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  1. Game name: Zesar Discord: Zesar#4103 Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: Looking for a serious and competitive guild with fun and relaxed people Casual/Hardcore?: Once the game launches for good it will be my main game. Untill then ill be on in order to get a hang of PVP (returning today) Size: Any as long as we are competetive Play-Style: PVP and Crafting (considering using this account for Crafting and another for PVP as I feel the rewards for my sapphire package might be better suited for crafting. Might change my mind when im more knowledgeable
  2. Hello there As you can see I am a Kickstarter supporter If I were to buy a investor pledge what happens to my kickstarter bonuses? Do I get two accounts or do the two merge?
  3. I am just curious to know if they are on track !. I do not mind waiting even for another year ( Yeah im that psyched) but im just curious as to where they are at at the moment !.. I agree with what has been said. they are already developing at incredible speed. and they are doing an amazing job at keeping in touch with the community
  4. I am not completely sure if this is the correct place to post questions for your monthly video updates but here goes How likely is it that Crowfall will be launches in late 2016 as originally intended?
  5. Bump! Lets make this into a community picture thread !
  6. They are great ! Lets see some pictures!
  7. Thank you very much ! I am very proud to be Faroese !
  8. Hello guys! Im just wondering who else bought a Crowfall T-Shirt! Would be fun to see pictures of the Crowfall community wearing them! If you didn't get a T-Shirt it would still be fun to see what our fellow players look like ! http://imgur.com/stNDDa6 http://imgur.com/hD6AHab
  9. Hello everyone at ACE I would just like to thank you for having been honest with the community through out the development of the game. your latest video really shows how much you guys care about the people who have invested money into the project. I am sure I speak for alot of people when I say - THANK YOU. and have a very merry Christmass Regards Zesar/Thorfinn
  10. uff sorry about that mate ;( Thats probably one of the reasons I failed math . I was just wondering. are you allowing all the Sapphire backers in first or is it by number?
  11. mm I have not recieved an email either I am number 1500~ but a sapphire backer. It seems people lower than sapphire have gotten in am I missing something?
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