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  1. Well, sometimes it's invest in a computer OR invest in a game....
  2. Its not about fighting stagnation, its about imposing a sense of urgency. This game is supposed to be a 'fast paced' MMO with a clear goal, set rules and a ticking clock. Giving players more to do is all well and good, but not if it drags a campaign beyond the point of being efficient. There should be sub-goals and loot types that might only appear in the 'winter' era of a campaign, but that's going to be because they come from infected or "Hunger-ed" mobs or POI's.
  3. Player reputations and communication reports about peoples behavior and danger level will take care of most issues in game. The Big Bad Ban Hammer will take care of the rest who take things too far, like threats of violence and things like that.
  4. Might be possible to hold a POI, but remember, if everyone is focused on one point, they aren't focused on any other. If you ignore the actual goal of the campaign, trying to keep players from banking rewards, you're not going to get much out of the campaign either. Also, theres probably going to be multiple embargo locations per map, so holding them all is going to present a particular challenge.
  5. We're Crows. Ever see the movie "The Crow"? We're undying, not undead. Fallen and (possibly) living heroes, those who the god's took notice of, and were tasked and empowered with the duty of retrieving those last remaining souls who could not find their way into the afterlife, before the Hunger consumes them, and the worlds with them.
  6. I can see Bloodstones being anonymous just to avoid the constant barrage of stupid questions and requests.... Hows the game? Can you pass along a message for me? Can I have some of your land? You have so much.... Can I make a suggestion, even though I haven't even seen the game yet?
  7. You CAN spend your entire game time in your, or others Eternal kingdoms, but you aren't going to get much of anything done, at least right away. You cant collect much, if any, resources in an EK world (still no hard confirmation that EK's are devoid of very basic resources, just that you wont be able to build anything of substance from there) but you can craft and build from resources given to you by other players, which of course, can't happen until those other players complete a campaign or two, and start bringing resources home. You can fight monsters in an EK, but again, might not net you anything but a good time. You can explore, socialize, putt around and otherwise goof off in your EK, but I don't think it will make for much more than a time wasting simulation game if you plan on doing it full time. Besides, that's what the forum is for....
  8. Visual appearance of armor damage could be a game balance problem if armor degradation happens in real time, not just at death. If you can tell that a players armor is about to give up the ghost, then other players might target that person, hoping to bust the last few straps holding the poor guys pants up, and then spank him (figuratively AND literally).
  9. Well, I think this would be mostly used for players who need to do some work on their kingdoms, interact at a merchant level with other players who aren't in their specific campaign and to take breaks from a potentially stressful and headed (read as losing) campaign. I would imagine they will have very harsh "in it to win it" anti-cheats to keep people from putting in token appearances in campaigns and trying to reap rewards.
  10. A few people still seem confused by this so this is to explain, to the best of my understanding, how moving back and forth from an active campaign is going to work. Ok, so you're geared up, buffed up and hyped up, ready to start into a new campaign. The buzzer sounds, the clock starts ticking and you hit the "Hell yes I'm sure I want to enter this campaign!" button, and off you go. Now, your character, all his gear and buffs get transposed onto the campaign server, and there is much rejoicing. However, a few days later, you decide you want to take a break from breaking necks and tinker with the wallpaper in your Kickstarter Exclusive Personal Cottage so you do whatever mojo it is you need to do to get your character back home. At this point you arrive in your Eternal Kingdom in the EXACT SAME physical condition as you wer in when you left. The game takes a snapshot of your characters stats, buffs, abilities, etc. and when you log that character back into the EK realm, it's like you never left. Except.....all of your physical items are still in the campaign world. Anything you had on your character stays on that version of the character. The EK callback character is really just a photocopy of your player, to allow you to access and manipulate your kingdom, or others, in the EK sphere of influence. Also, you cant log that copy back into the active campaign with newly minted loot, because he's technically still there. You can vendor items, repair structures, generally much around in the EK worlds, but the EK version of you and the Campaign version of you are 2 separate entities. So, I hope this helps explain how this works I really hope it correct.
  11. Yes, but you cant transfer items back and forth until the campaign ends. You cant get killed, lose your armor, port back to your EK, fill back up on equipment and then port back in to your campaign. That's not how it works.
  12. Maybe they can ride in backpacks and dart between legs. Of course, I don't want to be standing next to a post-fireball Guinean either... "Anyone smell barbequed dog hair?"
  13. Maybe you can reserve that as a last name, like a family name. Imagine the bloodline: Charlie Sheen Afro Sheen New Car Sheen Mean Joe Green Sheen *ok, im out. Just wanted to do the afro sheen joke*
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