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  1. A9AM0use

    Item bloat

    There needs to be some kind of system in place to exchange this bulk gear/scrap for XP or recycle it into higher tier loot. Something like combining 3 blue maces to make a purple could be a good way to both get rid of this low tier item glut and help low level players get better equipment. If not that, maybe they could be exchanged for campaign points at a special alter. If we end up having to maintain outposts by up-keeping the guards, then maybe these items could be used as that currency.
  2. I'm not sure, but what if certain vendor spots had higher rents than others to encourage players to think before they rush to grab 4 spots right by the gates? Obviously some mega guilds will do this anyway, but having a few vendors packed with decent gear near the gate is a time saver and if they can afford it; why should we stop them?
  3. Maybe there should be a more deliberate distribution of resources on a map. Instead of having all kinds of materials available over all biomes, there should be some rationing regionally. For example: 70% of the iron for a campaign would be in the northern maps whereas the south is more dense with trees. Obviously factions would have different advantages based off what their gates are near, but it would make harvesting an investment and a mildly serious endeavor. Your group would have to plan how to get iron for equipment or how to trade to get it. This might also encourage people to use vendors more seriously.
  4. I'm not sure if there has already been an official statement of how the gods will be put into the game, so please link and tell me I'm wrong if there has been. If there hasn't then I have the idea for God Leader boards and alters. Pretty straight forward, but there would be a leader board for each god and players would do certain tasks like collect skulls or bring x amount of x quality ore and bring them to an alter. For making these sacrifices players could get god specific gear or buffs or they could interact with the campaign more. These alters could be on the campaign map and produce points for factions or give factions buffs/spawn spacial NPCs. Implementing the gods this way will allow players to participate in multiple leader boards and could help guide players through different play styles, so even if they aren't fighting they still have a reason to log on every day.
  5. Though I agree that there is a big issue with PvP balance between new players' and veteran players' equipment; I don't think an item wipe would necessarily fix that. It seems like a cop out to the problem and only postpones having to deal with the core issue that players with certain builds and relationships have access to way more loot/materials than others and they use that to their advantage (I'd do the same in their place). My idea to try and balance this would be to have biomes within the larger campaign with higher tier materials, better drop rates, or higher rank mobs, but the degradation on equipment in this area would be higher than others and regen rates would be slower. Higher risk and higher reward essentially. This creates a watering hole where high ranking players weather harder conditions and take more damage for better loot, so it's no longer about having enough free time to mine for legendary ore, but about having enough equipment and skill to survive and get out. In this area you would also not be able to access your EK, so if you die you lose everything you had. Dying will also be a lot easier in that there would be fewer outpost/keeps in this area for protection. This would also mean that owning the few outposts/keeps would seriously matter. While this wouldn't directly effect how new player harvest, it does mean high ranking players are less likely to stumble on them and gank them because it's less likely they have anything worth taking. Obviously some players will try to min/max all their items to break the game and others will hunt new players just to grief, but it should be difficult for players to get to the point where they can do that and/or sustain that level of superiority.
  6. Standing in circles to capture outposts should change. The current system is fine for a basic template, but there needs to be more investment than a couple hours on a Tuesday night involved in capturing these outposts. I can't count the amount times where my guild and I would capture outposts after a siege only to find they had been taken back right after we logged out. It shouldn't be a game of who wakes up latest. That's why I suggest capturing these outposts be a longer and more involved process. You would start off with attacking the outpost and killing the guards and standing in a circle, but that's only the half of it. You then place down you own crafted guards and feed them/gear them to lvl them up. This wouldn't be like player lvling, but more the vendor cost system for food and equipment. Each step of this process would give your faction points as opposed to it being solely time based, so it's less about who wakes up last and more about who does more in the campaign. Players could also receive some kind of reward if their guards are on a post for a certain amount of time, so individual players have incentives to get involved in larger scale campaign activity.
