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  1. LordAtlas


    Maybe arch one up and over a defenders wall ? haha
  2. LordAtlas


    Oh man, just think of the possibilities ! A Calvary of Centaur Legions .... nothing could withstand that.
  3. LordAtlas


    So what the hell do you think the Myrmidon mounts are going to be ? ! Maybe an Elephant ? Rhino? T-Rex whats your best guess?
  4. At the moment the registration system is very simple so not to fear you are on the right path! Its great to see you coming to the table with both experience and enthusiasm
  5. Its farmville with with swords and neighbors you can kill
  6. ... I just realized the world might end before this game even comes out . Stupid zombie apocalypse ...
  7. The Trading Company is looking forward to contracting out your services
  8. DraceR just to reiterate whats already been said you might look into the Eternal Kingdom Trading Company if you are interested in being apart of an already growing community of merchants and crafters, So far its the larges group of crafters out their I think
  9. I think it's a good idea. I dont think it will ruin the spy aspect of things, simply change the mechanics of how its done. People are crafty and will find a way around simple things like guild history. And just as much as spy might hate it another might see it as a badge of Honor.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the links guys
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