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    DavePT reacted to Eston in no subscription fee how will the game progress?   
    I just hope we can buy things directly without going through the rng boxes to get such vanity items/dyes.
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    DavePT got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Nature's Servants (Druid Role Call!)   
    I just recently found out about this game.  So i still know virtually nothing on the archetypes of the game.  I am scouring the forum and site looking for information on the game.  As of this post, I still haven't found that much.  But a druid makes me think of a champion of nature using nature to help your allies and harm your foes.  I am drawn to such a character.  If the druid turns out to be like that, I will defiantly make my first character a druid.
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    DavePT reacted to Siedge in Will This Be The Theif? Stealing Please.   
    Yeah adding it as a in-game mechanic would ruin the whole point of the game in my opinion..
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    DavePT reacted to hexen in Assassin Gender Locked?   
    Keep it oldschool SB style.
    Keep all of the species/race/gender locks that you think are cool and add to the flavor of the game. Don't cave into the WoW-era demand for accessibilty and uniformity. Those people will promptly disappear when the next Kung Fu Panda or Time Travel expansion comes out.
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    DavePT reacted to raeshlavik in Change Promotion Class   
    Then you need a better guild.
    I run what is arguably a very competitive guild, and I can say with 100% certainty that none of mine will turn down even one point of extra DPS.
    This isn't a themepark MMO raid situation where I get to pick ten folks to spend the next three hours with and if one sucks we all waste hours... This is PvP, and if you get killed - run back. We'll keep your corpse company.
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    DavePT reacted to talfryn in Make Enternal Kingdoms More Meaningful!   
    I personally have no stake in EKs.  I'm not going to be developing mine since I'll just campaign hop so your assumptions are your own sir.  But for those who are interested in having these things, I don't see the harm in discussing them.  But you say that you aren't trying to drag people into what they don't want, but this thread has been discussing how to force people into doing things.  So many you personally have not been advocating for it, but the issue has been raised by both sides equally.  And just because some one doesn't want to PvP in the EKs doesn't necessarily mean they don't like to PvP elsewhere.  This entire carebear labeling schtick is so juvenile.
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    DavePT reacted to adschwenker in Make Enternal Kingdoms More Meaningful!   
    then...... Dont its like complaining that the amount of effort they put into crafting is worthless because you personally dont craft.
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