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  1. LordAtlas


    Maybe arch one up and over a defenders wall ? haha
  2. LordAtlas


    Oh man, just think of the possibilities ! A Calvary of Centaur Legions .... nothing could withstand that.
  3. LordAtlas


    So what the hell do you think the Myrmidon mounts are going to be ? ! Maybe an Elephant ? Rhino? T-Rex whats your best guess?
  4. At the moment the registration system is very simple so not to fear you are on the right path! Its great to see you coming to the table with both experience and enthusiasm
  5. Its farmville with with swords and neighbors you can kill
  6. ... I just realized the world might end before this game even comes out . Stupid zombie apocalypse ...
  7. The Trading Company is looking forward to contracting out your services
  8. DraceR just to reiterate whats already been said you might look into the Eternal Kingdom Trading Company if you are interested in being apart of an already growing community of merchants and crafters, So far its the larges group of crafters out their I think
  9. I think it's a good idea. I dont think it will ruin the spy aspect of things, simply change the mechanics of how its done. People are crafty and will find a way around simple things like guild history. And just as much as spy might hate it another might see it as a badge of Honor.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the links guys
  11. Perhaps this has already been discussed but if so I haven't been able to find a thread on it. I am assuming that the worlds of the different campaigns are going to be fairly large so I thought that having the option to create some kind of marker/map which would be trade able to other players would be cool. When activated the marker would show up on your mini-map (assuming there is one). These maps could mark resource locations, enemy forts, or just a place you want to build your next city. To make them it would take a special skill with certain materials and perhaps if not everyone had these skills they could hire a chronograph to help them. What do you guys think?
  12. Most defiantly Jagermeister! I mean dosn't the world alone in german mean "Hunt Master" or something?
  13. Yeah, i just figured since there will likely be multiple campaigns running at once we should have people that are the point man on each campaign who then report back to the guild. Im sure we will all want to play together as well but it sounds to me like there might be 5-15 campaigns running at any time and if we have enough members we could be involved in quite a few at a time which might be hard to coordinate without a mission head and im open to whatever name really
  14. As far as names go i like "The Trade Company" "The Trade Guild" "The Royal Trade Company" "Royal Trade Corp." "The Company" I was also thinking about your structure kampfbock and I like it but I think there should be a little more tiered power going back to the board of the directors. I think each world/campaign should be lead by an Arch Governor / Vice Governor / Viceroy who has a decent amount of anatomy but reports back updates to the board of directors. The Vice Governor could be a member of the board of directors as well but would be a title that is applied to a guild members position within a certain campaign Under the Viceroy would be Governors who would be in charge of the day to day running of certain areas and larger cities. They would report back to the Viceroy but would for the most part run the day to day operations autonomously. Under Governors we could have Lieutenant Governors who could be in charge of smaller cities or if a Governors area is rather large (like a province/state) the Lt Governors could run smaller areas (like counties) and cities. This system would allow us to create a hierarchy of checks and balances but would also hopefully permit each level to have a reasonable amount autonomy. It also creates a promotion ladder and a training pool to draw from. If a Lt Gov proves themselves capable then perhaps the next campaign they are a Gov. Is a Gov does incredibly well and brings in a lot of money to the guild perhaps they are made a Viceroy/ArchGov in another Campaign. It would also allow people to take positions of leadership who maybe cant commit as much time as others. So some one who knows IRL stuff is going to be heavy for this campaign might opt out of a Gov. position but could still be a Lt Gov with the understanding that it would be less commitment but still a big help to the guild. These positions would be Campaign specific though so lets say I Atlas am apart of the board of directors and I join a campaign. The board of Directors could appoint me (give me the charter) Viceroy/ArchGov of a Campaign, or perhaps we all know Im not as good at running a charter (or don't have the time this round) and am better lending support/intelligence I might be given a LT Gov position or maybe not even a governing position at all. In this case even though I am a member of the board of directors it would be the Viceroy calling all the shots and it would be my responsibility to follow their lead and try to help fulfill their vision/direction for the campaign. Ever position of oversight could also have auxiliary advisory as well that would be titled and ranked. Like economic adviser to the ArchGov or Public relations adviser to the Gov, etc etc. Also I was because these positions and titles are only for in campaign use ( though we could make it otherwise if we saw fit) that after the ending of a campaign a person would be rewarded with a permanent title that reflects what their title was on mission. So the Viceroy coming back to the guild might be given the title Viceroy or say Duke (and perhaps any one in his cabinet is given the title Lord) A Governor coming back might be given the title Lord A Lt. Gov coming back might be given the title of Lieutenant or Commander and under him his guys get Lt. In Campaign Administration Viceroy Governor Lt. Governor Commissioner If we didn't want the mercantile potions to also run the military branch of the guild a seperate bilateral structure could be set up ( though id suggest the viceroy be at the head of it because ultimately we are a merchantmen company Viceroy Commander Captain Lieutenant Sargent (or we could go roman and have Viceroy,Imperator, legate, centurion etc etc) Any ways what do you guys think?
  15. I'd like to play the explorer, out there searing for the next big resource stock pile or skirting the edge of an enemy camp once i come upon it only to later send its location back to a bigger war party. Im sure a lot of crafting will be done that is more oriented on survival when far away from a home base or larger support group
  16. I think should be riding a large, well bred Human. ... or maybe a wolf? That would be a sight huh?
  17. Ive just been glancing around and so far the idea of this guild resonates with me the most. The east indie companies practically had their own private army so I think if we just keep a strong concentration on that the guild could be very successful, also maybe finding a solid mercenary guild to contract out when need be that is reliable would strengthen the trading company I like the board of directors idea and I was thinking that another position that should be added on the board or maybe slightly under one of the members is a head of "corporate espionage" so basically your spy master whos in charge of info gathering and knowing the inner workings of all the guilds. Also another branch that might be a good addition is an exploration one ( basically your scouts) you could call them speculator, explorer, outrider, wayfarer, navigator ,excursionist or whatever ( I think speculator and navigator might be the most relevant to the theme ). Anyways just thought i'd drop in and say Hi
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