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  1. I'm ok with going nuclear. being stuck is worse.
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for a guild... but no offence, I'm not going to read all 150 pages of your guild thread. I guess I'll fill out an application and give it a shot.
  3. Until all of the other systems for teams, guilds, and merchants are set, there is no reason to think anyone but the most hardcore gamers would achieve the peak equipment. The division between crating and combat skills would also help level things out. One person trying to do to much would limit the maxes of a min/max strategy.
  4. Is there any thought on complementary software for smart devices (cell phones and whatever) to manage what an account trains? Or an open API to allow 3rd party application management? or if not management, at least monitoring.... I had thought that the EK's may offer an opportunity for meaningful small device interaction, but this sounds like it would work as well. {edited addition} without effecting competitive game-play of course...
  5. things4fun

    Quaggan Thread

    I'm not sure if these are dinosaurs or mutant whales. Where do Quagans come from?
  6. my take on what has been said about POI is that they will be cranking out the basics of what is required to build structures and defense, therefore making it important to hold them to build. It was stated in the interviews that player harvesting actions will create one type of resource that could be turned into another type by combining it. This combined resource is what is used to build where the character harvested resource is used to craft. So the quarry would be producing stone, the mines would be producing iron (or something equally simple for construction.) This leaves the meaningful materials for crafting would have to be found by players. So get out your pickaxe, we may all have to strike some rocks if we want to be geared come winter. Like so many things, I'm not sure this is how it is. But thats my impression of what I have heard.
  7. Making the map require player interaction would be interesting but would make it impossible for non social players to know what is going on. I agree with this, but I would like to have the fog of war be more persistent than one person running in a direction until they are killed and their team (guild or otherwise) knowing everything they see. A scout that is killed should have no intel to report. Some type of scout check-in: at a point of interest or guild run town to allow others of that group (guild, faction) to update map info would be an interesting mechanic. So if a player travels to an unknown area and returns the info can be shared.
  8. This idea should still be on the table. However the Devs what to break up the grouping doesn't matter. Campaigns should have the option to be as loose or as strict on rules as they feel like. Variety is the spice of life. Knowing so little about what the final blessing system is, I think its foolish to exclude it. There is something to be said for not having to read the rules like a lease agreement... so I'll give you that.
  9. I'm a fan of this idea because it eliminates the complications of trying to implement an in game barter system. This does not need to be a dedicated vendor, though town design may lend it towards that. Having the crafting vendors wanting to purchase the raw materials for their trade (and items to be recycled) seems like a necessity mechanic. Whatever the currency ends up being will just keep the process running.
  10. With the idea of inventory loss this topic has come to mind before. More specifically... if I just lost everything where do I start. I have not read anything about an in game bank. Guilds would fill this roll, but I find it hard to believe that there would not be something in the game that would be easier to use, therefore making it not as rewarding for guilds to focused on this compared to other things. Like you said... On a micro scale, this will happen all of the time within guilds, one person promising another stuff out of the campaigns.
  11. on this topic; a post from JTC on 3/26 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5254-what-do-you-think-of-a-consolidated-currency/?p=127024
  12. coins, even raw materials... something will fill the void. In https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13f1-w8IPsY .... at about min 32 they talk about using metal for this purpose. There will have to be something to fill the void. How else will a players be able to buy and sell their inventory items with an NPC shop... The shop owner can't be online to manage everything. Will shops need to have an inventory of some currency type item to make transactions possible?... hmmm, maybe. Will there be shops that focus on purchasing materials from gathering player? .... there needs to be for people who prefer to be gatherers rather than crafters. Guilds will have to set up multiple types of shops to make a town functional. Sure eveyone needs basic equipment, but a shop owner focused on weapons will not be interested in purchasing the same items as a light armorer. I like the idea of having the shop owner define what items are more important to them in trade.
  13. I agree... Esports is not the correct thing to aim for. But, I do like the idea of having a player run tournament idea because guilds will already be doing this. Testing your PVP skills vs your friends and guildmates will be done in whatever place is convenient. Having a context to do this would be cool. If that ends up being something that can be set up in an EK.... In a town inside of a campaign... In its own instance or additional space... we will see.
  14. Thank you for voicing a moderate view. I think things are moving a good direction with having purchased items focused on EK's, character slots, or increased bank space.... Keep that influence away from the campaigns, a.k.a. what will really matters. The argument with having VIP Train up characters faster... woo hoo ... you can only play one at a time. Back to the OP .... PtW is real money spent to get toons geared (rewarded) without effort. Twinked without another character giving it away. I think that the stated goal of having a flatter power curve (difference) between high and low level characters will make the game better and negate the seriousness of VIP. There needs to be a mechanism to have people want to pay during the game for the long haul. Its still a business and would like to see awesome support continue for years. I think what has been proposed is good... but I dislike the 15.5k extended kickstarter goal for the reasons above. I don't know that its a serious inequality, but I dislike the chance.
  15. Does this include emote type character motions? Do silly or rude but story based emotes fall into this category? Mangy Centaur! Tin Can Man! Back stabber!
  16. One of my SB friends told me that "You aren't doing PVP right unless someone is upset." It sounds like your on the road to success.
  17. not a bad thing but... risk should equal reward. KoS is a game outlook.... some people are more offended by the encroachment of their personal space and they want reparations. Finite resources are more relevant later in the campaign.... if there was a mechanic that decreased the resources in nodes as the word aged it might add the same effect. Then everyone would be stuck searching further and further from home to find what they need.
  18. I agree... They are implementing a physics engine, I think they would be cutting it short if momentum was not included in "basic movement". The videos have hinted at this in saying that toons that run into each other and interact based on their size and mass. In thinking of battle, being shoved around because someone ran into you at full speed, it changes the tactics when its possible to burst through a defensive line. The rest of parkour.... eh... it could be cool in a limited fashion for one or two character builds. I don't see it as something the movement system should be designed around. Some type of jumping or climbing has to be in the game, but I would not like to see everyone climbing everthing.
  19. Lol... if it benefits or hurts the economy doesn't matter. Its annoying, and I would be happier without it.
  20. what I would really like to see is either one of these two: 1) for a non-crafter to make an offer to a merchant of whatever you have on hand. Currency, materials, or items. 2) or have merchants able to set price in commodities in addition to currency. the first might be a bit unrealistic given that the shop owner would have to approve the transaction, so if they are not online it would turn into a long complicated process.... but the second, It would be awesome to see shops set up selling needed items and took mats as payment. Even having multiple ways of paying based on whatever the shop owner needed.
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