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  1. Thank you for clarifying!

    Damage Druids

    If they make it so you can be more damage than support I wouldn't call that the worst thing, but I also always enjoyed the idea of certain classes having certain roles this way when you have a class with you who is someone you don't know, you know what their going to be doing.
  3. I'm sorry the word sell-sword seems to be misleading or upsetting people, I really am indifferent to what word people use. It has been changed. I will admit it was just the first word that popped into my head since I'm in the middle of reading GoT.
  4. Thank you or the food for thought! Can't tell tone from text, though some of your words seem a little hostile, but that's okay. I have actually run successful guilds in other MMOs before so I am aware that strength comes from skill/victory and typically speaking the high ranked/better guilds would only take the best people they can find and quickly weed out the unskilled/unreliable. But you won't just have one guild fighting another guild in every campaign, you'll need other guilds and other people, sometimes even just random people who can be fodder or who possibly end up being hidden gems that want no guild at all. But this game is also not really like other MMOs. I was just curious if other people had considered the idea, being able to buy your way to victory using resources/coin/land/whichever just seemed like something that would possibly happen. Even so building a trust on something other than just "hey we should work together" might help prevent people from "jumping ship" when their team starts to lose. I can already see guilds trying to have spies, which is something that was brought up on one of the twitter Q&As. I wouldn't really call it "my" system, I just thought it would make an interesting discussion. I haven't really thought about what my guild situation would be at launch.
  5. I was just curious with the whole option of being able to switch sides during a campaign, do you think many sides will buy people with ingame promises of coin/land/etc? My friends and I were talking about the idea of sell-swords/mercenaries or sell-sword guilds existing in a setting like this. Thoughts?
  6. I'm maining Druid! I really hope we hear more info on it soon, but support class all the way.
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