. Thanks for all your answers so far.
  13. Hey fellow Crows! It's wonderful that we know for sure this game is already funded. I bet all of you are really exited about the supercool concept and ideas that make up Crowfall. I just got to know about Crowfall yesterday and it got me. I read all the information and got more exited with every bit of it. This is going to be BIG! But, you know what? It's sad it only got 1.2 million so far. A game of this scope needs more money! It needs more support! I guess the developers set the funding threshold quite low because they really, really want this project to succeed and come to life. They
  14. Shapeshifting is fun! It's such an interesting and awesome aspect you can experience in games. The Druid is predestined to be able to shapeshift! I'd love to play a shapeshifting Druid. Of course, other aspects of nature and other ideas people mentioned in this thread are interesting expansions of the role. I love being able to shift into the form of an animal which I can't do in real life, sadly :-) Exploring the world as an animal is a wonderful experience. Discovering the world from the air in the form of an eagle or raven, swimming through the ocean as a shark or octopus, changing into a
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