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  1. Got the results I was expecting Achiever: 40% Explorer: 80% Griefer: 13% Socializer: 67%
  2. So Flying Squirrel like. Do we know if we will be allowed to regain a little height lost while gliding by flapping the wings? This would use stamina to prevent constant gliding. Maybe stamina wouldn't regenerate while in flight if that would be possible.
  3. I just recently found out about this game. So i still know virtually nothing on the archetypes of the game. I am scouring the forum and site looking for information on the game. As of this post, I still haven't found that much. But a druid makes me think of a champion of nature using nature to help your allies and harm your foes. I am drawn to such a character. If the druid turns out to be like that, I will defiantly make my first character a druid.
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