  7. Crowfall is a game all about players generating adventure within the kingdoms. What is the better way to facilitate that then allowing players to create and endeavor quests? These could range from "gather/craft X amount of X" to "kill X player" or "bring X weapon(s) of X stats". Besides basic gather and kill quests, there could be quests to incentivize veteran players to help newer players, like "have a player lvl X or lower in your group during X event". Many larger guilds get new players just because they need the man power to harvest and craft, but this could dissuade that zerg kind of recruiting and make a freelance mercenary kind of playstyle more tenable. These could be posted on forums on campaigns at outposts or forts, which means the quests would be faction locked (Unless maybe certain class or race or perk). There would have to be some limit to who could post a quest, so maybe you could rent space to post your quest on the boards or quests could get more expensive the more quests are posted. Rewards could range from gold to goods to XP (the quest giver could pay gold/goods to have the reward be a certain amount of XP), but to keep people from cheesing obviously you could go up more than one level per quest.
  8. Not a tutorial, but what could be interesting is if there was a system to get guilds or veterans to help introduce new players to the system. Something like "have player of level X or below in your party while you do X" type thing.
  9. For me the biggest difference between this MMO and others is how heavily guilds effect the gameplay. Because there is such an emphasis on joining a guild and team-play, the situation arises where you have vastly different experiences of the game between players who join a communicative guild who captures points and siege; and players who are basically soloing minus campaign wide sieges. These are two massively different game play styles and any system that caters to just one of these play styles or treats them the same will be flawed because it incentivizes one over the others. This isn't such a big deal in other MMOs because in those games you are grinding monster in dungeons to get loot whereas in this game your grinding low level confused players. In CF, the large crafting and harvesting component makes it immensely difficult to keep up with mega guilds who can farm from multiple accounts and having competitive gear is essential to doing well in PvP. People will naturally start moving to bigger and bigger guilds because that is the play style that's being incentivized. There should be some kind of balancing system or loyalty system or reward system in place to get layers to choose under dog factions or guilds. This wouldn't get rid of mega guilds, but it would create a choice for players. Safety in numbers and equipment or better rewards or something.
  10. Crowfall is very team based, so it's important to find a group/guild that allows you to play without getting destroyed in PvP. With the factions being unbalanced players/guilds will naturally choose the largest faction because it gives them the best chance to survive and level up and get better loot. The reward system won't totally fix the problem, I don't think any ONE thing will, but it will give players a reason to choose factions besides the strongest.
  11. Any problem with small player size is going to slowly stop being a problem just because of the nature of a game transitioning from Alpha to full release and more of the backers joining as well as new players. If you want to write off faction play all together as impossible to balance, then why are you playing this game? Its one of the central mechanics on deciding who you talk to versus who you stab. The game already tell you who you can play with when you choose a faction, so why not create a sub system to make choosing a faction a real choice as opposed to choosing the side with the most victories. With the bribes and rewards, players and guilds would be incentivized to join the losing factions to keep the balance of power shifting and to get the different faction rewards.
  12. In the month or two that I have played Crowfal, one of the biggest complaints I've heard is that the factions are unbalanced. I suggest maybe implementing a reward system to incentivize guilds/individual players to choose one faction consistently. These rewards could come in the form of faction specific loot, skins, recruitable NPCs or abilities that can travel between campaigns. Different rewards could be available between individual players and guilds, so there could be some subversion done by individuals/cells against guilds in the enemy faction. Another thing that could be added is "bribery" in that if a player completes a certain number of tasks or campaigns for one faction, then they get a bribe to tempt them to defect to another faction. This creates a kind of loyalty vs infamy system to augment how players will naturally change factions.
  13. I've recently started playing Crowfall and I absolutely love how teamwork and guilds play a huge part in the game. That being said it can be overwhelming for new players to try to find a guild that they fit well with. Many guilds are also having problems keeping their members supplied. My suggestion is that each faction on each campaign get a board where guilds can post quests and rewards for anyone to take. There could be limits for each guild or it could cost to have the quest up, but I believe it would allow the guilds (specifically PvP focused guilds) to stay supplied even if few people are harvesting/crafting and it will introduce new players to the guild and social aspect of Crowfall.
  14. Just applied and I'm really excited! I missed the link for the discord though, could you post it? Edit: Found it on prior post!
  15. Crowfall wants there to be lots of intrigue like back stabbing, alliances, and other player interactions. I suggest there be some sort of system to tell whether a player is trustworthy or untrustworthy so that it isn't a complete guess when you play with someone else. The system would keep track of who any player is affiliate with like faction and guild, it would tell how many times they had killed someone in their own party/guild/faction, and the more team kills a player had the redder their name would get. There would also be a skill players could get that would let them turn their names green or red at their will. Would this system be effective and/or add to the game?
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