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  1. Honestly, I think it would be a cool mechanic that would definitely have me make a crafter . I think it would be a fun idea and always changing. But.... would you link weapon/armor skins to what materials are used? How would these items be named? could you share designs? would there be a decay on the design? causing crafters to build new designs. Just some things that could be thought about.
  2. I don't see parkour being implemented into the game(grabbing ledges, double jumping, etc...) All you have to do is attempt to jump from one location to the next. But, what I can see is the implementation of ropes/ladders to climb/descend which could easily be burnt/pushed over/ destroyed. Also, a doge of some kind would be nice to add to the combat(since the combat looks to be telegraphed and not tab target.) This would be race specific of course. You are not going to have a centaur rolling around in combat, they might have a charge of some kind or a dash. The devs could also add these as
  3. Exactly.... Also, there is no way they should do a certain number of npcs per character. That's ridiculous! one team might have way more players/more alts. If they do implement npcs here is a simple solution: Add a certain number of npcs depending on the size of the castle/fort or whatever. Just have these npcs patrol or guard but I don't think the players should be able to tell the npcs where to go or how to act. Also, I thought crowfall was going for the least amount of npcs possible. If I remember correctly that was one of their goals. So, to have as many npcs as players or even mor
  4. These "Storms" or "Natural Disasters" seem like good ideas and would be really interesting but I think they should cause minimal damage. What would be cool though is lets say there is a castle by a mountain and it is winter time. The enemy could create a way to climb to the top of the backside of the mountain and have a team create an avalanche that buries part of the castle. then the other team would would have an easier time getting into the castle. Fighting would be taking place while the builders are clearing and repairing damage from the snow. Some pretty cool tactics could come out f
  5. Ya, I agree with BahamutKaiser. The way they have the combat set up from what we have seen from the videos released I don't think it would work very well with it. Also imagine a heavy siege with tons of players. The servers would just lag from trying to calculate multiple damage sources and what hit boxes they are hitting on each player if you have more than 2 per character.
  6. Also, if you don't help out your team...... lets be honest. Your team isn't going to do very well. So, players would have to communicate with each other. It would also give a chance for veterans to better their skills/knowledge of the game by relearning and possibly learning from the new players. New builds/strats could be formed as well.
  7. I agree with not having a tutorial and connecting the community by figuring out game mechanics. It should be exciting to figure out what the game has to offer, not to just be handed with it and have only 5-10 minutes of fun. Although I think they should implement something that tells you what the UI does. For example lets say i go to craft something and i open the crafting interface for the very first time there should be tool tips of some kind that tell me how to navigate through it. Game play wouldn't be handed to the player and they will have at least something to start with in their journe
  8. I don't see prisoners working out.... But lets say if there is a capture point in a campaign. A group could lay down a trap (like a net of some sort). Then go to capture the point, any defenders could potentially get trapped for a duration of time. You could also add items to destroy/reduce the "stun" duration. This way it would be strategic. The net would give enough time to cap or set up defenses. On the other hand should your team spend resources to create these items to destroy the nets/traps after they are tripped. Finally you could add perks/abilities to make "scouts" better at finding t
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